Futurama is a animated television show created by Matt Groening. It was first aired on December 31, 1999.

In the show a man from 1999 name Fry accidentally cryogenically freezes himself and awakes 1000 years later. Because everyone he has ever known is dead he is able to make a fresh start with his life. Unfortunately, he starts to fall into his old habits and becomes a delivery boy yet again.

However, at his new job he meets new friends. The captain of the delivery ship, Leela, is a beautiful one-eyed half-human half-alien who is also a skilled martial artist. A robot named Bender is an unsocial egomaniac. There are also other important characters like the Professor, a mad scientist and founder of the Planet Express Delivery Company. There's also Zoidberg the company physician who is also a lobsterman. Amy the Martian intern with rich parents, Hermes the company bureaucrat, and many other lovable characters.

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