The second half of Exodus 23:19 tells us not to boil a baby goat in it’s mother’s milk. Okay folks, say it with me now… what the fuck?

Biblical commentators acknowledge the strangeness of this passage, but they’ve come up with a plausible answer for it. According to them, people in the Zabii religion (not even a Wikipedia entry for those guys) would boil a goat in its mother’s milk in order to appease their god. Thus, God is telling them not to copy such blasphemous practice.

While reading various commentaries I have to marvel at how these so-called enlightened men could be so hypocritical. Adam Clarke writes, “Even human nature shudders at the thought of causing the mother to lend her milk to seethe the flesh of her young one! We need go no farther for the delicate, tender, humane, and impressive meaning of this precept.” He doesn’t bat an eye when God commands 600,000 Israelites homes to smear the blood of an exsanguinated baby goat over their doors, but cooking it in it’s mother’s milk causes him to shudder? I think he wasn’t quite as objective as he liked to believe! Actually, as far as bible’s concerned, it isn’t the bizarre ritual of boiling a baby goat in it’s mother’s milk that irks God, it’s paying tribute to another god.

The really odd thing here is how the Jews ended up interpreting this commandment as part of Kashrut, specifically, that they shouldn’t eat dairy and meat at the same time. But how could they get this mixed up? If Moses spoke directly with God, then he surely must have understood the true meaning behind this commandment. And if the Israelites kept their traditions as close as they claim, then they should know that his commandment is about the practices of heathens, not about diet. In fact, their interpretation seems like a huge stretch of interpretation. Maybe their history isn’t as closely related to the bible as they think.



Sharkie writes:


Just further proof that God is petty! So many exmaples and we're not even close to the end of the old testment!

Ladyofthemasque writes:


Heck, we're not even out of the first five books!

Maju writes:


That's a religious prohibition I have not yet broken... mwahahaha! ;)

I've never really imagine cooking meat in milk but if you can do with rice, I guess you can with meat as well. I bet that someone thought back in the day it was delicious...

Or maybe it has a hidden meaning, you know, there are those theorists of Pesher, who claim that all is written in code.

Techs writes:


To make liver and onions you first soak the liver in milk "marinate" to improve the taste but not too long as the liver will disintegrate.

Baughbe writes:


As I recall, this 'commandment' is repeated twice more. Making it one of the most important of all the rules in the book. Not all the rules are repeated and if this is a 'perfect' book, then this is three times perfect as a rule. Whatever that means. But I guess it's OK to boil a baby goat in another mother's milk. Like there really is a difference. I do have to wonder about these Zabii followers that nobody knows anything about. No way to prove it, but I'd bet that designation represents a faction or tribe that the rest of the judeaic of the time didn't like which was either destroyed or absorbed into the larger group and thier traditions outcast.

someguy writes:


riiiiight. like it's sooo much better if it is boiled in some other liquid.... if i am at a point in my life when i am being boiled i think the irony or lack their of regarding the liquid chosen to boil me within; is really low on my list of priorities to bitch about... i imagine a goat would feel the same way.

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Thank you, whoever made these, it is much appreciated.

David writes:


Not a good idea. Milk separates when it is boiled, then burns.


Oh the irony!