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Necromancer is a very interesting game involving treason and should be played with twenty or more players. Two teams are made, a team of peasants and a team of zombies. One out of every five peasants is a zombie. Before combat begins all the peasants draw a piece of paper from a hat. One piece of paper has the word "necromancer" on it. Whoever gets the necromancer is secretly on the team of the zombies. One zombie looks at each peasants paper to find out who the necromancer is and tells the other zombies (the peasants should never know which one is the necromancer).

Battle then begins. When anyone dies, peasant or zombie, they fall to the ground. The necromancer can "raise" them by nudging them with his or her foot. Anyone raised is now a zombie and fights for the zombie team. If the peasants figure out who the necromancer is and kills him or her all the other zombies die and the peasant team wins. If the necromancer and his zombies succeed in converting all the peasants they win.


Similar to "Healers", both teams start with a Necromancer, who has no weapon (or a "Rod of Healing"). Play proceeds as normal. Dead players stay put, Necromancers can heal their own dead teammates, touching the opposing team's dead causes them to rise and fight for that side as Zombies. Depending on the mood of the players, they may agree to zombie-moan as they move to signify they were reanimated, or move more stiffly when not being actively engaged. Once Zombies are killed they are either out for the match or, for smaller team sizes, they could require Purging from the original team's healer.