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Two Handed Sword Technique

The two-handed sword is often one of the weapons people pick up after they graduate from the common one-hander. It's usually heavier and longer, and because it's two-handed offers much more control and power. One thing you must always remember with a large two-handed sword is that you can cause a lot more damage, so you must be a lot more responsible.

A nice large two-handed sword is a weapon often used by fighters who are strong enough to easily wield the bulk of the larger weapon. The extra range gives you a great advantage over most other fighters except for fighters with polearms. With both hands on the weapon you have much better control over its movements, and are easily able to over power most fighters. These are the great advantages of the two-hander.

The only really bad thing about a two-handed sword is that it is usually rather slow to maneuver because it tends to be bulky. This tends to give a very quick fighter a slight advantage over you.

When fighting with a two-hander, try not to let people get in close. Remember, one of your major advantages is your range. Anyone with a shorter weapon will have to rush in to hit you. They will try to push your weapon aside, so make sure you get them before they get close enough to get you.

A major drawback to the two-hander, is when you lose an arm. Because the two-hander is much heavier, trying to wield it with only one hand will quickly take away your strength. Make sure that your weapon is light enough to wield with only one hand for a short while if need be. It's also a good idea to practice with a two-hander with only one hand to build up muscle.

Fighting against other styles

Small Weapons: You have major advantage over small weapons because you will have about three times the range. Small weapons offer the same amount of control and even a little bit more strength, but with your range it won't make much difference. Just remember when fighting them, that the only way they can hit you is to get in very close so stay out of their striking range.

Large Weapons: Large weapons are usually equally matched to a two-hander, but they're often heavier, so they don't have as much control. It's a good idea to use quick thrusts because they are usually slow at blocking.

Florentine: While you still have the range advantage, they have more weapons. Expect them to try and knock your weapon away and attack, or block and attack. I find it's better to let them make the first move so you can watch for patterns. Thrusts usually work better than slashes when fighting florentine fighters.

Polearms: The only weapon that has more range than you. You'll have to be pretty agressive against them. Try to knock their tips away and slide up the shaft of their weapon to strike them. It's not too difficult because they usually only have a foot or two more distance than you.

Bows: With just a two-hander, you won't have much luck. Get a buckler if you can.

Throwing: Same with bows. There isn't much you can do. A small shield is your best bet.

Sword an shield: The shield is always hard to get around and with the slower two-hander it becomes even harder. The only way they can get to you is to rush in. Their shield will usually block your attack giving them a free swing at you. Best bet, is to try and feint your first swing and swing around their out streched shield. Another tactic is to use your sword to try and push away their shield opening them to attack.

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