Chuck Bueche

Charles Bueche, better known as Chuck or Chuckles, is a jack-of-all trades in the electronics field. He has worked for a multitude of companies, designed several computer programs, and managed several companies.

Chuck went to high school with Richard Garriott and was his roommate in college. He founded his own company called Craniac Entertainment, but later left the company to help create Origin Systems where he is one of the original four founders. He has made several in game appearances in the Ultima game series as the court jester giving him the nickname Chuckles.

Chuck has been part of the design and development of several games that have been published under a multitude of companies. Some of his titles include Lunar Leepers, Jawbreaker II, Laff Pak, Ultima 2, Ultima 4, Ultima 7, Autoduel, 2400 A.D., and Cyberia 2.

Chuck worked on many of OSI's titles, but left the company in 1988 to get a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin which he accomplished in 1990.

Chuck has been affiliated with many other companies including IDEO, Tripplite, Frog Design, Universal Studios, Interplay, Activision, Sega Gameworks, Xatrix Entertainment, Velocity Incorporated, Atomic Games, Virgin Interactive, Sierra On-line, California Pacific Computers, Miles Design, IBM, Dell Computer, and Diamond Graphics.