In Numbers 20:25-29, God tells Moses, Aaron, and Eleazar to climb Mt. Hor, and then strip Aaron of his garments and give them to Eleazar, signifying that Eleazar is the new high priest of the temple. Immediately thereafter, Aaron dies. Amazing; it’s almost as if Aaron’s life force was tied to his clothes and he needed to wear them in order to survive.

Either that or, Moses and Eleazar MURDERED AARON! Dun, dun, dunnnnn! All these passages that didn’t make any sense before make perfect sense if assassination was the plan. Think about it, why would a just God tell Aaron he was guilty at Meribah, when he certainly wasn't? He wouldn’t, but since God only talks to Moses, it would be easy for him to change God’s words. What was the purpose of climbing Mt. Hor? There isn’t one, unless you need to be far away from any witnesses. What reason does Aaron have to take off his clothes at the top of a cold windy mountain? None, unless you don’t want them to get bloody! And how could Aaron be so healthy that he could climb up the face of a mountain, but be so sickly he died the moment he reached the peak? Not very likely! No, it’s pretty obvious what happened here! Moses was sick of Aaron’s disagreements and wanted him replaced by a younger more malleable priest!

Okay, so I’m making this whole thing up. While the ascent up Mt. Hor does seem a bit odd, there is no reason to believe that anyone murdered Aaron. All of the stories in the bible are disjointed, so why should we assume that the events around Aaron’s death happened in the order or time frame seen here?

Also, Mt. Hor? More like Hor Mountain. Amiright?!



Belg writes:


Ah nothing like an ancient power struggle, spiced with some murder!

Baughbe writes:


Actually I'd say your interpretation is by far the most likely. Murder for power, was in some times the main means of succession of the leadership.

anonymous writes:


I think you left out a "to" in the picture...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


I fixed it, thanks anonymous!

HiroOdan writes:


A bit late, but called it. :D


Oh the irony!