Stellar evolution was not known during the time the bible was written which is why the bible uses an incorrect static cosmos model. With the scientific advent of telescopes, astronomers were able to understand how stars form, burnout, and/or explode. While the bible gives a nice poetic description of space, the reality is far more breathtaking and majestic.



Veritas writes:


Yes, and the whole process is really quite interesting. Funny I came to check up upon this comic today; I have just read part of a book about stellar evolution and the concept of black holes.

Winterset writes:


This is why I don't get theists. If the idea is to suggest they're connected to something great and grand, why do they keep limiting it by trying to put some kind of "consciousness" on it that could even be remotely acknowledged as such by humans? The truth/facts are way more potent/powerful/vast than anything any human has ever imagined. I just don't get it. Then again, hubris has always been confusing to me.

wm writes:


you know how relativity works how i right now and sitting still but i'm also mooving at an enormas speed in multipal directions, the sky is moderatly firm relative to us, the earth

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@wm: And if the bible actually made mention to Einstein's theories of general and special relativity, I would agree with you, but that is not what is said, and if you're intellectually honest, not implied.

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Atmosphere can be measure by pressure which is a mass really this a a,potato

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Pressure is a ratio of force over a distributed area, it is not mass. (

This is a potato? Forgive me for asking, but is English not your dominate language?


Oh the irony!