Oddly enough, the bible doesn't address the issue of elementary particles very well.



Spectre100 writes:


Perhaps it's that whole 'hasn't seperated the land from the water thing' that's still going on which gives water the solidarity to be stood upon.

Spectre100 writes:


Yes, TheAlmightyGuru, I am re-reading this from the start.

Anyway, Spectre100, how would that work? Water is water, it should break from Qazar's mass, the comic's continuity aside.
Besides, if there's no land or Planet Earth, than there's MORE room for the water to SPREAD OUT, thus it's surface tension would be reduced anyway.

To my knowledge, logic says that the water's surface tension should've broken by now.

Darth Forth writes:


Back when the bible was written, I imagine the writers had no clue about surface tensions or water molecules, they just explained it the way they knew how.

Bluecheetos writes:


Could you imagine god attempting to explain physics and particles to a bunch people crazy enough to hear his voice and believe what it was saying? I don't really believe the bible nonsense to begin with but your replies are hilarious so I will continue asking questions.

This Site is a FAIL. writes:


IT's funny how people keep saying 'the writers' of the Bible.

It was written, by GOD.

This Site is a FAIL.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@This Site is a FAIL.: On what evidence do you base this claim?

someguy writes:


"the writers of the bible" is an open statement that allows for a god trinity or a group of mortals. using God did it as a proof for the belief in God is a circular argument, and a rather small circle. circular logic is bad because it can be used to prove every proposition true, which is the same reason that a contradiction is bad. using a method that proves every statement is a poor way to argue for your the truth of your statement and the invalidity of another person's statement.

DoubleU writes:


If I had to answer this, I'd say that God, creator of time and space and of the laws of nature, can do things in whatever order he darn well pleases.

But I don't have to answer, so I won't. :o) (Only teasing! I love your comic.)

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@DoubleU: Thank you!

I'll still address your point--even if you were only teasing! ;-)

The argument, "God can violate the laws of physics," is certainly necessary to take the bible at face value. However, I'm forced to ask which is more likely: that God violates the laws of physics often, and extreme ways, or, that 2,500 years ago, people didn't understand the physics of the universe very well.

Bahookee writes:


Science confirms there is more water is the atmosphere than on earth! As for your matter E=mc2 energy creates matter and matter creates energy come on this is too easy

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Actually, science confirms that the water in our atmosphere accounts for 0.0009% of the water on Earth. (

Also, according to the law of conservation of energy, matter and energy cannot be, as you say, "created." (

As for Einstein's equation, it shows only that mass and energy are equivalent, and may be converted. (

You're right, this is too east.


Oh the irony!