Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo is a game publishing company that specializes in video game systems. They first existed as a company in 1933 and became known as Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 1963. They began by making playing cards, and many other strange things until they finally began making video games in mid-seventies. They became most popular with their Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System.

They also have a US based company called Nintendo of America, Inc.

They have released a large amount of console systems including the Famicom (Japan), Nintendo Entertainment System (USA), the Gameboy, the Super Famicom (Japan), the Super NES, the Nintendo 64, the Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advanced, and the Nintendo Game Cube.

They have had many different companies developed games for their systems including Konami and Capcom.

They have created many different games themselves including the Zelda Series, the Mario Brothers Series, the Metroid Series, and the Pokemon Series.

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