Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

Grand Blanc is a small city in Genesee County, Michigan, USA. It is located 10 miles south of Flint and 60 miles north of Detroit. It is approximately 4 square miles in size. As of the 2000 census, it has a population of 8,242, including the residence of TheAlmightyGuru.

The name Grand Blanc is French for "Great White". The village was settled by the Chippewa Indians and when French traders arrived just prior to 1800 who gave the village its name. As early as 1823, pioneer families started setting up trading posts and settling on farmland at $1.25 an acre. In 1862 a railroad was introduced to the village added more work and growth.

In 1904, Grand Blanc became the first village in the state of Michigan to consolidate its schools. And on March 4th, 1930, Grand Blanc officially adopted its City Charter.

Grand Blanc is also the home of the Buick Open PGA tournament.

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