Britannia is a region in the world of Ultima consisting of several continents. The land of Britannia was created by Richard Garriott for use in the Ultima game series.

In Britannia, there are eight major cities each one corresponds to one of the eight virtues. The cities include Britain, the largest city because it is the capitol of Britannia and the home of Lord British's castle. It is the city of compassion and home of the bards. Jhelom, located in the Velorian Isles, is the city of valor and home of the fighters. Minoc is the mountain city of sacrifice and home of the tinkers. Moonglow is the mysterious city of honesty and home of the mages. New Magincia is the ruined city of humility and home of the shepherds. Skara Brae is the island city of spirituality and home of the rangers. Trinsic is a walled city of honor and home of the paladins. Yew is the forest city of Justice and home of the druids.

In most of the Ultima games, the Avatar visits the lands of Britannia in order to complete a quest. Each time the Avatar returns Britannia changes a little because the passage of time in Britannia is much quicker than on Earth.

There are also many heroes in the world of Britannia aside from the Avatar and Lord British like Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, Geoffry, Jaana, Julia, Mariha, and Katrina. Likewise there have been many villains such as Mondain, Minax, Exodus, the Shadow Lords, Lord Blackthorn, Batlin, and the Guardian.

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