If you remember back in Numbers 25 a single Midianite woman was seen going into a tent with an Israelite, and they were both promptly murdered. While it is not explicitly stated, we’re probably meant to assume that the Midianite woman was a temple prostitute selling herself for a foreign god, which would be a pretty big crime for the now dead Israelite to commit. Other than that single issue, the Midianites have been pretty stand-up folks in the bible. They saved Moses’ life, offered him sanctuary for forty years, and even allowed him to marry into their family. So how does God repay such kindness to one of his favorite prophets? The same way he repays everyone: GENOCIDE!

Yes, God demands that Moses gather 12,000 soldiers, 1,000 from each tribe, and invade Midian. Again, I’m assuming he’ll start the invasion by murdering his first wife.



Baughbe writes:


Well that is one way to deal with the in-laws. Pesky relatives always expecting you to actually make something of yourself. You expect me to work? I'm the chosen of God!

Tom writes:


Have tried all morning to find the connection between Midianites and factory outlets.

Will report back as soon as I discover it.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


It's one of catch-22s of the Internet. You can either require a log in and see significantly fewer comments, or have open posting, and spend half your time deleting spam. For now, at least, I can block IPs as they crop up, but botnets are damned persistent. If it ever gets out of hand, I'll probably have to start requiring user accounts.

Arashikou writes:


Maybe the Midianites were spammers, and this was God's way of "blocking their IPs?"

Tom writes:


I realize the target of my snark was unlikely to ever see it. Should have just ignored...

TheAlmightyGuru writes:




Oh the irony!