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Healers is a team battle with any number of teams with any number of players. Before combat, each team picks one player to be their healer. The healer cannot use weapons, but they do get a very nice special ability. If a healer touches any of their teammates, that teammate is immediately, and fully, healed of all injury, even death. The only exception is that a healer cannot heal his or her self. Because the healer is so powerful, they will be the prime target of the opposing team, so make sure the healer is a fast runner.

A good tactic in this game is to guard the fallen bodies of the opposing team. This prevents their healer from being able to resurrect them.

Killing the other team's healer is very beneficial, but it doesn't ensure victory. It's still possible for the other team to rally.


Once players are used to this game or if the healers are killed too quickly, allowing a "Rod of Healing" to extend reach may shake things up. (Even just a couple spare pool noodles will do!)

Cleric - Identical to the above, however if the healer touches the opposing team's dead they are out for the remainder of the round (Purged).

Necromancer - Separate Game, similar premise.