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Simple Combat Rules

Every different boffering group has their own unique rules. Make sure that you are aware of them. The following is a list of generic rules to get you started.

The simple combat rules are very basic and easy to understand. They ensure that the game is played fairly and safely. Here's how it works:

  • Rule 1 - Look at the diagram to the right. Any area in red is a valid target. If you get hit by a boffer in this area, you are dead. The areas in blue include the hands, feet, groin, neck and head. These are invalid targets, and do not count as a hit. If you are hit in the blue, you are still alive.
  • Rule 2 - The head, neck, or groin are not valid targets for a reason. These are very sensitive areas and you may cause injuries if you hit people in these areas. You may want to wear a bicycle helmet, and athletic supporter just in case.
  • Rule 3 - When you receive a hit in a valid area, you must acknowledge that you were hit. Even if the person who hit you doesn't notice.
  • Rule 4 - Make sure your swings are light. If your weapon goes behind your body to swing, you're swinging too hard.
  • Rule 5 - You will not use a weapon if it is unsafe. Unsafe weapons include those that have pipe showing, weak or broken padding, or ripped tape.
  • Rule 6 - You are not to hit a person with anything except the padded area of a boffer. Therefore punching, kicking, or pushing is not allowed.
  • Rule 7 - You are not allowed to throw the weapons as it can cause injury.
  • Rule 8 - If two players hit each other at the same time, they are both dead.
  • Rule 9 - If you purposely use an invalid target as a shield, (use your hand to stop an attack) you are dead.
  • Rule 10 - You are not allowed to grab, catch, or hold an opponent's weapon.

Those are the simple rules. With these you can start basic play, and have a good time. After you are quite familiar with the basic rules, you may want to try the Complex Rules for added realism.

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