The Planck Epoch is an extremely short period of time right after the beginning of the universe in which the big bang theory begins. The Plank Epoch happened even before light could exist. It is a mere 10-43rd of a second long, and probably the shortest possible amount of time that can exist.

Huzzah! It only took nine comics, but we're finally past Genesis 1:1! I can assure you that, in the future, there won't be nine panels for every one verse.



merideth writes:



Spectre100 writes:


Interestingly enough, this panel not only provides proof of the stupidity, but also identifies the Christfag as uneducated. I do not imply that anyone who is ignorant to the existence of the Planck Epoch is uneducated, but honestly, how many Thumpers are willing to even bother becoming aware of anything resembling evidence to the contrary, even for the sake of knowing thine enemy...

Katy writes:


You know, Spectre, I'm a bit peeved that you continue to insult queer folk by insinuating their connection to Xtianity. Quit connecting the word "fag" to Christ, plz ...

Double U writes:


Thanks Katy. Granted, a bit backwards from how I'd have put it, but oh well.

This Site is a FAIL. writes:


Where's the contradiction here?

This Site is a FAIL.

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Since when is asking a question a contradiction? A contradiction, by definition, is a -statement- which (zomg) contradicts, opposes, and/or negates another, previously made statement.

A question is not a statement. It is an inquiry, a query, a request for more information than that which has already been provided.

...I should thank you for redrawing my attention to these earlier strips. I'd forgotten how enjoyable they were. Thank you for prompting me to re-read them. :)

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I have grown up as a christen but I agree with this.

SoapyCola writes:


Faq means stick. Also, the word fag became slang to mean homosexual. However, today, it now means moronic, stupid, or foolish. Some people can't except it when slang changes, but its how language works, so quit being a fag.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@SoapyCola: I saw that episode of South Park too! ;-) While the word's definition has certainly been expanded to be a generic negative term, it is still used as a pejorative for people in the queer community.


Oh the irony!