The heavier elements in the universe didn't just appear. They were fused together in the extremely hot and pressurized cores of stars, and in their massive explosions called supernovas.

The beautiful picture in the background is the Crab Nebula, the remnants of a supernova. It was first witnessed on Earth in the year 1054 CE by Chinese and Japanese astronomers. Currently, it is over six lightyears across!



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... o.o

I have that image. o3o

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Started article about this webcomic at Comixpedia. Hoping you might be interested in uploading an image to the wiki (will probably be displayed at 350 pixels wide so would probably be fine. (Image in infobox usually best displayed at 300 or 350 pixels wide for those who use smaller computer monitors)

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Thank you very much EarthFurst. I'll make up a special image for it.

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Crab Nebula = Artistic work of the man himself while he was high... oh wait, i'm a few verses ahead of the plants and herbs, right?

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Err... "Currently it is over six light years across."

Currently? Wikipedia says it's about 6500 light years away from earth, so what we can measure is at least 6500 years old, during which it has likely changed in size/shape/configuration pretty dramatically.

I only point this out to put a little more scope on the epic. Our knowledge disproves so many things and yet we really haven't even started to scratch the surface of "fact". The phrase "ignorance is bliss" takes on a new meaning in light of the understanding how much we don't yet know.

There is no bliss without learning. There is no learning without exploration. There is no exploration without curiosity. There is no curiosity without ignorance.

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Well... god made earth, (which was nothing but water) then he made people, (who quickly drowned) so he made land by supernova(ing?) the star (incinerating all humans again). THEN, there was land. XD

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actually, shouldn't this bit have come way back before the bit about the water? I mean, the water does need a planet to be hanging about on, right?

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another failed attempt. YOu cant ever stop good.

This Site is a FAIL.

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Actually winterset, despite it being 6500 years old, with the measurement tools we have today, it is very easy to tell the size of something even 200,000 light years away. Its a simple (but complicated in layman standards) form of astro physics.

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Your confused God did not have to speak every little thing into existed but just the foundational source they then produced after that. It's like watching Noah with all the various sub-species of an animal Noah didn't need sub-species since we know basic biology that animals reproduce after their own kind and develop ADAPTION term stolen by evolutionist who couldn't explain no transcend species. Get a life get Jesus"

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I certainly agree that God did not speak things into existence. Though, I don't agree that basic biology talks about "kinds" of animals or "transcend species." You're probably thinking of transitional fossils which are replete through the Earth. (


Oh the irony!