This date was calculated by Archbishop James Ussher in the mid-1600s. Many fundamentalist Christians still believe this to be the exact date when the universe began. Other dates for Young-Earth Creationism go back as far as 10,000 years, while other groups say that it's impossible to know from the bible alone. This kind of makes you wonder; if the bible is the inerrant word of God, why does everyone have a different interpretation of it?

In reality, large human civilizations had already existed for centuries before this date. 10,000 years ago is when humans were engaging in the first agricultural revolution. Several animals had already been domesticated, the plow was in use, and farming was on the rise.



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are you sure the date wasnt a typo or something??? lol

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I listened to a series of cassette tapes by a Xtian scientist who - quite intelligently, I thought - argued for an expanding notion of time that would explain how the universe could quite literally be BOTH 13.7 billion and 6004 (or whatever) years old AT THE SAME TIME. He also had a good explanation as to how creationism and evolution could exist side-by-side. It all made wonderful sense to me at the time ... I don't remember all the science bits now, lo these 17 years later, but it was fascinating stuff, I tells ya ...

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"Christian scientist" is an oxymoron these days. Most of the accomplished scientists of the past century have been atheists or deists. As to his arguments, I'm sure it would only take a few seconds for a real scientist to disprove them, but I'm still interested in what they were.

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(Because it looked better than "W", which it stands for, which stands for my name.)

I asked my dad once, and he told me that science (true science) only explains how the world came about, and religion (true religion) only explains why.

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Well, let's pose religion the question then. "Why was the universe created?"

Can you find me a definitive answer in the bible? How about the Qur'an? The Vedas? Does any religion actually have a stock answer for this question that most of its adherents agree on?

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Why would it be sunday?rnrnthe sabbath is saturday, LOL.

This Site is a FAIL.

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@This Site is a FAIL.: James Ussher used Sunday because that was the day he arrived at using his calculations. And actually, according to the Jews, the Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday, not Saturday.

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The world came about for the use of man. (I'm not sure I can do much better for the time.)

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@DoubleU: Why do you believe that the world came about for the use of man?

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Actually, the Universe came to be, fully formed, sometime in the year 1982.
Which, incidentally, is when the events of my first memories happened.
All things that are reported to have happened before then are just figments of my imagination.


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