If you trace continental drift back about 250 million years you'll find that all of the continents of today existed as one big supercontinent, which geologists call Pangaea. Actually, there have been several supercontinents breaking apart and forming back together over the history of the planet (Rodinia, for example), but Pangaea is the most recent one, and the one from which we have the most information.

We're on Genesis 1:10 now.



Bluecheetos writes:


Maybe the land part came in a separate box and he had to put it together and he really sucks at puzzles...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Well, if it was one of those puzzle boxes from Hellraiser, can you blame him?

Bluecheetos writes:


God: "*mumble* stupid pieces *grumble* never fit right *grrr* AWWW I GIVE UP"

Double U writes:


No, He called it Earth; *we* called it Pangaea.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@Double U: Actually, according to the bible, God called it 'erets.

But then, God probably didn't speak Hebrew any more than he spoke English. ;-)

ThisSiteisFAIL writes:


Pan Gaea = All Earth, this site is a FAIL.

Katy writes:


@Bluecheetos: Can god create a puzzle he can't solve?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Can God create a fist so big, even he can't take it? :-D


Oh the irony!