Martial Arts

Martial arts are forms of combat that have become so in depth and disciplined that they have become an art form. Often times people will confuse a martial art with a combat sport. While both are forms of combat, martial arts are very serious and are used in situations where death may be the result. Sports, however, have special rules and equipment for safety and often use point systems for judging.

Martial arts can be categorized depending on whether they are hard, soft, or both. A hard style implies that it uses strikes, kicks, and various other attacks. Soft means that is uses throws, holds, locks, and takedowns. Both, of course, uses both. Hard and soft also releate to how energy is utilized. A hard martial art pushes energy externally towards the opponent, where a soft martial art keeps the energy internal.

Some martial arts include, aikido, chun kuk do, hapkido, iaijutsu, jeet kune do, jujutsu, kalaripayit, karate, kenpo, kenjutsu, krav maga, kung fu, muay thai, ninjutsu, and tae kwon do.