God’s list seems pretty exhaustive when you’re reading it because it’s so wordy, but when you actually plot it out, it’s not as in depth as you might think. For one, while God explicitly forbids sex with step-daughters and daughters-in-law, he never once says you can’t have sex with your biological daughter! However, he does say you can’t have sex with your father, which means she can’t have sex with you, which at least implies you can’t have sex with your biological daughter. Another oddity is that a niece is forbidden from having sex with her uncle, but only if the uncle is her father’s brother. If it’s her mother’s brother, she can have sex with him! Some of the other relations that God doesn’t forbid, include all forms of cousins (even first cousins), the concubines of grandfathers and grandsons, great-granddaughters, and probably the most shockingly, grandmothers!

Nearly all of the people you’re not allowed to have sex with are women, which means that this list was made from a male’s perspective. However, for some reason the father and uncles on your father’s side are both included as people you can’t have sex with. It’s almost as if they started making the list with women in mind, and then realized that women aren’t people. However, if this isn’t meant to be followed by women, does that mean men can have sex with their daughters after all?

Now, since I’m trying to speed through Leviticus 18:11-16, I’ve been leaving out the reasons God mentions for these taboos, so I’ll just cover them all now. God explains that having sex with your father’s wife is just plain disrespectful… to your father. It’s also wrong to have sex with your grandchildren because it dishonors… you. And having sex with your brother’s wife is clearly wrong because it dishonors… your brother. Notice a pattern here? The disrespect always goes to the male, never the woman. I’m not sure if I should chalk this up to the bible implying that woman never instigate incest or that women don’t have any honor to begin with. Either way, the authors are sexist pigs.

Okay, incest causes dishonor, but why does it cause dishonor? Well, God is pretty clear on this, because it does! How can anyone argue with sound morality like that? Of course, it’s not like it’s difficult to come up with legitimate reasons for declaring incest immoral. You don’t even need to point out how genetics explains why inbreeding brings recessive genes to the forefront. The problem is, parents not only have authoritative control over their children, but years of relationship maturity on them. This means that parents are easily able to take advantage of their children which means there is a serious conflict of interest between a parent-child, or older/younger sibling relationships. Of course, this form of morality only works if you treat women and children like human beings, which is probably why God couldn’t think of a valid reason. Again, God demands obedience rather than morality.



Maju writes:


Uh-oh! The incest chart is broken! I was so exciting about getting to know which of my relatives God All-Forgiving and Annoyingly-Verbose-And-Repetitive allows me to get dirty with without going to Hell or even to the confessional... but now I'm like an animal, unable to know if I can do as Oedipus or I should rather act as Medea and butcher them all (that's not forbidden by the bible, is it?)

Well, I guess I was going to Hell anyhow. So many pointless commandment-traps to fall in elsewhere...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


The incest chart was been restored! Thank the Lord, I can now have sex with my grandmother again!

Belg writes:


Isn't brother, and brother-in-law should be orange as well? I men same thing as daughter -> father relation?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Belg: All men are automatically green except those specifically mentioned in the bible (e.g., father and uncle on father's side). The reason the daughter is special is because the bible never says that you can't have sex with your daughter, but it does say you can't have sex with your father, which implies daughters can't have sex with their fathers.

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Considering the Bible was written by men, for men, the "you" in "you cannot have sex with your father" refers to the son, not the daughter, I'd say...

Richard writes:


Going to have to agree with Lady here. These rules were written to control women, not directly to women.


Oh the irony!