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This is an old game, but still a classic. The rules of regular capture the flag have been modified to use boffers, but the spirit is the same. The game is played in a playing field with lots of visual obstructions like a forest or a warehouse. The playing field is divided in half, see the diagram for a visual. Before the game starts, each team places their flag somewhere on their side of the field. Nobody is allowed to leave their side of the field yet. Once both flags are placed the game begins. To win you have to find your opponent's flag and bring it to your side of the field without getting killed. Combat ensues just like normal, except when you die you have to run back to your spawn pole to "resurrect" yourself. Dead players must keep one hand above their head at all times. Flags must be placed on a pole and stuck in the ground. You are not allowed to move any living plants to hide your flag, but dead plants and fallen trees are allowed.


If a complex field of play is unavailable, one can still play this game fairly simply. In a rectangular field setup, the easiest option is to use opposing diagonal corners for the flag locations, and the other two for the opposing respawn locations. Flags recovered mid-field must be returned to the proper corner during the match. Other additional options include requiring any player to abandon their weapon upon grasping the flag, and if the flag itself can be used to deflect/defend attacks.

Another variation of Capture the Flag is having 2Handers cause the user to walk only, but be able to break shields. The other rules are the same a normal Boffering CapFlag.