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[1057] - TheAlmightyGuru


Hello One Weird Dude. Thanks for the kind words. Even though the comic was highly critical of the bible, I tried to make it a...


[1057] - One Weird Dude


I'm a Christian, and I'm sorry to see your comic end. I enjoy seeing your take on things (sometimes), and I'm sorry you never...


[624] - David


Not a good idea. Milk separates when it is boiled, then burns.


[44] - Guest


What are these "atoms" of which you speak? It sounds as though some forgettable idiot stumbled into some sort of sm...


[157] - Xmask


[1057] - TheAlmightyGuru


@This Site is a FAIL: I've missed you so much! I only wish you didn't hide yourself away for so many years. You're right,...


[1057] - This Site is a FAIL


Couldn't take the truths in Old Deuteronomy, could you? "Tired of the Bible" typical Athiest way of tapping out....


[1029] - Dysania


Well, there is one possibility that could explain this and be somewhat believable too: They could have sneaked there during t...


[1019] - Dysania


Well yes, Sukkot made many jews lose their lunches, and the priest get theirs.


[808] - TheAlmightyGuru


@Dysania: As a naturalist and determinist, I agree that humans are bags of programmed meat, however, I don't think that neces...


[870] - Dysania


989fox989 Well he also forcibly impregnates the virgin wife of another man, which I would call lust.


[826] - Dysania


Actually, in some cultures having sex with stepchildren is legal, and I can't see a reason to burn those people on stake for...


[808] - Dysania


No, from the moral perspective you shouldn't seek revenge or hate anybody; it doesn't benefit anyone. Instead you should seek...


[1057] - Crawford


Could not find a place elsewhere to comment. It is a Horde of Cockatiels, and a Minion of Budgies. Several other...


[532] - Arabian prince


I exist! Four years later!


[497] - Arabian prince.


The Bible- the sopranos, but in the Middle East


[36] - Van


Why does the bible have to be translated. if 'god' can transend space and time and create things, then how is it so hard for...


[1057] - Larqua


aww. I managed to lose the comic via multiple hard drive losses and computer switches, sad to see it ended in the meantime...


[1057] - Laura


Sorry I missed the ending TAG. I hope many new great wonderful comics are made by you in the future.


[988] - Dixieland Delight


This reminds me of what the Israelis are doing now to the Palestinians.


Oh the irony!