Entering into Genesis 3 is where we step from the highly-implausible, into the down-right ridiculous. The worst part is that there are millions of people who honestly and truthfully believe in a literal interpretation of the bible. They seriously believe that there was a talking snake. You know those little reptiles with long forked tongues and no vocal cords? Yeah, apparently they used to chat up a storm. Talking animals are very common in fairy tales, but not quite so common in world history textbooks. I wonder why that is?

The Jews just believe that the serpent is just your garden-variety talking reptile, but Christians claim that the serpent is the incarnation of Satan because of a possible connection in Revelation 12:9. This is quite a stretch, but then, so is believing in the bible.



Winterset writes:


And here we are! Time to name that dirty snake, Mr. Kadmon. I'm thinking something in a more prophetic fit... Maybe a "bringer" of some kind. Hey, is that a light he's carrying?

Ray writes:


You know, I kinda wonder what the snake/serpent was doing there in the first place....

rimecuka writes:


The snake still has nothing on the ducky. He dosn't afraid of anything.

FSM_Ed writes:


Thanks for the wikipedia link. Good cartoon today.

HeebAnon writes:


Fundamentalist Jews say that before what Christians refer to as the "fall" (Jews just call it the expulsion from the Garden of Eden), all the animals could talk. And snakes had legs. Yeah.

Fundamentalism is dumb, kiddies.

Katy writes:


Hmmm ... actually, having the animals in the Garden talk makes sense in a way - Adam was lonely, so Yahweh creates the animals to keep him company ... well, the best way to keep him company is to have them be able to talk back to him, right? I mean, I enjoy my cat, but it is sometimes hard to figure out what he is telling me.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Even if cats could talk, do you think they'd lower themselves enough to converse with us?

Katy writes:


Mine talk to us frequently. Fluff, who has attached himself to my husband, is actually quite chatty about his desires (mostly for my husband to pay attention to/pet/pick him up) and Erasmus, the oldest of the three toms, chews me out quite vociferously whenever I do something he disapproves of, like exit the house - even if it is just to go sit in the backyard. Tiger used to call me to come and pay attention to him all the time, but he's sort of grown out of that now and hasn't said anything for awhile. So, yeah - I've had plenty of experience with cats talking to me. It's just a question of understanding what they are saying.

wm writes:


God likes metaphors


Oh the irony!