Light is pretty amazing stuff that is composed of photons. However, you can't have light without a lightsource, and you can't make a lightsource without first creating Higgs bosons and virtual quarks.



The Snake writes:


Well God created Higgs bosons and virtual quarks, DUH.

Wait, no he didn't, because that goes against Christian theory!

Wait, yes he did, because God created everything!

Aaaargh! *explode*

Veritas writes:


Oh, Snake, your comments make me laugh... xP

Revisiting all the pages to refresh my memory. ^w^

merideth writes:


ima put a comment on every one of theese here comics!!!

Chris Foxx writes:


I hope the three people who read your comic enjoy it.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Oh, come on now Chris Foxx, there are at least four now--thanks to you!

Spectre100 writes:


Staking my territory again! i claim Fifth!

Also, don't you know, anything that goes against the book and describes anything resembling proof of the contrary was placed here as a puzzle for us to mull over while He does whatever it is He wants us to think it is He does...

now i will not deny i have my doubts about things, my quarrel falls in the issue that the book is SUPPOSED to be the book of the word, but in all effects, it's still a book EDITED BY A MAN to be prettier in that guy's eyes... after all, we even CALL it the 'King James' Version' of the bible, i wonder who had the final say what went in it...

one other question, as a quasi disbeliever, am i still supposed to capitalize it?

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


It really depends on the context and who your editor is. :-)

"Bible" itself just means, "collection of books". However, when most people use the word "bible" they are referring to the Christian bible. However, that doesn't mean much because there are thousands of different bibles and each sect uses a different one. It's like saying, the Christian favorite color.

For me, it has nothing to do with whether I believe the stories in the bible actually happened--I don't believe that "The Shining" actually happened either, but I capitalize it because it's a title. I only capitalize "bible" when referring to a specific version of the bible (i.e., Wyclif's Bible), but not when I'm talking about the army of books all claiming to be the bible.

TBman256 writes:


@thealmightyguru: make that five!

Bluecheetos writes:


I think I am number 7 now. I will bring other like me and we shall bask in the glow that is blasphemy ... and stuff.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


Thank you Bluecheetos; I'm thrilled to have more people reading this. I get close to 200 unique visitors a day, but only a few of them are leaving comments.

Bluecheetos writes:


I've noticed. I didn't even notice the comments were down here until I got to the end because I never needed to scroll down. 8D

Mandrias writes:


Blucheetos showed me this comic...although...he didn't "bring" me here like he said he was...he threw me into a room with nothing but this website and only feeds me everytime this updates....please keep updating it! :D....really

This Site is a FAIL. writes:


There's only one word of GOD!

And again how does this slide contradict GOD's creation?

This Site is a FAIL.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@This Site is a FAIL.: Great, which one is the correct one? The King James Version? The New International Version? Of course, our source material is in Greek, so those can't be right. Of course, Jesus didn't speak Greek, so those can't be right either. Pray tell, which bible is the correct one?

DoubleU writes:


Can I be number eight? I don't actually agree with everything here, but I like that these comics make me think.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@DoubleU: Fear not! I doubt -any- of my readers agree with everything I say.

Dixieland Delight writes:


TAG, the ONE word of God is whichever version of the bible that TSIAF grew up with... Duh!! :)

Techs writes:


Don't forget that even with sects reading the same version their own interpretations of it.

SoapyCola writes:


Actually Guru, I DO agree with everything you say, so far. But I am also an Atheist, Anarchist, Apostate, who loves science, philosophy, and knowledge.

TheAlmightyGuru writes:


@SoapyCola: Thanks a lot! We probably see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but I'm sure if we were to get into politics or pizza toppings we'd butt heads! :-D


Oh the irony!