Is there really any better example of the fruits of organized religion than millions of people joining together and making themselves poor to ensure that a select few are lavished with money and luxury? You may have thought that billion-dollar preachers were a recent invention, but it turns out that God has been mandating the excessive priestly lifestyle since day one!

The Gershonites, Kohathites, and Merarites don’t exactly have much to do. There are 22,300 men available, and their only job is to move a single tent around the desert! This isn’t a case of every individual doing their part, because there aren’t even enough parts for every individual to do something! Like rich politicians, they never have to go to war for their nation, and hardly any of them even have to do any work, yet they receive all the same benefits of the society as everyone else. And let’s not forget that even among the richness of the priesthood there are tiers of richness. While the other Levites have to do work (minimal work, but work none-the-less) the only thing the offspring of Moses and Aaron have to do it don expensive clothes, eat expensive meals, and wear expensive perfume.

Aside from the disgusting display of greed and corruption, we’re also given doubly micro-managed instructions for how the Levites are to pitch their tents. God even tells us the names of the chieftains of each house, the names of their fathers, and the amount of males in their numbers, because that’ll save my soul!

And with the tally of the census, we learn that there are only 44,300 men total among the Levites, making them the smallest tribe by far. Is this why God made them the priests, because he feels sorry for their small numbers?

Sadly, there aren’t any cool names to talk about in Numbers 3:21-39, they’re all just sickening accolades to God.



Ladyofthemasque writes:


Well of course they crave power; it's clearly a case of overcompensation for their "small members"...

Dixieland Delight writes:


"Squeaking" is misspelled in the comic.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Thanks Dixieland Delight!


Oh the irony!