Brian Moriarty

Brian Moriarty (1956- ) is a game designer who is credited to several award winning computer games.

Brian wrote his first computer game in fifth grade and after grade school he attended Southeastern Massachusetts University graduating in 1978 with a degree in English Literature.

In the early 80's Brian published a few games written in BASIC in Analog Computing Magazine where he worked as an editor. But it wasn't until 1982 that he first saw an Infocom adventure. The game was Deadline, and Brian was impressed with the sophistication of the text parser.

After two years of trying he was finally hired at Infocom where he got a break with the game Wishbringer. The game was very successful and is still regarded by many as the best story for any Infocom game. He also wrote the game Trinity which delt with the serious issues of the atomic bomb and the Cold War. His last game at Infocom was Beyond Zork.

Infocom went out of business, and Brian went to work for Lucas Arts in the late 80's where he created the amazing graphical adventure game Loom. In 1993 he was starting work on The Dig, but left the project.

Brian was involved in the film industry in the late 90's.

Later, he became the Senior Game Designer at Rocket Science and wrote Lodestar. When Rocket Science went out of business He founded his own game company called Mpath with some friends. Mpath later was renamed to Hearme, and the company was planning on developing Internet multiplayer games, but went out of business in 2001.

Brian then became the Director of Game Development at Skotos Tech, to help design MUDs. He eventually left in 2002.

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