id Software, Inc.

id Software, Inc. is a game development company from Mesquite, Texas that was formed in 1991. id software was formed by four people John Carmack, John Romero, Tom Hall, and Adrian Carmack who left Softdisk to form their own company. The name is derived from Sigmund Freud's instinct-driven face of the human psyche.

Some of id's titles include the Commander Keen series, the Wolfenstein series, the Doom series, Heretic, the Hexen series, and the Quake series.

id Software is responsible for many firsts in the computer gaming industry including the first ever 3D game and the first first person shooter. Most of their games pushed the limits of computers when they were released.

Tom Hall left id and joined Apogee Software after disputes with John Carmack.

John Romero left id in 1996 to form his own company, Ion Storm, after conflicting views with the other owners.

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