In Numbers 13:17-20, we learn just how humble the most humble man on Earth is. Moses tells the twelve spies scouts to go up into the hills and take a look at the inhabitants of Canaan. He wants to know specifics about their soil quality, the amount of trees, and the abundance of fruit in the area. Aw, how nice! As the most humble man on Earth, surely he wants to know if they’re low on food so that he can go and use his godly powers to give them high-quality farms, right? Please! This is the bible!

The only reason Moses wants to know if the land is rich in natural resources is because he wants to see if it’s worth going to war over. This is obvious, because Moses doesn’t just ask about the state of the agriculture, he also wants to know specifics about their military prowess. Do they have strongholds? Fortifications? Do the people look strong and healthy; capable of defending themselves? I’ve played enough Age of Empires to know where this is going!

And just in case there was any doubt, Moses tells the spies to try and steal some of their grapes on the way back. Now, you’d think this would violate one of the big ten, but as we’ll see from many upcoming stories, it’s not stealing if you do it to someone who isn’t an Israelite.



Baughbe writes:


Typical of all religious leaders. The rules apply to everyone else, but not to them and thier own.

Arashikou writes:


Wait, when did we get to Canaan?!? Weren't we in Paran?


Oh the irony!