Yet another useless list of names in Numbers 3:14-20. God tells Moses to count up all of the males in the tribe of Levi. But unlike the previous census that only included men old enough to go to war, the Levites get to include every male over the age of one month. Not really fair, but then, since when has God been fair when dealing with the Levites?

As for the list of names, they include all of Levi’s male children and grandchildren with unnecessarily wordy phrasing. As before, many of the names are boring exultations of God, but there are a few interesting ones. Levi’s son Gershon’s name means, “exile,” his son Merari’s name means, “bitter,” and Merari’s son Mahli’s name means, “sick.”

I’m very pleased that I wasn’t named by a biblical patriarch, my name would probably be something like Vomit or Syphilis!



Ladyofthemasque writes:


I prefer your acronym "TAG"...

HiroOdan writes:


Speaking of the acronym, "TAG" could also mean The Almighty God. As once said in that one movie which may or may not include dinosaurs, "Clever girl."

Dixieland Delight writes:


The character Robert Muldoon said that :) That was my favorite movie as a kid!


Oh the irony!