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In '65 I was seventeen and running up 101

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the video game themed book series Worlds of Power, and the first book in the series, Blaster Master.

  • You don't need to hear Trump use the N-word to know that he's a racist. He's been saying and doing racist things for decades.
  • The White House continues its downward spiral.
  • After the Boston Globe published a collection of all the newspapers around the country who criticized Trump's call to violence against the free press, someone called in a fake bomb threat.
  • The boos finally reached Trump about his war-mongering parade, and he has decided to cancel it, blaming everyone else for the high costs. Of course, we all know what really happened, he became embarrassed after seeing my awesome graphic!
  • The Republican party really is going full fascist.
  • Retired Admiral William McRaven, after hearing about Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan because Brennan was critical of Trump's many failures, demanded that Trump revoke his security clearance as well, stating it would be an honor.
  • If we get rid of undocumented immigrants, who will grow, transport, prepare, cook, and serve our food?

Many of the horrors committed by the priests in Pennsylvania have come to light, and it's just sick what they did, how long they did it, and how much protection they received from the Vatican.

A female doctor is more likely to save your life, so why do we pay them half as much as male doctors?

The saga of Dennis Prager's really stupid argument about the after life.

A reminder of what the Internet was like at the turn of the millennium.

When I turned 16 I was furious and restless

Feeling: Happy


I added a review for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the casual game, Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre.

  • Former CIA director John Brennan has rightfully been speaking out against Trump's failure to protect Americans from Russian cyber attacks, so Trump responded by revoking his security clearance. Trump has also threatened to silence in a similar way any other critics in the US security and intelligence sectors. Meanwhile, a new Russian satellite is behaving in a strange way, and US intelligence claims it doesn't know Russia's intent with it.
  • Over 300 newspapers around the country call out Trump's violent rhetoric against the free press.
  • At Trump's demand, the White House forces employees to sign a non-disclosure agreements saying they won't leak any of Trump's ignorance or bigotry to the press. Of course, the NDAs are not legally binding, the White House just does it to placate Trump.
  • The USA was involved with the Saudi Arabian coalition that just bombed a school bus full of children.
  • Like most of American's disgustingly wealthy self-proclaimed patriots, Betsy DeVos avoids paying taxes on her yacht that she anchors and sails in the USA by claiming it's registered in the Cayman Islands.
  • Trump is expected to waste $92,000,000 of the US taxpayer's money just to see soldiers and tanks on parade. Can't we just get him some green plastic army men to play with?

Is it possible to have a square with only three sides? What about five sides?

Seth Andrews talks to people about all the weird things they used to believe in.

What it's like to live in a home the size of a closet even when there is plenty of land to build on.

Beware the ides of August

Feeling: Happy


I finished reading Nick Hornby's book, Funny Girl, which I loved. I also added a page for Microsoft's Minesweeper.

  • I miss living in a country when you could actually trust what came out of the White House to be mostly true. With Republican's in power, reasonable people must automatically distrust everything they say until it can be confirmed to not be a lie, but it usually is a lie.
  • Under Trump, coal plants are closing at the same rate they were under Obama, despite his claims to have rejuvenated the dying industry.
  • When you surround yourself with dishonest people, you should expect everything to become a shit show.
  • The Republican goal of hiding where money comes from is especially helpful to astro-turfing.
  • Trump doesn't have the slightest idea what's going on in the world, where countries are, or even how to pronounce them.
  • Betsy DeVos has been paying Republicans to ruin American schools for decades.
  • One good thing you have to admit about Trump, he's so loud and obnoxious, he can't ever do any evil in secret.
  • Things continue to go poorly for Alex Jones.
  • White supremacist Jason Kessler was interviewing his Republican friend and Nazi Patrick Little about his failed Senate attempt, when it came to light that he was filming in his parent's house (because he lives with his parents), and his father was none to pleased that his son was promoting racism in his home!

Yet another Catholic diocese is discovered to have systematically protected over 300 child-raping priests.

Republican gun nut, Dan Roberts, is pissed off that he put Sacha Baron Cohen's dildo in his mouth and is trying to sue.

Science teachers Coleen and Milan explain why they teach evolution.

Dorkly has created some pretty dark animations over the years.

California constantly has wild fires, in large part because of humans messing with the environment.

Tuesday the 14th?

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the book Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. and the author Beatrix Potter.

  • The bad news is, there was another rally in Charlottesville, Virginia full of white supremacists, Nazis, and KKK members, you know, the people Trump loves. The good news, they were vastly out-numbered by the amount of counter protesters! It's sad that we still have to have counter protests like this, but, if you remember, back in 2017, Trump was toying with the idea of renaming the "Countering Violent Extremism" program to a much more specific (both racially, and ideologically) "Countering Radical Islamic Extremism." Like most of Trump's talk, the White House hasn't followed through, but it gives you an idea where their priorities lie. Rhetoric like is no doubt partially responsible for non-violent black activists being spied on and kidnapped by the US government. You have to wonder, under Republican leadership, are law enforcement agencies being ordered to even look into the KKK giving candy with racist literature to random children?
  • Sheesh, lie to millions of people about your cancer-causing weed killer, and suddenly, you're the bad guy! Monsanto will have to pay $289,000,000 in damages, but, naturally, the EPA under Republican leadership still says the cancer-causing chemical glyphosate is perfectly safe.
  • Hasan Minhaj gives a very serious talk about whether a sitting president can recuse himself of his own crimes.
  • Republican hopeful Melissa Howard admits that she lied about her university diploma, but said, "It was not [her] intent to deceive or mislead anyone." Really? You created a fake diploma, not for deception, but for... what? Howard is taking the moral low ground and intends to stay in the race for Representative claiming she will "lead by example from now on." This it truly on-point for the Republican brand.

Some of the more horrifying security flaws that have cropped up recently.

Tipping is bad for the economy and has a racist history.

Coming out as an atheist is always a scary proposition, but sometimes it goes pretty well.

Why does Iran hate the USA and UK? Mostly because the USA an UK have been extremely terrible to them for decades because they wanted to have an independent democratic government and sell their oil at a competitive price.

Monday the 13th

Feeling: Happy


Over the weekend I installed, played, and beat Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.

  • People who continue to lie should be punished, not made into the US president.
  • It's not even exaggeration anymore to say that everyone associated with Trump is a criminal.
  • Trump's pro-war Space Force is a really stupid idea and not much can be done to make it sound less-stupid.
  • There is a concentrated effort to cast doubt on the scientific consensus of human-caused climate change, and it's terrifying. Why do intelligent people like the Koch brothers want to purposely continue the destruction of the environment?
  • Ever since Republicans have passed laws making it legal to hide where political money comes from, all sorts of new dishonest attack ads have shown up targeting democrats, and nobody can say for certain which Republicans are responsible for them.
  • Trump is very much against chain migration... unless it helps his inlaws.

Black men are much more likely to be shot to death by cops than white men or women, but it's not just white cops who do the shooting. Black cops are also more likely to shoot black men than anyone else.

Christians continue to lie to children about sex in public schools. In this episode, they tell children that if they become sexually aroused too often, they won't be able to develop romantic relationships when they get older.

More hidden messages in video game hardware.

Christianity continues to die in America. South Carolina, one of the nation's most religious states, has lost almost 100 churches in the past seven years.

Did you know you can make a calculator out of marbles falling down various chutes?

Still have blood in my mouth

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the Microsoft Windows port of Tetris and the image compressor PNGOut.

  • Trump appointee for Secretary of Commerce, Republican Wilber Ross, has been accused of swindling from his business associates $120,000,000. Trump's earliest backer, Republican Chris Collins has been arrested for insider trading. Trump keeps incriminating his own son. Former speaker of the house Sean Spicer is doing a book tour defending all the lies he told for Trump. Did Trump hire anyone who isn't a crook?
  • Republicans are demanding the US win the war in space having not been informed that there is no war in space. Trump insists on a new branch of military just for space having not been informed that the US Air Force already has a space division. Republicans are crippling the US economy by wasting billions adding more to the already largest military in the world.
  • Trump is still trying to convince his fellow Republicans to let him stop the investigation about his collusion with Russia.
  • Republican Stephen Miller, grandson of minority religious immigrants and creator of a law that bans minority religious immigrants from entering the country, is now trying to deport legal immigrants.
  • Now that Melania has found out, along with the rest of the country, how Donald Trump has cheated on her multiple times, she doesn't appear to be playing ball anymore.
  • Women in the US still face a lot of discrimination, especially because they can get pregnant.

Police officers Brandon Spillman and Alexander Daniel choked an unarmed black man to death. Armando Frank passively resisted the demands of the two cops saying he would comply if they show him their warrant. The two officers instead choked Frank for six straight minutes then dragged his corpse to their squad car before finally realizing that they had killed him. They made no attempt to resuscitate him, and, according to an expert on Louisiana law, police are allowed to use any means of force they deem necessary, and, because of this, neither officer will be punished.

The medicinal importance of having someone poop inside of you.

Christian pastor Bill Hybels has a dark history of sexually assaulted his assistant and sexually harassed several other women, and his entire staff has resigned in disgrace for initially taking his side only to be prove wrong.

Gonna need an extraction

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the Famicom Disk System.

  • If Republican Stephen Miller were in power when his grandparents immigrated to the US, he would have turned them away and they'd probably be murdered for being Jewish.
  • Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his friend Rick Gates are both criminals, but they might not see jail time because Trump loves to pardon criminals.
  • Why do white supremacists, KKK, and Nazis congregate to the Republican party?
  • Even though corrupt Republican Scott Pruitt is out, his replacement, coal supporter Andrew Wheeler, is just as anti-environment as they come.
  • All four West Virginia Supreme Court justices might be impeached for corruption. State Democrats say that Republicans waited until after a Republican governor was elected to address the corruption so that all of the seats can be filled at once by a Republican.
  • In 2012, Border Patrol Agent Lonnie Swartz shot across the US/Mexico border and killed 16-year-old José Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The boy was hit 10 times, mostly in the back, while Swartz was standing in the USA and Rodriguez was in Mexico. The US government's official position was that foreigners on foreign soil have no rights, and, therefore, it's perfectly legal for Americans to murder them. How it took nearly six years for US courts to conclude that murdering someone across a national border is actually illegal is beyond me.
  • The National Archives is denying Senate Democrats access to files about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh unless they first get permission from Republicans.
  • Ohio Republicans aren't exactly a cut above the rest.
  • The details of how the Republican party has partially sold out to Libertarians like the Koch Brothers and they're spending millions to get Americans to vote against what they actually want.
  • Trump says immigration is bad, and chain immigration (where whole families are brought in) is even worse. Naturally, His immigrant wife's family of immigrants are now American citizens.

For those of you who have been considering buying the DragonBox Pyra, there was an AMA with the hardware designer.

Some glitches in the New Super Mario Bros.

In case you needed another reason to hate Comcast, they had a security flaw which exposed the personal information of millions of their users.

The unchecked power of corrupt American prosecutors.

Another day, another Christian pastor is going to prison.

You could actually fuse all your chromosomes together, but I don't recommend it.

Tooth surgery today...

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The infamous Tersigni Sisters are wanted for under-aged voting!

I added a small page for the disc software AnyBurn.

The election results for Genesee County show it's still primarily Democratic, and all the millages passed.

  • Trump keeps admitting that his son, in order to help his father win the presidential election, deliberately colluded with Russians.
  • LeBron James opened a school for high-risk children offering them free lunches and free college. Naturally, Trump hates him.
  • Republicans are working to make US citizenship more difficult, especially if they have ever been sick or poor.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh believes that US presidents can ignore laws they don't agree with, and should not be punished.
  • Republican Rand Paul is following Trump's lead and inviting Republicans to the US, but doesn't think that there will be time to talk about Russia's endless hacking of the US government. Well, at least he will get have a nice chat with Russia's latest special US envoy, Steven Seagal. Seriously, is this real life?
  • An investigation into the FCC shows that they were subject to a DDoS attack which means Republican Chairman Ajit Pai lied about it. The more likely reason their servers went down was due to the overwhelming amount of people wanting to voice their opposition to the Republican elimination of Net neutrality.
  • In 2017, Stephen Dalton Baril raped a woman. In court, Baril admitted that there was enough evidence for him to be found guilty, but despite this fact, Judge Humes J. Franklin refused to sentence him to prison at all, and instead told him that he merely wasn't allowed to talk to the woman he raped for the next five years. How could this possibly happen? Maybe it's because Baril is the son of Republican Steve Baril, and the grandson of former Virginia Governor, Republican John N. Dalton.

3D printed guns aren't really anything new, homemade "zip" guns have been around for years, and even plastic guns are nothing new. However, they sure are a heck of a lot easier to make now.

Christian parents let their 10-month-old daughter die because they refused to let her be treated by doctors have been charged with murder.

Science makes mistakes, but it's also self-correcting. Here are five things humans got wrong about our bodies.

Ironically, those areas in the US with the highest concentration of Christians also have the most executions. Even more ironically, Christians who are in favor of the death penalty call themselves pro-life.

Finger print analysis is a helpful tool for discovering a person's identity, but it isn't fool proof.

Vote today!

Feeling: Happy

  • The problem with putting your trust in criminals is that they eventually turn on you. While on trial, Rick Gates, former Trump adviser, explained how Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had 15 foreign bank accounts, but Gates did not report them even know he knew they were illegal because Manafort ordered him not to.
  • Republican Jeff Sessions is quite evil and he's wasting your tax dollars protecting Christians from "hidden threats".
  • In the end, Trump's appointing of another US Supreme Court Justice is probably going to cause a lot of deaths.
  • Despite the lies of the Conservatives, MS-13 is an American born gang, it's not that big, and it's not growing, but it is indeed horrible and needs to be stopped.
  • Because he can't hurt American allies enough, Trump is threatening to block US trade will every allied country that trades with Iran, including the entire European Union!
  • Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos, a woman who never went to public schools and whose family became rich through pyramids schemes, has a summer mansion which puts her $40,000,000 yacht to shame.
  • Trump remains oblivious to the increased levels of Russian hacking.

Simone Giertz has a new workshop.

Why you shouldn't eat mold, but you'll probably be okay if you do.

The danger of making lopsided levees.

Killing the myth of humans having a reptilian brain.

Less puss; tooth still iffy

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for the Ultima VII hint book, Key to the Black Gate, the Nintendo Player's Guide series, and several more hint books.

  • In an effort to try and vindicate his family, Trump admitted that the meeting his eldest son, son-in-law, and campaign manager had with Russians in 2016 was definitely about trying to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, despite his earlier lies, claiming what they did was "totally legal." Of course, seeking the help of a foreign adversary to undermine an American election is neither ethical, nor legal.
  • And, while Trump's Twitter posts are super annoying, they may end up being the cause of his presidency because he can't stop using it to incriminate himself. Aren't you glad you're not Trump's lawyer?
  • Under the guidance of self-proclaimed "fiscally responsible" Republicans, the US is borrowing money from foreign countries at the same rate as the last depression. But, despite bankrupting the US government, Republicans are trying to give the rich an even bigger tax cut.
  • Republicans have tried for the third time to end the DACA program, and, for the third time, US judges have ruled that they violated the Constitution in doing so, and the program must be restored. Can they ever -not- violate the Constitution?
  • Ivanka disagreeing with her father by saying the media isn't the enemy of the people, is not courageous.
  • Facebook and Apple have finally removed some of the work of Alex Jones citing too much hate speech and bullying.
  • The reason Paul Manaforte is in big boy prison is not because he's Republican, it's because he's really stupid!

Facts about bears.

London is an extremely diverse city.

Nintendo and Sega have a history of some rather risqué advertisements.

Jaw hurts...

Feeling: Happy


I've answered all of the questions in the Christian survey: 136 Questions to Ask In a Relationship.

  • Rich people are making more money while poor people have to spend more to buy the same thing from a year ago, and Trump's multiple trade wars are not helping.
  • Republicans claim to be pro-family, but only so long as everyone in the family is white. And more allegations are coming out that the children who have been ripped from their parents and put into make-shift jails are being sexually assaulted.
  • QAnon is just another bunch of know-nothing conspiracy theorists.
  • Republicans don't believe the fact of global warming. 2017 just clocked in as the third hottest year in recorded history. Just below the first and second hottest years, 2016 and 2015. In fact, in the top 10 hottest years in recorded history, nine of them are in the 2000s. 2018 might take the number one spot as it already has the hottest day ever recorded.
  • Trump can't spell basic words, and he seems to really love the heads of crime syndicates.
  • American Nazis exist, and have been spurred on by Trump, but they're having a harder time selling their pro-Nazi merchandise on Amazon.
  • Trump rallies are basically Klan rallies.
  • Republican Jim Jordan is better than most because he's only a pedophile enabler!

A Russian arms dealer wants to create a Utopian space colony.

It's actually not that funny that men are constantly raped in prison.

I've been refusing plastic straws at restaurants for a couple weeks now, and it feel pretty good. Despite the fact that we don't actually use the commonly-cited number, we still use far too many, and it's a good idea to stop using them.

The origin of viruses is still an unknown.

What happens when you respond to men bullying women on Twitter?

Jaw hurts...

Feeling: Happy


I've added a page for Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor.

  • After hearing about the trial of his former campaign leader, Paul Manaforte, Trump used Twitter to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he should end the FBI's investigation into his conspiracy against the USA with Russia. Sessions has yet to do it, and the White House is trying to downplay yet another instance of Trump obstructing justice. And despite changing his statement from no collusion to collusion isn't a crime, conspiring to defraud the US government is a crime.
  • Trump convinced himself that he ended the threat of North Korea's nuclear missiles, but what really happened in North Korea just expanded the range of its nuclear missiles.
  • Trump continues to throw a fit about not getting taxpayer funding for his border wall that he said Mexico would pay for. His tantrum has grown to the point where he says, unless he gets his own way, he'll shut down the entire government.
  • Donald Trump is, by far, the most dishonest president the US has ever had and the rate at which he lies keeps increasing.
  • Despite claiming that they did so, Republicans failed to reunite hundreds of children they had stolen away from their parents by the court appointed deadline. For many of the children, they don't even have the slightest clue who their parents even are.
  • Rick Snyder and several of the people ultimately responsible for poisoning Flint have been removed from the class-action lawsuit.
  • True to form, Trump has filled his Wildlife Protection Council with trophy hunters and donors.
  • It should have been done ages ago, but Facebook has suspended the account of Alex Jones and YouTube is removing some of his videos. While he and his fans are crying a violation of free speech, this is nothing of the sort. Jones may still shout his nonsense as much as he wants, companies are under no obligation to give him a platform.
  • Thanks to Betsy DeVos destroying public schools, we now live in a country where you can only get a decent education if someone from your home town becomes a huge sports star.

If evolutionary psychologists want to be taken seriously, they should probably clean house and get rid of the anti-Semites in their group.

Harry L. Thomas, the Christian pastor who created the largest Christian music festival has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for raping several under-aged girls.

How quarks help us make sense of the universe.

Looking inside Nintendo hardware.

Patrick Evans, a Christian on the Board of Brown County, Wisconsin, doesn't see the problem with the county endorsing Christianity and he's willing to waste taxpayer money to try and keep it that way. Why doesn't he see the problem? Probably because he thinks that Wiccans worship the devil.

August, I'll see you soon, under yellow moon

Feeling: Happy


I added maps and collectibles to the Altered Beast page.

  • As the FBI gets closer and closer to uncovering Trump's direct collusion with Russian spies, Trump's lawyers are now trying to dismiss his iniquity by claiming that working with an adversarial foreign power for political gain isn't even a crime, so who cares?

  • In order to help sell Republican voter-suppression laws and prevent poor people from voting, Trump claimed that you can't buy groceries without a photo id.
  • Republicans greatly benefit from Gerrymandered districts, and, thanks to the work of my fellow CFI members, a plan to redistrict Michigan and place it in the hands of an independent body will now be on the November ballot. Even though all the required signatures were accounted for and approved, thus guaranteeing it a place on the ballot, Republicans, including Bill Schuette, still tried as hard as they could to eliminate it, the State Supreme Court just ruled that it must be there!
  • Who could have possibly saw this coming? Republicans, who are all about th troops, cut federal taxes to the extremely wealthy, and now they can't afford to pay for wounded veterans.
  • Once again, under the guidance of Republicans, the US is seeing it's debt grow to an unprecedented level. I'm almost 40-years-old, and, in my entire lifetime, every Republican president has created more debt, and every Democrat has done their best to fix it.
  • Facebook takes down more accounts which appear to be Russian trolls trying to influence US elections.

Argon is argonalicious.

Gloria has found a better life outside of religion, and you can too. Part 1, part 2.

North Carolina actually has a law preventing people from competing with hospitals when it comes to medical imaging procedures. Apparently, in the 1970s, 49 of the 50 States purposely created a monopoly for hospitals, and, even to this day, only 14 have repealed these laws. Want to know why health care is so expensive?

If a study is paid for by the industry that is most likely to benefit over positive results, it should raise some red flags.

The Vatican didn't just cover up their Catholic priests raping little boys, but also their priests raping their fellow nuns.

Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast remake was terrible.

I don't want a story affair to make me feel my life is heading somewhere

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the Queen album Made In Heaven.

  • Racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions is creating a special task force to make sure Christians have enough liberty. Because if anyone needs more free reign, it's Christians.
  • Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort is having his first day in court!
  • While the Trump administration continues to deny the scientific consensus of climate change, humans have recorded the hottest temperature ever.
  • The men at Fox "News" are pretending they don't know the rules about sexual harassment. Oh come on, they had three major employees fired for sexual harassment, how could they not? And no, conservative men are claiming to be afraid to even being around women for fear of being charged with sexual harassment, which gives you a good idea of how they behave around women. Of course, this by itself won't solve the problem. After all, Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women and he still got a large minority of Americans to vote for him. Likewise, Clarance Thomas was a serial harasser to Anita Hill, and Republicans still made him a Supreme Court justice.
  • It's terrifying, but a Federal Judge had to tell Republicans they can't give imprisoned children psychotropic drugs without their parent's consent.

Cell phones still don't cause cancer, despite the clickbait claims made by The Guardian who should know better.

Despite their recent progress, it's still a crime in Saudi Arabia for women to publicly hug men outside of their family.

Jeff Whitman, owner of Uriah's Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration in Columbus, Ohio, followed a black man for miles to shout racial slurs at him. Unfortunately for Whitman, he was driving his company van with the phone number on the side. Whitman was initially unrepentant saying he "grew up with [the n-word]" so it's "not a big deal for me." But most people don't care to do business with a racist, so his company has received terrible reviews on social media, and people are calling to give him a piece of their minds. After realizing what his racism cost him, Whitman said, "I'm out of business, I'm completely out, I'm done, I'll never work in Columbus again. This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life. I just don't understand the intensity of the hate." Got that? The man who doesn't see a problem with racist language and followed a black man to his home to shout the n-word at him doesn't understand why people hate.

It took until 2018 for all 50 US states to legalize public breastfeeding.

Wise from your gabe!

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for the video game Altered Beast.

  • Russian hackers have already been caught attacking US elections. Republicans continue to ignore the problem, because they need them to help in the 2018 midterms.
  • Trump is actively bringing down the nation, not just by selling us out to foreign powers, and ruining the economy, but also by trying to convince people to stop believing in facts and believe in his lies.
  • It seems the only problems Trump can fix are the ones he created in the first place.
  • Trump wasted $12,000,000,000, just on farmers, trying fix the tariff mess he created. Naturally, he views this as a win for the USA and Europe, but Europe disagrees.
  • A one-time illegal immigrant just ratted out a girl who had escaped from a Republican child prison because, now that he's safely a US citizen, he's a Trump supporter!
  • Betsy DeVos, the Republican who is destroying the nation's public school system, had her $40,000,000 yacht set adrift. I don't approve of such vandalism, I would much rather people show civil disobedience by protesting her.
  • One of the nice things about Trump foolishly using Twitter, is that he's creating a permanent record of all of his racism, bigotry, and, best yet, crimes.

People in the UK get to die with dignity... but not in the US.

The Vatican is "punishing" its child-raping priests by telling them to go home and pray about what they've done.

For years, the McDonald's Monopoly game was rigged by an ex-cop.

357,686,312,646,216,567,629,137 is a prime number, and every time you remove a number from the left, you're left with a prime number!

Center For Inquiry is suing CVS because of their longstanding fraudulent business practice of selling sham medicine.

Bedtime beings: 6:30, both girls finally fall asleep: 10:15

Feeling: Happy


I added a page for Liz Phair's self-titled album.

  • Uh oh! Ever since journalists discovered that Trump's son had been lying and did indeed hold a clandestine meeting in Trump Tower with what he thought was a spy from the Russian government to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the White House has been assuring America that Trump senior knew absolutely nothing about it, and certainly would have put a stop to it if he did. But now, Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is stating that Trump not only knew about it, but he approved his son's meeting with Russian spies.
  • The media is having a field day with the first of 12 audio recordings release of Trump and Cohen. His payment of $150,000 to the adult model, different from the $130,000 porn star, with whom he was cheating on his wife didn't go so well, and it also raises questions about Trump's first divorce.
  • At least during Watergate, there were trusted journalists who helped take down the completely corrupt president. Now, a large percentage of the nation trusts Fox "News."
  • With the pro-white, anti-journalism, dirty money, and Russian spy, the NRA certainly appears to be a terrorist organization.
  • There is a bit of irony with Trump imposing Chinese tariffs and forgetting that the majority of his stuff he tries to sell comes from China.
  • We're currently at the point where we're resorting to depression-era laws to prevent the American agricultural industry from going bankrupt because of Trump's failed tariff gamble.
  • After using a racist comment to try and prove he's not racist, Republican racist John Schnatter, former CEO of Papa John's, is now suing his own company for asking him to resign because of his racism.
  • In case you needed a reminder of just how bad things have gotten under Trump.
  • I don't condone vandalism because you can never trust a lone person to have the best interests of the community at heart. I don't approve of the destruction of Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but I would have loved to see a protest demanding its removal be successful.

How and why Christians confuse abiogenesis with spontaneous generation.

Feminist Frequency does great work and teaches people about the important cultural issues.

The Pacific Ocean is going down in a burning ring of fire.

Go to sleep Illy!

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley album, More Adventurous.

  • Not satisfied with only bankrupting the American government, Trump makes additional tariffs in order to bankrupt American businesses as well. The rising prices of various goods and services won't affect rich people, but people who are already living paycheck-to-paycheck will face the full brunt of his stupidity.
  • You know things are a bit scary when Trump tells you not to believe anything you read or hear unless it comes from the channels specifically approved by him.
  • Trump appointee, Republican Betsy DeVos is eliminating civil rights protections from the Department of Education and replacing them with pro-white policies. She's also really stupid.
  • Republicans are now banning those journalists who ask Trump difficult questions.
  • Every intelligence agency in the US says that Russia interfered with out election to help elect Trump. Trump of course says that they didn't interfere because he trusts ex-KGB agent and Russian dictator Vladamir Putin over US intelligence. However, he's now open to the idea that Russia might interfere with the election to get a Democrat elected. Why? Because Trump is not only full of shit, but the Russians seem to have some serious shit on him.
  • Republicans are working very hard to make extinct endangered species.
  • A typical example of Republican versus Democrat sensibilities in the USA: the Democrat addresses the issues our nation faces and explains how they plan to solve them, the Republican complains about people who won't let him force his white Christian bigotry on everyone else.

John Galman and Spencer Sutton, two white New Orleans police officers severely beat an American veteran while calling him a fake American.

The Chinese government is pretty evil, and that evil is taking over Hong Kong.

CVS is finally starting to clean house and fire pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions because they have moral problems with the doctors and patients.

The conservatives on a school board in Chino Valley, California have lost their appeal on their Christian proselytizing lawsuit. They initially had to pay over $200,000 from the school's budget, all taxpayer money, but after they lost their appeal, they'll probably see that amount doubled. This means no new teachers, no new books, and the school will be paying off fees for years to come, all because they refused to stop forcing their religion on everyone else.

Confession booths are a great way for Catholics to shield criminals from the law, especially child rapists.

Firstborn Baptist Church in North Carolina is yet another Christian church has been discovered to be a haven for abuse and child sexual predators.

Go to sleep Gabby!

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I added a page for the Hello Saferide song, X Telling Me About the Loss of Something Dear, At Age 16.

  • The fallout from Trump's massive import tariffs (even on our allies) has caused devastating losses to American companies. It has been especially bad for farmers because a lot of countries have stopped buying American food exports. Trump is trying to fix his mistake by giving farmers a government handout of $12,000,000,000! This huge failure is not sitting well with other Republicans who care little about ethics, but a whole lot about money, and are referring to his scheme as a Soviet-type economy. But it's not just farmers who have been hurt by Trump's tariffs, Whirlpool is seeing its worst stock drop since 1987! Meanwhile, Trump is so out of touch with reality, he's convinced he's winning.
  • One of the many recordings of Trump discussing with Michael Cohen how to pay off Playboy model Karen McDougal so she wouldn't talk about the affair he had with her shortly after his son was born has been released.
  • Trump finally unambiguously acknowledges Russian election interference, but says that Russia is trying to get a Democrat elected. Trump thinks that he's been so hard on Russia, what with him licking Putin's boots, that they don't want such a tough sycophant like him in office.
  • The White House continues to become more and more like the lair of a tyrant. Typically, Presidents were open about which foreign leaders they spoke to and what they spoke about, but now, the White House will keep all of its conversations with foreign leaders completely secret. America now has to rely on foreign media to know what it's own president is doing!
  • Even as he alters official White House transcripts, Trump continues to claim that all journalists are liars, but the few people at Fox "News" who haven't yet lost their jobs due to gross indecency are the only people who tell the truth. And when he discovered that the television used by Melania was tuned to CNN, he threw a tantrum.
  • Maybe people will stop caring about Trump destroying the economy and ignoring a Russian national security crisis if he starts a war with Iran?
  • British journalists don't yet understand how Trump can say he didn't say something even when they play a recorded video of him saying it. They just haven't quite figured out that he's completely full of shit.
  • It doesn't matter that Maine voted in favor of expanding Medicaid, Republican Governor Paul LePage refuses to do it and claims he'd rather go to jail for obstruction than do what the people want. Now, people who were relying on health care will not get it, and many will probably die. Remember that when Republicans complain about "activist" politicians.
  • Georgia Republican Jason Spencer, who once tried to ban Middle Eastern head scarves, is resigning after purposely baring his ass and using the N-word on television.

If you're Catholic and afraid to use birth control because the church tells you it's evil, remember, they just made that up only 50 years ago.

Preferring doubt over debate in order to change people's minds.

The youth climate march is heart-warming.

What would happen if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? Not much. Human technology is still far too puny compared to the size of the Earth.

In my pants

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I finished reading the etymology book Written In Stone.

  • Russian hackers are gaining access to US power plants, and Trump doesn't just ignore the threat, he denies it ever happened.
  • It's interesting how when Republicans want to eliminate the human rights of women, they can't trust the federal government's rules, but when Democrats want to enforce environmental protections at the state level, suddenly they're violating federal laws and need to be stopped.
  • Although the Trump administration still doesn't know what happened to all the children they handed out, sometimes to pedophiles, they do know that they deported over 460 parents without their children.
  • Trump blames his pathetic performance in Helsinki on the questions he was asked... they were too hard.
  • More on the Russian spy who was beloved by Republicans and infiltrated the NRA.
  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, recorded conversations with him discussing paying off a second porn star.
  • Montenegro is a tiny country in Africa, yet they still send troops to help defend the USA. Of course, Fox "News" and Trump not only dismiss their help, but they make bigoted remarks about the people living there. Why? Because Russia doesn't like Montenegro.
  • What else can we convince the Trumps to give up on?

The world looks every strange when viewed in ultraviolet.

Scientists are imaging the brain of a fruit fly at nanoscale resolution to literally see how it thinks.

Little girls are still dying because their parents are cutting off their labia.

A symphony conductor explains what conductors do.


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I recorded the Windows port soundtrack of SimAnt.

  • Republican's can't even control a petulant man-baby like Trump, why would anyone want them to control the country?
  • The Secretary of Homeland Security, Republican Kirstjen Nielsen, admits that Russia hacked our last election, but she says that she hasn't seen any evidence that they were favoring one candidate over the other. So, this is the person who we are paying to keep our country safe, and, in her mind, a foreign power is going to go through all the trouble of hacking another nation's election, even though they don't care who wins? She's either really stupid or a liar. Trump, of course, is both, as he continues to ignore all of the facts of Russian interference saying all of it is fake.
  • Trump's foreign policy aide, Republican Carter Page, has been implicated in Russian meddling for over a year now, but the FBI has now released documentation (heavily redacted) which gives evidence that Page wasn't just talking to the Russians, but had actually become a full-blown Russian agent.
  • Trump continues to be racist in order to keep people from voting against him.
  • In the US, sane Americans are trying to protect the first amendment from the religious zealots who have convinced Trump to try and overturn the Johnson Amendment which prevents non-profits from endorsing political candidates. This is a noble cause, not just because it promotes fair play, but also because giving a single religion power over others is a quick trip to shifting the culture to one like India where pointing out that a person is using religion to defraud people might land you in jail.
  • More details about how the NRA and Republican party made a darling out of a Russian spy.
  • Trump just can't help but cozy up to his boss, Vladamir Putin.
  • Republican Bill Schuette makes it clear he doesn't care about LGBT rights.

Roads are usually made safe when planners decrease the number of lanes, and, when done correctly, it doesn't even alter the amount of traffic the road can sustain.

Trying to understand the difference between misogyny and sexism.

It only gets better

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  • Because Trump kicked out all his staff when he was addressed by Putin, a former KGB agent knows everything they talked about, but you know who doesn't? Dan Coats, the head of US intelligence. Democrats demanded to question the interpretor so America could have at least a general idea of what they talked about, but Republicans wanted everything to stay Putin's secret. And you know what is really pathetic? Almost half of Republican voters think Trump's surrender was a good thing! I'm used to Republicans preferring party over country, that's pretty much their motto, but Russia over the USA? That's pretty shocking for self-proclaimed patriots.
  • The thing about Trump changing a single "would" to "wouldn't" is that it doesn't fix his pathetic speech. It wasn't just one word, everything he said was pro-Russia, anti-America. He would have to switch about 20 words not to appear like he was handing over US security to Putin. Despite this fact, Republicans can't help but treat the whole mess like it never happened because they're pathetic cowards.
  • Republicans fell for Maria Butina's made-up pro-gun message hook, line, and sinker. After dozens of top Republican politicians were wooed by her, now they're all trying to distance themselves from the Russian spy who funneled possibly millions of dollars from Russia to the Trump candidacy. True to form, Trump has responded to this by inviting Putin for a friendly visit in Washington D.C.!
  • Republicans keep going on television saying that people are overreacting about Trump's Supreme Court pick eliminating Roe v. Wade, but that has been their clearly stated goal ever since the decision was first made, and Trump himself said he was only going to pick justices who would fight to over turn it.
  • Trump got his way subsidizing the owners of coal mines and gave them the go ahead to eliminate their safety regulations. The result? Exactly what everyone expected, black lung disease reaches a 25-year high.
  • Trump received a fabulous welcome in London, if he likes being thoroughly mocked.

One thing Christians seem to agree about is that the New Testament clearly commands followers to be kind to strangers and foreigner. So, it should come as no shock that white American Evangelicals are very angry that the US is becoming less white.

The Episcopalian church now officially endorses same-sex marriages. Good on you!

An important message about the cultural identity of fully integrated children of immigrants.

A brief history of British colonialism in Hong Kong.

Reddit has a long history of protecting abusers.

In Soviet America, Russia owns you!

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I've re-recorded the SimLife soundtrack, added song pages, and updated the format.

In Soviet America, Russia owns you!

  • Trump refuses to accept that Russia hacked the US elections, even though he asked them too, and even though every branch of US intelligence says they did. And yet, when asked if they were still hacking US elections, Trump said "no," implying that they were at one point. Not that this matters because, right after he said they stopped, Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that's not what he intended to say. Just like how he meant to say wouldn't instead of would, right?
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders also explained that Trump might allow 11 American citizens to be interrogated by the Russian government! I hope he got a lot of money for selling out his own country.
  • Trump makes a bigoted comment against the people of Montenegro saying it's a country of "very aggressive people," who, because of the rules of NATO, might start World War III. Does this have anything to do with the fact that Russia didn't want Montenegro to join NATO?
  • On the heels of Trump acknowledging Jerusalem as being owned by Israel, the Israeli government passed a racist anti-Arab law.
  • Trump continues to demand a war-mongering military parade, paid for in US taxes.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Republican Brett Kavanaugh, wants to eliminate independent counsel, the anti-corruption law that prevents government officials from being allowed to choose who investigate their crimes. Kavanaugh has always been anti-ethics, after all, he doesn't think sitting presidents should even be allowed to be investigated for crimes, and no doubt that's why Trump wants him.
  • Trump is spending $3,900,000,000 so Air Force One will be red, white, and blue. Maybe if he didn't go on vacation every week this wouldn't be necessary?

Another small victory for the first amendment. A Colorado public school that was trying to raise funds for a Christian mission trip is no longer allowed to do it.

Not a big shock but, Christy Funk, celebrity doctor, is an anti-science quack.

Simone Giertz is out of brain surgery and as spunky as ever.

Can we impeach Trump yet?

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I added a bunch more updates to the YM2203 page and updated the King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (DOS) page.

  • You know how in the past, instances of conspiracy and treason have been discovered by reporters "following the money?" Well, thanks to Republicans, that is no longer possible! Just after it came out that Russians used the NRA to funnel foreign money into Trump's campaign, the Trump administration is making it so groups like the NRA don't have to report where they get their money or to whom they donate it.
  • The CIA has a standing rule, no American should ever meet with the Russian KGB alone, especially anyone with important military knowledge or State secrets. Naturally, Trump did. Not only does Trump continue to disregard US intelligence, but he undermines them at every turn.
  • Trump loves Russia, but not the USA. Trump believes Russian intelligence, but not the USA. Trump doesn't know anything about foreign affairs, or even US affairs.
  • Ever since the presidential campaigns, US intelligence agencies have been warning us about Russian hacking and interference. The Trump administration has taken action by eliminating their entire position of cyber security coordinator.
  • Republican Bill Schuette's goal is to take tax money away from public schools that educate all children and give it to private schools that only help certain children.
  • Trump-appointed judge James Ho doesn't care much about women's rights, or even human rights, his main target is fetal rights.

In case you needed a scientific study to determine that women have it worse on YouTube.

Mother Teresa was a terrible person when she was alive, and even after her death we keep learning new terrible things about her, like the fact that her order has been selling children.

Hobo Code is interesting, historic, and mostly a fabrication.

I love seeing companies getting punished for trying to force their software on consumers! Hey Google, remember when your motto was don't be evil?

An interesting sound synthesizer for the Commodore 64.

Trump is a Russian puppet

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I added a page in the VGMPF for the YM2203 chip and fixed all the pages for sound drivers.

Using spinning spheres of molten sodium to try to understand the center of the Earth.

What would happen if Bowser dated a Pokémon trainer?

Humans are currently producing 13 tons of hazardous waste every second.

A lecture on using video games to teach people about music.

Secular Summer Retreat was awesome!

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I've added the soundtrack for the PC-9801 port of Ultima III: Exodus and added a page for the Infinity Sound Driver and the INF format.

  • Trump says that he views the US allies in the EU as foes, even before Russia or China.
  • Trump was questioned if he would ask his boss to extradite the indicted Russian hackers, but Trump said he hadn't even considered doing it, but he's confident the world wants him to "get along" with the Russian dictator. In fact, Trump has gone so far as to say that the tension between the USA and Russia is not the fault of the Russian invasion of Ukraine or their murdering of journalists, and certainly not the hacking of US elections, not, the real fault of the tension between the USA and Russia is the USA! Trump really is a Russian puppet.
  • Who knew there was so much profit to be had in the incarceration of children? Republicans knew, they've been doing this with their private prisons for decades.
  • Republican Matt Bevin thinks it very odd the poor black people play chess.

Police officers have come up with a new excuse for killing unarmed black men, they were "exhibiting characteristics of an armed person." This probably won't end well. Maybe they can hire this cop who got re-hired by he department even after making racial slurs against black people.

How human hair in pantyhose can be used to clean up oil spills.

It's not just Catholics who protect their child molesters, Southern Baptists do it too.

Tearing down monuments to racism doesn't erase history.

The audio differences between Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2.

Off to the Secular Summer Retreat

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I created pages for two illustrators who worked on video game magazines: Makikazu Ohmori and Kenji Murata. I also made a punny graphic: Painfully Cute.

  • The irony of Trump's lie about Germany being beholden to Russia was not lost on this woman. Meanwhile, Trump is busy licking Putin's ass while the FBI indicts 12 Russian military intelligence officers in the 2016 hacking of the DNC.
  • Trump continues to lie about the god of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan.
  • Rather than meet with Trump lackey Mike Pompeo, Kim Jong Un went to a potato farm.
  • Republican Bob Goodlatte lied to FBI agent Peter Strzok to try to get him to comment on an ongoing FBI investigation (which the FBI never does), telling him he has been subpoenaed and must answer his questions or be found in contempt, but Strzok saw through his lie and reminded Goodlatte that he had not been subpoenaed and had appeared voluntarily. Then, Democrats pointed out to Goodlatte that the Republicans let Steven Bannon refuse every important question without a threat of contempt, and even took a vote to recall Steven Bannon, but, of course, the Republicans all voted it down.

  • For those making the argument, "why don't refugees try to seek asylum the legal way?" it's because it's really hard to do, and the majority of the time, especially with Republican's in charge, they'll most likely refuse.
  • The headline "Trump denies he said something that he said on a tape that everyone has heard," seems to be used an awful lot these days.

In an effort to stop an atheist from having a blasphemous vanity license plate, Kentucky is now banning all vanity license plates with religious messages. Naturally, there are dozens more Christian plates than blasphemous plates, so they're inadvertently censoring Christianity!

Facebook can keep claiming that they're trying to combat fake news, but until they block InfoWars, they're lying to themselves.

The Aloha Bed & Breakfast in Hawaii lost their legal case after a judge ruled that being a Christian doesn't give them a pass on discrimination.

Animals aren't the biggest fans of music, but they can tell the difference between genres.

Too much to do

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I created a page for one of my favorite NES hint books, Ultima: Exodus - Hint Book, and the company that designed it, Work House.

  • After repeating several lies at NATO, and embarrassing the country in front of all of its allies by claiming the USA was going to pull out of NATO, Trump went on to say that the meeting went well because he convinced the countries to increase their military budgets to 2% of the GDP. Of course, they had made this agreement four years ago because of Obama, and Trump is pretending like it was his idea.
  • Trump has threatened to withdraw military aid to Ecuador if they don't support his anti-breastfeeding agenda.
  • Trump and Russia seem to have the same goal, promoting distrust in journalists.
  • Republicans voted to allow tax-payer funded adoption agencies to ignore the first amendment and continue to discriminate against people for religious reasons.
  • The words of a man who claims he's "like, a real stable genius."
  • Mr. Deity goes back in time to attend Trump U.
  • Did Trump think he was appointing Brett Michaels to the US Supreme Court?
  • What kind of world do we live in when a rich Conservative white man can't keep his job as CEO of Papa John's after casually tossing around the N-word?

Does microwaving food destroy its vitamins? Yes, but not nearly as much as conventional cooking.

In this age of riled up Christian bigots, it's important to celebrate the little victories like successfully convincing a city not to put up Christian advertisements in public libraries.

Most men think being an alpha male means being a huge dick to everyone. In actuality, it requires being incredibly empathetic.

Babies are seven months old today!

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I added a page for the television show Secret Agent Selection: WW2.

  • Donald Trump, who is partially indebted to Russia for getting elected and refuses to say anything bad about the murderous dictator Vladamir Putin, just threw a tantrum crying that Germany was being controlled by Russia. Psychologist refer to Trump's personal blindness as projection.

  • Trump's Secretary of State, Republican Mike Pompeo met with North Korea. According to White House sources, the meeting went as bad as it could go. Typical incompetent Trump employees.
  • The failure to put criminals like Scott Pruitt in prison show just how flawed our government is when it comes to prosecuting rampant corruption.
  • Trump's anti-immigration crimes are costing America so much money, they're pulling the budget from aid organizations to help pay for their child prisons. Meanwhile, the bodies of hundreds of immigrants are being dug up in Texas in a huge mass grave. Many of the bodies were buried in trash bags, shopping bags, and some, in hospital medical bags. The corpses were dumped over a span of several years from 2005-2009 with no names or even identifying markers, yet Texas police are claiming that there doesn't appear to be any reason to think this was done illegally. I guess dumping an immigrant's body in an unmarked grave is in accordance with Texas law.
  • The country is literally being run by Fox "News" right now.

Racist Timothy Trybus shouted at a woman telling her she wasn't an American because she was wearing a shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on it. Trybus may be too ignorant to know that Puerto Rico is a US territory, but the real tragedy comes from the fact that police officer Patrick Connor was watching the woman being harassed and did nothing to stop the raving public drunkard.

Bees understand the concept of zero better than children.

District Judge Malachy E. Mannion rules that it's okay for COLTS advertising, who routinely advertises for churches, to discriminate against atheists.

The Complete Adventures of the Video Game Agent.

How would you like to get pulled over by a cop from the Crandall Police Department in Texas who just released a terrible video of themselves blatantly promoting Christianity while in uniform. I'm sure they'd treat you fairly if you weren't a Christian, they don't seem like the kind of people who would play favorites.

Jehovah's Witnesses have an instructional lecture on how to destroy incriminating evidence of things like child sex abuse.

Gabby... stop crying...

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A few days ago I started refusing the straws offered by my servers at restaurants. I suspected it would be an annoying transition, but it's been trivially easy.

I recorded the soundtrack to Ultima III: Exodus for the Apple II in the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation. I also fixed up the Commodore 64 recording.

  • Trump has picked Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court. Why would he choose him? I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Kavanaugh believes that Presidents shouldn't be allowed to be brought up on civil or criminal charges while in office. He also has a history of favoring companies over employees, hating abortion, being pro-gun, anti-affirmative action, and pro-Christianity.
  • Trump reminds everyone that he's an asshole who hates people who aren't white.
  • Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond are those two ranchers who were convicted of arson because they were trying to destroy the evidence of their illegal poaching on public land. Their crimes incited Ammon Bundy and his friends to lead and armed break in at the Oregon National Wildlife Refuge in 2016 which led to a 41-day standoff, thousands of dollars in damage to the building, the death of one man, and probably millions wasted to pay all the police and federal agents. Suffice to say, the Hammonds are pretty terrible people. Anyway, Trump just pardoned them. Soft on white crime.
  • Michael Selyem, a district attorney in California, has been placed on leave after asking why Democrat Representative Maxine Waters hadn't been shot because she was a ghetto loud-mouthed cunt, in addition to other horrible things to people abused by police.
  • With Trump in office, Nazis are on the rise again, so it might help to watch Lindsay Ellis's video on the ethics of mocking Nazis through film as well as what works and what fails.

Endangered orcas are on the decline again.

Republican Mayor Jodi Miller wants to force her religion on people who disagree with her as a way of expressing unity, and, apparently, she's too stupid to see the flaw in that line of thinking.

The importance of key frame animation in video games.

Some people believe that Christianity is the originator of the separation of church and state, like the criminal who was pardoned by Trump, Dinesh D'Souza. Of course, he's completely wrong.

The same thing that makes the National Anthem hard to sing is what makes it so interesting.

Go to sleep girls!

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  • The Trump administration claimed it would reunite the children they stole away from their families, but then explained that haven't the slightest idea where 20% of them are.
  • The Trump administration is refusing to pay $10,400,000,000 in insurance fees that it is required to pay by law. They're doing this in hopes that they'll win the resulting lawsuit, and since Trump is going to appoint another Supreme Court justice, they probably will. In the meantime, the $10,400,000,000 they refuse to pay will be passed on to sick people. In addition to breaking the law in this way, the Trump administration is also opposing the World Health Organization promotion of breastfeeding.
  • After Republican Scott Pruitt resigned in disgrace due to massive corruption charges, he is being replaced by Republican Andrew Wheeler, whose impressive background includes being a lobbyist for fossil fuel companies, probably doesn't believe in climate change, and is the man who gave Trump the idea to sell off US national monuments. Andrew Wheeler is a piece of trash.
  • Republican Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, refuses to sign a bill banning Christians from torturing gay people and calling it "therapy."

A wonderful lecture including some really interesting chemical reactions.

The science behind freckle genetics.

What happens when you burn 10,000 sparklers at once?

Why selling your game on Steam probably won't make you any money.

How humans were able to kill off billions of passenger pigeons and bring the species to extinction in less than a century.

Some interesting facts about the Portal series.

Yesterday I saw a deer

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Anniversary dinner at The Melting Pot was delicious and a lot of fun, if over-priced.

I added a page for game Portal.

  • Republican Scott Pruitt, the most corrupt leader the EPA has ever had, has resigned in disgrace! He has dealt a serious blow to the quality of our nation's environment, not just by eliminating safety procedures from the companies that give him money, but by refusing to release reports about harmful chemicals, and by wasting hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars in the process. He deserves to be in prison for all the unethical things he's done, but at least he's out of power. But, before you get too happy, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has discovered that, because the Trump administration failed to perform even basic background checks, it placed over a dozen immigrant children with convicted human traffickers!
  • John Fitzgerald is yet another Republican Nazi.
  • Republican Mark Harris of North Carolina thinks women shouldn't have careers and should only exist as "helpers" of their husbands.
  • Jeff Sessions reminds us that his god is a huge asshole.
  • Samantha Bee celebrates independence by reminding us all about the importance of voting.
  • Trump continues to deport the few racial minorities that voted for him.

Tess Thompson Talley thanked the Christian god for giving her the strength to shoot an endangered black giraffe.

Facebook censored the Declaration of Independence as hate speech, but maybe correctly!

Though we know how stars form in general, we don't specifically know where our sun came from.

Open up late bloomer

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Today is my wife and my four year anniversary! Mazel tov!

I added a page for game Shinobi.

  • Trump fans were pissed off at NPR's "taxpayer funded partisan advocacy." What was the offending text that made them so mad? The Declaration of Independence.
  • Mike Pence is a terrible person who seems to hate everyone who isn't white. He's also so stupid that he seems to think that the immigrants seeking asylum in the US are Brazilian.
  • Unsurprisingly, in response to Trump canceling trading partnerships and imposing tariffs out of the blue, China responded by trying to put together an anti-USA trade alliance with Europe. Europe has refused the agreement this time around, but, let's face it, they won't say no forever.
  • Thanks in part to Republican Betsy DeVos, Michigan has a serious problem with its education system. There aren't enough schools, and the ones that exist are failing to give their students a decent education. There was a big lawsuit put together where parents and students sued the state, including Republican Rick Snyder for failing to ensure even basic literacy to their students. Well, US District Judge Stephen Murphy III just ruled that, while the state is obligated to provide schools for the public, it has not obligation to actually teach students anything.
  • Not that Trump surrounds himself with competent people, but it would be nice if someone who wasn't so easily manipulated went with him to his surrender to talk with Vladimir Putin.
  • Trump hires another former Fox "News" employee to his cabinet. The latest hiree is Bill Shine who helped cover up his boss Roger Ailes's many cases of sexual harassment.

Oregon police were called to investigate Janelle Bynum, a black woman who was walking door-to-door trying to convince people to vote for her in the upcoming election.

The viruses that infect other viruses.

Even though Archbishop Philip Wilson was guilty of protecting child-raping priests, he won't be going to jail.

Just because animals look alike doesn't mean they evolved from a recent common ancestor.

Another small victory in Virginia, where the city council will stop saying Christian prayers before their meetings.

The video game art that exists on gaming circuitry.

Not feeling very patriotic this time around

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I added a page for Carl Sagan.

  • The Trump administration is now actively working to eliminate the free press. They've started compiling a database of journalists they don't like. This is how authoritarian dictatorships begin. Normally, where there is a mass-shooting in the USA, government institutions lower their flags to half mast out of respect. However, when five journalists were murdered in a mass-shooting, Trump has refused to lower the flags.
  • The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to release asylum-seekers from jail if it appears that they are going to win their asylum case. However, under the Trump administration, the DHS has been order to keep everyone locked up no matter what. A federal judge has just ruled that Trump's abuse of immigrants is a violation, so, hopefully, they will be forced to stop being evil.
  • Ron Paul recently posted a highly racist cartoon. He claims that he has someone else do all his Internet posts for him, and assures us that he isn't racist.
  • Russia has a knack for creating false news stories, and Trump has bought into it.
  • Politicians tend to think their constituents are more conservative than they really are because conservative voters work harder to be heard.
  • The African refugee who just became a mayor in Montana.

Gene editing is super cool, but also super scary!

Women can now officially drive in Saudi Arabia.

An old artifact used back when people were still trying to square the circle.

In the USA, Christians like Franklin Graham are encouraging other Christians to run for their local school boards so they can make like harder for gay students. But, despite American hatred, I'm pleased to hear that the UK has made it illegal to force people to change sexual preferences.

What if Mortal Kombat was an after-school TV show?

The difficulty of telling a story in a video game without boring the player.

The strange cycloids on Europa.

No longer sick, cold sore is gone, just this damn fistula...

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I added a page for the video game SkyRoads.

  • Trump is making it very clear that he's not interested in a Supreme Court judge who will be fair. He doesn't care about justice, he wants a Conservative with conservative values. Also, Anthony Kennedy has shockingly close ties to Trump! Also, Mitch McConnell is a lying piece of trash.
  • Despite claiming to be tough on crime, Donald Trump is on track to pardon more criminals than any president in history. One of the criminals he pardoned was Christian apologist Dinesh D'Souza who plead guilty to fraud campaign donations and was given a slap on the wrist. D'Souza has a history of making racist claims, and his most recent Internet post includes the phrases, "burn the Jews" and "bring back slavery." This is the kind of person Trump thinks needs to be saved.
  • Trump is confident that he ended the nuclear threat of North Korea because he shared a photo op with Kim Jong Un, but since their chat, North Korea has increased its nuclear stockpile.
  • I'm so proud of those people who were able to get out and protest against Trump's racist hateful ways, because there is so much to protest about!
  • Trump demands Republican support on a immigration bill, then says he never asked for Republican support on the immigration bill. Constantly dishonest. Republican Jeff Sessions also can't stop lying.
  • Trump continues to lie about the success of law enforcement against MS-13 gangs.
  • Mexico gets a decent president. Why can't we have a decent president?
  • Trump would rather run for president than actually be president.
  • Trump is finally getting back with his old lover, Putin.

Australia is a scary place to live.

Hobby Lobby, the company that refuses to let their employees have birth control even if someone else pays for it, and was found guilty of trying to steal artifacts from the Middle East, purchased full-page ads in newspapers around the country containing a lot of lies.

Captain Disillusion debunks the marble sorting machine.

Professor Stephen Kilpatrick, who worked at Liberty University, a private Christian school, has been arrested to trying to have sex with a minor.

Don't fall for pyramid schemes, even if they change their name to "multi-level marketing."

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes game developers make good licensed games.

Weekend, come and heal my ills

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I added a page for the video game Limbo and the Queen song Killer Queen.

I'm celebrating another win for church-state separation while we still have a semi-competent US Supreme Court. They refused to hear yet another case about state officials saying Christian prayers at their meetings, so the judgment of the lower courts stands, what they're doing is illegal.

What if Super Mario Bros. had a battle royale mode?

Tropical forests continue to be leveled at an ever-increasing rate.

Officer Philip Bernot tased an unarmed compliant man for not following his commands because a second officer was shouting contradictory commands.

The rise of Trajan.

San Fransisco's latest sex cult.

Eleven great adventure games not made by Sierra or LucasArts: Part 1, part 2.

The science behind sleeping in segments rather than single stints.

So tired...

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I added a page for the author Nick Hornby and some mock-up screenshots of games on alternate platforms.

  • Well fuck. Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the US Supreme Court. Not that I like him or agree with his rulings (he upheld Trump's Muslim ban), but, unlike the Conservative judges, he sometimes favored the US Constitution over bigotry. Couldn't the man at least wait until we have a Democratic Congress with a chance of being as unfair as the Republicans were? This means Trump will get to elect a second justice, and the court will vote entirely conservative for the next decade or so. This set our country back so far, it's insane!
  • Trump has indeed bankrupted the country. Also, Trump is indeed a lunatic.
  • Trump is deporting US military veterans and Hatian immigrants, and ICE is destroying records of assault and rape. Meanwhile, Canada continues to show up the USA, saying they will accept the refugees we are arresting. How embarrassing!
  • This is must be that "civility" Trump supporters keep talking about.
  • Republicans Ted Cruz, James Inhofe, James Lankford, and Rand Paul want to stop the National Science Foundation from issuing grants to teach science education to the public. Their fear is, if they're taught how the climate works, they might believe the fact of climate change.
  • Indiana Republicans are trying to pass a law that makes it illegal for teachers to educate public school children on their own biology unless they first get their parents to sign a waiver. They're also facing a lawsuit for denying student birth control at Notre Dame.
  • Legally speaking, Trump can pardon himself, but it will create some serious problems for him and the US government at large.
  • Say his name, bitch!
  • Another Nazi wins the Republican nomination.
  • Trump's trade war is causing US companies to move over seas.

The professor's top 10 favorite periodic table videos.

Your nose isn't that big, it's just the selfie.

Another unarmed black man shot to death by police.

A review of the games Limbo and Inside.

I need a new body!

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In addition to having to take care of my gimp wife, sick daughter, and nurse a fistula in my mouth, now I'm getting sick too! Lovely.

I've added a page on unwinnable states in video games and one for the science fiction author Robert Heinlein.

  • Trump hates that pesky Constitution, always getting in the way of his desires!
  • Since only a handful of Republicans worked on their infamous tax bill, and since none of the people who voted on it actually read it, a lot of unexpected problems are now coming out of it. In their need to add billions in tax dollars they added a 21% flat tax on all non-profits, including, wait for it... churches! I wish I could have more schadenfreude, but it still hurts hospitals, schools, and the like.
  • If the Trump/Russia investigation is such a witch hunt, why have so many of his employees plead guilty and are in jail right now?
  • The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Trump's bigoted Muslim ban, because they're mostly as bigoted as he.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders was refused service at a restaurant. Conservatives may condemn this as proof that liberals are just as bigoted as they are when they discriminate against homosexuals, but there is an important difference to point out. When conservatives refuse service, the message is, my holy book commands me to murder people whose biology makes them attracted to the same sex, but since the Constitution prevents me from doing that, I'll deny you service instead. When liberals refuse service, the message is, I don't like you ruining the lives of people who were born different than you and constantly lying about it. It's a subtle difference, I'll admit.
  • Trump fans love anything Trump tells them to love. They hate the elite, but Trump says he's elite, so they cheer along.

The Stanford Prison experiment is a famous psychological experiment which demonstrated how people who are given authority over others quickly become dictators. It's also a complete lie.

The Kinkajou may be a carnivore, but it's terrible at it. Good thing it's so cute.

Ultima Online was originally designed to have a natural economy, but it turns out players in MMORPGs are basically locusts.

It's nice to know that the USA isn't the only country whose government is currently a dumpster fire.

Disney is pretty great at revising its history.

The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Dirty Harry.

Falling apart!

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Emily had wrist surgery to repair the tendons on her right arm, and both she and Iliana are sick, so I've been caring for all my girls, which is why I haven't posted since Friday. However, I still found time to beat Hugo II: Whodunit? and Hugo III: Jungle of Doom! and finish reading The Princess Bride.

AT&T is actively working to help the NSA spy on Americans, even to the point of building large buildings in major cities across the country specifically to transfer huge amounts of phone calls, emails, amd text messages to the NSA.

Walgreens continues to hire pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions.

Jordan Peterson is just another anti-intellectual claiming a well-rounded education is bad.

The Catholic Church is -still- protecting child raping priests, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court is helping them.

Nobody wants to have a teratoma growing in them, but it did help lead to stem cell research.

An explanation for why Super Metroid is such a great game.

New antibiotic, but may have to repeat the surgery. Fun!

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I added longplay video links to most of the video game pages in my Wiki.

  • I assumed it was photoshopped, but no, Melania Trump really did go to see the asylum-seeking children who had been separated from the parents while wearing a jacket which read, "I really don't care, do u?" These are children who have not only been ripped away from their parents, but the ACLU has learned that many of them are being physically and sexually abused. Fox "News" implies they don't have to be treated humanely because they're not Americans, and Republicans mock their hardships and the White House continues non-stop lying about it. The Trump administration is just plain evil.
  • The Trump Administration is planning on merging the Department of Education with the Department of Labor. I guess their goal is to finally get back to using children as laborers instead of wasting time and money giving them a useless Betsy DeVos education.
  • When Republican Scott Pruitt is in charge of the EPA, bald eagles are dying of pesticides that are supposed to be banned, and they do nothing.
  • Trump's stupid idea for wasting money on a space force isn't new.
  • Christian pastor and Republican Scott Lively doesn't like being called a Nazi, oh sure, he's fine with killing Jews, black people, and homosexuals, but he doesn't want to be called a Nazi because he thinks the Nazis were gay.
  • Republican Rick Snyder does what Republicans do and shifts Michigan taxes from corporations onto citizens.
  • Protesting the horrors of a dictatorship sometimes works.

The US Supreme Court was one judge away from allowing police to track your cell phone (and thereby you) without a warrant. Thankfully, we still have four sane judges left! Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch are authoritarian pieces of shit.

How the designers of Super Metroid were able to create dread.

Upset that they can no longer protect child rapists, this priest has turned to slapping them in the face.

Make sure the power ups get to the correct games!

Understanding entropy, not as order changing to chaos, but probability.

Sometimes weather gets pretty creepy.

Pus, it's what's for dinner!

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  • Caging children is what Republicans do best. And while they keep blaming Democrats, and don't seem to mind the expense of building huge child prisons, they're finally realizing that they can't ruin families and expect to keep their voter base. Thus, Trump is signing an executive order change his child-separation executive order, but it only prevents separation for 20 days.
  • Politicians always stretch the truth, spin stories, and fail to disclose facts, but what do you do when the entire presidential administration is blatantly lying?
  • Republican governor Greg Abbott removed secular displays at an open forum State Capitol holiday. Even though the displays were setup according to the state rules, Abbott didn't like their message and backed up his beliefs with a fraudulent quote from George Washington. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had no other option but to sue to protect the rights of American citizens, and a judge saw through Abbott's ignorance and ruled in favor of the FFRF!
  • Trump said he would wipe out ISIS in a few days, but, while he's busy taking children away from their parents, raising taxes, and crying because Canada called him out, militant Islamic groups are growing all through Africa.
  • Trump's call for a space force still hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Trump is eliminating clean water laws put in place by Obama. This is a return to the policies that helped cause the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and will increase toxic waste dumping in the oceans and Great Lakes. Naturally, Republicans are lying saying the elimination of conservation laws will somehow make water cleaner.

Turning extremely toxic things into medicine.

The game elements in Metroid II that create dread.

More information and experiments about Nitrogen.

Why is it most of the world's population lives in India and China?

Nothing beats pus in the mouth

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I added a page for the Japanese Adventure Hero's Books series and a list of games I've -almost- beaten.

  • Whelp, the Trump administration has pulled the USA out of the Human Rights Council of the UN. Our nation will no longer be involved in making policy decisions to monitor or improve human rights around the world, and, considering all the racism, sexism, and bigotry in this country, that's probably for the best. Republican Nikki Haley explained that the primary reason is because the Trump administration believes that the UN Human Rights Council, too often, points out all the human rights violations of Israel, which, of course, actually does frequently violate human rights.
  • The Trump administration's policy to separate asylum seeking parents from their children is extremely unpopular, as it should be, which is why Republicans keep trying to blame the Democrats. But all this blame-shifting doesn't work when Trump himself admits that he's holding the children hostage until Americans cough up billions to pay for the useless border wall he promised Mexico would pay for. True to form, Republicans continue to claim they're pro-family even when the former ICE director admits that some of the children who are separated from their parents are never reunited.
  • Trump lied about Germany's crime rate suggesting that the non-white Germans are evil. The truth is, immigrant crime has been decreasing in Germany. As usual, Trump is a liar.
  • Just a reminder, Donald Trump Jr. supports the the crisis actor conspiracy.
  • Trump really wishes he could murder the citizens who disagree with him, just like Kim Jong Un.
  • Why sanctuary cities have less crime.

About once a week, Minneapolis police inject someone with ketamine against their will. They claim they use it as a sedative, even though ketamine is so strong it sometimes causes their heart to stop beating, and sometimes cops inject ketamine into people who are already strapped down to a board. This has led investigators to wonder if the police are injecting people with ketamine because it also has a tendency to erase your memory.

Vox makes a commercial for Dungeons and Dragons.

By killing off all the apex-predators, we've pushed the meso-predators into the apex.

Regions poor in nutrients tend to have more diverse vegetation.

The gaming tricks used by Metroid to create a sense of dread.

The fistula is back

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I wrote an ImageMagick script that can simulate CRT monitors, added a page for the Queen song Dear Friends and added a page Edmund Blair Leighton's painting, The Accolade.

  • Children screaming for the parents they may never see again is what America has become. Trump is claiming that he is powerless to stop this because Democrats passed the law requiring him to separate immigrant families, but, like most things Trump says, this is a lie. The head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, also lied saying it was all Congress's fault, not like it would help even if it were since Congress is currently Republican controlled, but that kind of ruins her earlier comment, "[DHS does] not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period." Of course, she later said, even if they did, it wasn't child abuse. The Trump administration has also eliminated legal aid for the immigrant children they're arresting.
  • The USA already has the world's largest and most expensive military in the world, despite it being unnecessary, and now Trump says he's creating an entire new branch to fight non-existent space enemies. Of course, the President can't create a new branch of the military, only Congress can. More wasted money from a waste of a president.
  • Trump wants to be a dictator just like Kim Jong Un.
  • What "denuclearization" means, and why North Korea isn't even remotely close to it.
  • China is growing more powerful which is fine, but it's also growing much more evil.

An interesting video discussing how Metroid Fusion creates fear.

People have really been fawning over the new cool pope, but, just a reminder, he thinks that the only families that count are those with heterosexual parents.

The typical black and white tiled soccer ball exists partially so that it would show up better on television.

After Outfront Media received a lot of complaints about the billboards put up by hate-preacher Robert Jeffress claiming that America is a Christian nation, and took them down.

Rhonda talks about the relief she feels after recovering from religion.

The Southern Poverty Law Center finally got around to apologizing to Maajid Nawaz for calling him an anti-Muslim extremist. If they had simply did better research, they wouldn't have to have also paid him $3,375,000.

Some history of the Veritasium channel.

Is it soup yet?

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I've updated the You Have to Win the Game page.

  • It's normal for Republicans to hijack Christianity for their own ghoulish reasons.
  • Another member of the Trump campaign has been caught having lied to Congress about Russia. Just like Donald Jr, Roger Stone had a meeting with Russians to try and get dirt on Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the meeting somehow slipped his mind.
  • When Republicans hear about kids being taught sexual education: "Won't someone think of the children?!" When Republicans hear children are being ripped away from the parents, possibly to never see them again: crickets chirping.
  • It seems every week or so I hear about a new industrial disaster like a huge factory has exploded, burned down, dumped toxic chemicals into a river, etc. Naturally, the thing to do now is to eliminate the laws that require companies to take the necessary disaster precautions, and that's precisely what the Republican led EPA is doing right now.
  • If there is one good thing to come out of the Trump regime, it's showing Americans the importance of limiting the power of tyrants.
  • When James Comey help elect Trump by saying he was re-opening the case against Hillary Clinton using a private email server, he was using his own private email address to conduct state business.
  • Trump is lying about the parents of dead US soldiers, because, of course he is.

It's important to confront public organizations like school and parks when officials who work for them try to force their religious beliefs onto the public, because the confrontation often causes them to stop.

The importance of eliminating noise.

A serious criticism of the musical Rent.

As a nation, Russia continues to violate the rights of its citizens, but that doesn't mean they can't host a soccer game!

Food doesn't expire according to a pre-programmed time, so the expiration date is just a shot in the dark.


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I finished reading The System of the World ending Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.

  • Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is currently in jail because of witness tampering, and will probably be there a lot longer due to his involvement with Russia. Trump thinks that it's "very unfair" for criminals to go to jail, and then lied saying Manafort only worked on his campaign for 49 days. The truth is, Manafort ran Trump's presidential campaign for over four months.
  • Sarah Huckbee Sanders and Jeff Sessions are going full ranting preacher. They're both claiming that separating children from their parents is what the bible tells them to do.
  • The details of the Trump's charity scam are coming in. Turns out the Trumps have used their non-profit to pay off lawyers and advertise for his hotels, both of which are illegal.
  • Republicans are building a prison for children, and, naturally, there is a big mural of Trump's mug.
  • Why shouldn't you hire a corrupt Republicans like John Engler to run a university? Because they will blame victims of sexual assault.
  • Thanks to Trump we're losing our civil friends and gaining dictator friends.
  • Things aren't looking so good for Michael Cohen, a lawyer who can't seem to find legal aid.
  • Conspiracy wackjobs are still pretending that mass shootings don't exist.

  • The White House has to hire staff to tape together all the documents Trump rips up during his temper tantrums.
  • While Trump was heaping praise onto Kim Jong Un, North Korea was performing a cyber attack on US computers.
  • True to form, Trump's pick to head the National Weather Service is Republican Barry Myers, a man who has spent the past 30 years trying to ruin it.

Finally! We get to hear how abortion affects white Christian men.

It's really hard to remove an invasive species once it takes hold.

The school board president for North Saginaw Charter Academy has been arrested for selling child pornography and trying to rape a five year old.

Ireland finally repealed their horrible abortion ban.


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I greatly expanded my page on the Color Graphics Adapter.

Simone Giertz designed a robot to hunt and eat.

3,000,000,000,000 is a lot of tons, and that's how much ice has been lost in Antarctica in just 25 years.

When you actually think about what the afterlife would be like, it sounds pretty awful.

The Boy Scouts remind everyone, we still don't want any atheists!


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Note to future self: Drinking alcohol dehydrates your lips and dehydrated lips are more susceptible to cold sores and you hate cold sores.

I made a page for the MOS 6502 microprocessor.

  • North Korea has nuclear weapons. They have pledged to dismantle them, but have given no timetable or even a plan for how they might do this, and offered means for an outside entity to verify denuclearization. Despite these facts, Trump is claiming that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. What a schmuck.
  • After Canada responded to Trump's tariffs with tariffs of their own, Trump threw a hissy fit, and now the Department of Homeland Security has been ordered to increase their presence on the Canadian border and look for terrorist and criminal threats.
  • But it's not just turning our allies into enemies that Trump excells at, he's also really good at licking the boots of our enemies.
  • No big deal, Trump has bankrupted the US.
  • Michigan Republicans are trying to eliminate teaching the history of Roe v. Wade, the KKK, and gay rights in public school classes.
  • Republicans continue to try and repeal the Johnson Amendment because it's not enough to have tax-free churches, they want to be tax-free lobbyists as well.
  • At least North Korea's dictator is as crazy as ours.

I shouldn't even have to say this, but, yes, having segregated beaches to appease religious people is a violation of the first amendment.

Alex Dainis takes a break from he PhD to watch some cetaceans.

Who picked 350°F to be the proper baking temperature anyway?

Understanding what it means to be at the intersection of minorities.

Get it back to good

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I made a page for Queen bass player, John Deacon and the video game company Origin Systems.

  • America, don't let Fox "News" and Trump get away with these crimes just because they're boring, stay mad!
  • I want to be hopeful of the US talks with North Korea. Trump said the US would stop the preparedness exercises of troops in South Korea in the hopes that North Korea will begin nuclear disarmament. Like pretty much everything Trump does, this was done without forethought as our South Korean allies were shocked to hear about his concessions. Trump also made no effort to discuss details on how North Korea would disarm and instead gave Kim Jong Un several compliments. There were also no talks about the horrible human rights violations. Still, I really do hope Trump's able to stop being an asshole and a liar for just a few seconds and realize what a great opportunity is available, but I suspect he'll bungle it the way he's bungled everything else in his life.
  • Despite Ivanka Trump claiming that her mission is to stop bullying, the Trump administration is trying to eliminate anti-bullying rules in universities especially those that protect people of color, women, and LGBT.
  • The Trump family is using the US taxpayer as their own personal checking account.
  • Republicans just want to remind everyone, yes, they're still bigoted against same-sex marriage.
  • The point of asylum is to offer safety to someone fleeing from a terrible situation. This is the kind of thing most people are usually in favor of. Imagine if a woman and her daughter came to your door and explained that her alcoholic husband has been hitting her and their child, and they need a place to hide for a few days until the cops arrest him, and could you please help? If you're anything like me, you would be glad to help out a fellow human being. However, if you're anything like the Trump administration, you would put the woman in hand cuffs, send the daughter to some random place where the mother couldn't find her, and then personally drive the woman back to her abusive husband's house and tell him what she did.

Do online forums want to stop abuse and trolls? Probably not, since the increased activity also increases ad watching, and, therefore, makes them money.

Things Christians should be mad at instead of what they're actually mad at.

Which is worse for your health, fat or sugar?

11 questions atheists aren't supposed to be able to answer, easily answered.

When debating with religious people, don't fall into the trap that morality can't exist without their god. The reality usually is, their god is amoral, and, therefore, morality can't exist with their god!

I'm too old for bachelor parties!

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Five hours of drunk canoeing followed by four hours of sobering up with volleyball, added to little food, and sleeping on the ground, does not suit my 38-year-old body! Still though, had a wholelotta fun!

My girls are officially six months old today!

I made a page for Apogee Software and added more design notes to The Legend of Zelda page.

  • Russia was kicked out of the Group of Eight after it invaded and annexed Crimea. What was left was the Group of Seven a pretty much identical political group of the world's most affluent democracies, minus Russian warmongers. However, Trump is doing his best to make it a Group of Six by refusing to agree to a simple statement about the importance of free trade among member nations, ruffling his feathers after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rightly pointed out how Trump's tariffs were insulting. Instead of working with US allies, Trump is once again calling for the reinstatement of Russia, regardless of whether they leave Crimea, and blaming Russia's invasion of Crimea on Obama.
  • Educating children with disabilities, be they mental or physical, is very expensive. So, how can we make decrease the cost? Republican Betsy DeVos knows how, you just stop educating them.
  • When I learned about the tragic voyage of the St. Louis, I was heartbroken. The US was so antisemitic during World War II that we refused entry to entire shipload of Jewish refugees and sent them back to Europe where many of them ended up dying in the Holocaust. Today, the USA is doing the exact same thing. Refugees fleeing from Central American countries are seeking asylum in the US, but Republican leaders are putting them in jail, separating the families, even taking children away from their mothers, and eventually shipping them back to their home countries to die.
  • Asbestos seemed like a wonder material because it was durable and fireproof. And even though it was discovered to cause cancer in the 1930s, like what always happens when capitalism takes president over ethics, manufacturers just paid money to keep the dangers hushed up and continued to sell it. Asbestos wasn't banned in the USA until the 2003 after so many people had died from it that it was impossible to ignore. Now the world faces a long-term clean up problem that is now being severely hindered by Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump. Trump believes that asbestos is completely safe and that mobsters fabricated its dangers so that they could charge for cleanup, while Scott Pruitt has stopped the EPA from even considering the health risks of asbestos in the environment. Speaking of Pruitt, when he's not destroying the environment, he's abusing his position of authority to cash in.
  • While all of America will be remembered for the racism, slavery, misogyny, etc., the North at least tends to agree that what we did was terrible, and we have learned from it. The South, however, continues to wallow in its ignorance. They would still be putting up signs reading, "No Colored!" if they could, but, until Trump gets another justice on the US Supreme Court, they can to content themselves with just putting up signs which read, "No Gays!" Our Conservative Supreme Court also just upheld the Republican Ohio which punishes people for not voting. The "use it or lose it" law de-registers anyone who doesn't vote in two consecutive elections and gives them a set of hoops to jump through to get back their right to vote. Republicans claimed it was to prevent all that voter fraud that Trump warned us about (which doesn't exist), but really, they just wanted to keep poor people from voting Democrat, since it's usually the poor who have trouble getting time off work to vote.
  • Trump fans love Trump's lies.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sander's official job description is "Professional Liar For the White House," which makes it odd that she should be upset that people are questioning her honesty.
  • Trump and his lawyers hope they can shame Stormy Daniels out of her lawsuit because they're stupid enough not to realize the amount of shit adult film workers constantly deal with.
  • Net neutrality is officially over today. Thanks Republicans!
  • Trump supporters care so much about Hillary's emails that they don't seem to mind that the Trump administration has their own private email servers, uses insecure out-of-date phones, and even John Kelly himself had his personal phone compromised while he was head of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Republican Jazmina Saavedra was so proud of herself for harassing a trans woman that she made a video of herself doing it and posted it online, thankfully this led to her losing her election.

Catholic bishop Juan Barros Madrid has resigned because he protected a bunch of child rapists. What the Vatican still doesn't realize is, you don't ask for the resignation of people who protect child rapists, you have them arrested!

Queen's cartoon music video for All Dead, All Dead is pretty cool.

The difficulty of creating bible trivia when it contradicts so much!

Interesting history about the game of Clue/Cluedo.

Petaluma High School got people riled when it cut the microphone during their valedictorian's speech because she began to talk about the school's failure to address students' accusations of sexual assault.

Bachelor party weekend!

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I added a page for the Edmund Leighton painting, God Speed! and added illustrations to the Trolley Problem page.

  • We're told to believe that Russia doesn't have anything on Trump, so why is Trump is Russia's biggest cheerleader?
  • The Republican School Safety Commission was held. The Department of Education head, Betsy DeVos, who days before said the topic of guns wouldn't be addresses as a matter of school safety, didn't even bother to show up.
  • Trump has claimed that the US is now exporting energy for the first time ever. Here Trump is lying for two reasons. First, the US has been exporting energy for decades, second, on the average, the US actually imports more energy than it exports.
  • A few years ago, North Carolina Republicans passed an discriminatory voter id law to try and keep traditionally Democratic voters from being allowed to vote. The federal courts rightfully ruled that the law was illegal, and eliminated it, but Republicans are back with a very similar law trying to make their bigotry part of the state's constitution.
  • Our Republican government doesn't know where thousands of migrant children are, and they don't really care.
  • The Trump administration hired Heather Nauert to be the spokesperson for the State Department, and, when listing historical events that prove the US has a strong relationship with Germany, Nauert listed the Marshall plan and D-Day! This is the kind of person Republicans and Fox "News" hire as an expert, someone who doesn't even know that D-Day was when the US invaded Germany during WWII!
  • Usually, when a president considers pardoning a criminal, there is a review process, and a lot of thought goes into it, but not with an ignoramus like Trump.
  • Republicans are still trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. Currently, they're looking at getting rid of the law that requires insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions.
  • I guess, if you're going to be a huge liar, you might as well be the best at it.
  • Having a conscience in Texas will lose you your job.
  • Until nuclear fusion becomes a reality, solar power will be the necessary next step to combat climate change. Naturally, Trump just ruined it.
  • More corruption discovered from Republican Scott Pruitt. Rather than hire assistants to do his basic chores, he made his security agents run his simple errands, which, in addition to their normal duties, has cost the US tax payers $3,500,000.

Discussing a common movie trope with women having a literal monster for a boyfriend.

An actual perpetual motion machine? Nah, but it's close!

Scientists have thought up some pretty creative ways of eradicating diseases.

Why do so many sitcoms look the same? Because of one film pioneer getting it right.

The physics behind a nearly impossible skateboarding trick.

Almost chewing like a normal person again

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I added a page about the Trolley Problem what with someone finally doing it in real life!

  • Trump keeps claiming he's innocent, but investigators keep uncovering new involvement in crimes, even as his administration lies to cover it up, and a lot of people from his campaign are already on their way to jail.
  • After learning that almost nobody from the NFL's Eagles accepted his invitation to meet him the White House, Trump rescinded the invitation claiming the team took knees during the National Anthem. Of course, nobody from the team took a knee, Trump was, once again, fooled by the lies of Fox "News."
  • Trump has pushed the US into a trade war with all of its allies, and here's why that's a bad thing.
  • Republican Michael Clark, after saying he favored the recent US Supreme Court ruling protecting the bigotry of Christian business owners, recently said that they should also be allowed to refuse to service black people.

Disney really botched Pocahontas, but they did a decent job remixing it and calling it Moana.

Bowser's blind date with Mortal Kombat's Sheeva.

How bad are Dr. Oz's ethics? Sure you can give him a handful of cash and he'll promote your snakeoil as a miracle cure, but now he's taking a new tack for a doctor, he's promoting astrology.

Simone Giertz sold her house boat bought a ridiculous car and made a soup-serving robot.

Antibiotics finished, waiting for fluid to be absorbed...

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I added universe pages for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Little House series, the A Wrinkle In Time series.

  • Trump received an important letter from Kim-Jung Un, and Trump says it's amazing! Really, you won't believe what's in it, and boy would you like to know! And oh yeah, he hasn't actually read it yet.
  • The Trump administration is trying to address school safety, but they are making it very clear that they will not even entertain the idea that guns make children unsafe.
  • For real though, we may actually be at the point where we will learn if a US president can pardon himself from his own crimes.
  • Yes, Republicans are trying to eliminate Social Security.
  • To give you an idea what ICE is like, the deputy director Thomas Homan will be speaking at an event hosted by a hate group.
  • Under the leadership of Republican Ajit Pai, the FCC lied to reporters claiming that they were victims of a DDoS attack when they were asking for comments about their elimination of Net neutrality.
  • Some Florida private schools teach their children that black slaves were the friends of their white owners, that people used to ride dinosaurs, and that God prevented Catholics from controlling the Americas, they also receive almost $1,000,000,000 in funding each year paid for by the Florida tax payer.

It's a pretty wise decision to use a drone to carry a small child.

At least it's not all bad news, the EU is requiring that all member nations respect same-sex marriages that occurred anywhere else in the EU, even if the individual country does not. This will slowly, but firmly force the more conservative EU nations to stop being bigots.

Force-feeding the input feeds of the NES to make it more like a SNES.

48-year-old Christian pastor Tim E. Smith Jr. was caught trying to rape a 12-year-old girl.

While climate change is probably going to destroy New Jersey with massive floods, the city continues to invest in new development and eliminate the green space that would help alleviate flooding.

Here is a PC game that has received frequent updates for the last 25 years!

Mouth slowly getting better

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I created a page for Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge and its engine, the Adventure Game Interpreter.

  • Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, is going down in flames. The FBI caught him trying to send messages to the witnesses in the lawsuit against him, so he can add witness tampering to his growing list of crimes.
  • Fact checks of the recent news. Not surprisingly, Trump continues to be the most dishonest president in US history.
  • Trump may have failed to denuclearize North Korea, but at least he might get a McDonalds over there. Quick, get the commemorative coins made up!
  • No Trump, nobody is calling it "spygate," not even Fox "News."
  • Trump's EPA pick, Republican Scott Pruitt, continues to abuse his authority. A new case of corruption has been discovered, Pruitt used position in the EPA to try and get his wife a franchise with the homophobic fast food chain, Chick-fil-A.
  • After less than a month of being on the job, Trump's pick for German Ambassador, Republican Richard Grenell, is being asked to leave by several German politicians because he has openly stated that he wants to push a Conservative agenda throughout Europe, which is contrary to the position of an ambassador.

The laws around guardianship, that is, having someone care for you when the government thinks you're too old, are pretty horrifying.

Tricking people into being less disgusting... with science!

One of the first periodic tables of chemical elements.

Since YouTube can't properly show me my subscriptions, I've missed several videos posted by Simone Giertz like using a robotic arm that costs $100,000 to write out Christmas cards, and making a hammering machine that sucks at hammering.

Doctors may not like midwives, but they actually have a better track record at keeping children alive.

Describing several of the unfulfilled prophecies in the bible.

Mouth still sore

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I added a page for one of my favorite Queen songs, The March of the Black Queen.

  • When your lawyer is saying you can't be found guilty of a crime because you're above the law, you might be Donald Trump. These are the actions of a dictator.
  • The Republican plan to keep Trump in line was to try and surround him with white men who actually understand politics and would help steer him in the right direction. But they can't control the monster they've unleashed.
  • The Conservative US Supreme Court has favored bigotry ruling that businesses that are open to the public are allowed to refuse service to people they hate. In this case, they claimed that business are allowed to discriminate against homosexuals, but the same argument can be used to discriminate against Jews, Blacks, Women, or what ever other group your religion requires you to hate.
  • Trump is an anti-Muslim bigot, but he still thinks he's the right person to host the White House's annual Ramadan dinner.
  • Republicans are complaining about the cost of the FBI investigation, but let's not forget that Trump's constant vacations cost the American tax payer far more!
  • When you ask Trump to pardon your black grandma who was given a life sentence for cocaine possession, and he instead pardons a racist homophobic Republican troll.
  • You know it's bad when even Fox "News" thinks you're racist.

Before she found out about her brain tumor, Simone Giertz gave a TED Talk and made a behind the scenes video of it. So far, she's recovering well from her surgery.

What many religious people don't realize when they demand their legislators violate the first amendment to use the government to promote their religion, eventually they'll have to pay the legal fees when they fail, and that comes out of their taxes.

You shouldn't have to sue your government to allow people who share your philosophy to marry you, but then, here we are.

Officer Taylor Saulters was fired because he used his police car to purposely run over a black man. Shouldn't he also be tried for attempted murder?

Since Minnesota Catholics kept protecting child-raping priests for so long, they now have to pay restitution to the tune of $210,000,000. But Catholics aren't just pissing away their own money, Irish police officers are being told to stop tracking down criminals for awhile so the country can afford a visit from the Pope.

Stitches out

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I created a page for The 7th Guest.

  • Trump is causing the death of countless women with his anti-choice jihad, which was probably thought up by Mike Pence.
  • Everything is about to become more expensive thanks to Trump.

Ask your doctor if Ambien will make you racist.

After police shot Gregory Hill Jr. to death over a noise complaint, the family sued the police for damages. They won their case, and, to help pay for the death of their loved one they were awarded $4.

What a morning routine is like without Jesus.

What goes on behind the scenes in Mega Man games.

Genetically altering mosquitoes to eliminate malaria.

Religious people aren't for -the- answer, they're looking for -an- answer.

I want solid food again!

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I split apart Guerrilla War from the NES port page since the games are so different.

  • We live in a country where "Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform" is a real headline. Spoiler alert, they didn't address prison reform, they just talked about Trump's neckties.
  • The Trump administration may have written off Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria with a confirmed 64 deaths, but Harvard researchers estimate the actual number is closer to 5,000.
  • In addition to writing a book whose core message is, "the American slave was treated... pretty well," Dinesh D'Souza plead guilty to campaign finance fraud after being caught using false names to donate large sums of money to Republican political candidates (the same crime which Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has been accused). However, due to his Republican connections, D'Souza never saw the inside of a prison. In fact, since he has a long history of lying to further Republican ideals, he has become a friend of Donald Trump who issued D'Souza a full pardon and says the real criminal here was the people in law enforcement who arrested him for his crimes.
  • The US has been knocked down another peg as China surpasses us in life expectancy. Meanwhile, Trumps picks Robert Redfield to head the CDC, a man who has been accused of profiting off of research fraud.
  • Trump continues to start trade wars with our allies.

Alex Dainis shows you how to perform DNA extraction in your kitchen.

Those children who were raped by priests in Australia will finally get their day in court now that a legal loophole has been closed after 16 years of waiting.

Bart Ehrman discusses his new book about Christianity and his journey from evangelical to atheist.

The mothers who rely on science not celebrities.

Want to be creative? Get some sleep!

Using a blockchain to sell graphics of cats.

Having a stitched up gum isn't as fun as I thought it would be.

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I added a page for the video game developer, Technos and The Sounds song The Only Ones.

  • Trump further whitewashes US history claiming that the North America was just a savage wasteland until proper white people came to tame it, and we shouldn't apologize for all the genocide.
  • Meanwhile, Trump described vague violent horrors attributed to foreigners as he lead his supporters in a chant referring to immigrants as "animals."
  • The Trump brand is expanding by leaps and bounds in China where most of their products are made. They received over 20 new trademarks shortly after Trump lifted a ban on Chinese telecom company ZTE for selling to North Korea. America first... after China and North Korea.
  • The US is funding a police group in El Salvador that has been executing people without a fair trial.
  • Christian family man, and Republican Governor Eric Greitens, has resigned amid multiple allegations of sexual assault and fraud. We hold state governors to a higher degree of ethics than our national president.
  • Republican Diane Black blames school shootings on pornography.

Human perception doesn't work linearly, but logarithmically.

Only 60% of Americans are able to correctly answer these basic science questions.

The high price of having cheap plastic.

A feminist view of Deadpool 2.

What is the maximum age for humans?

Women in the adult video industry explain how they have to work hard for their money.

This indecision's buggin' me

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Got my chomper fixed today. The oral surgeon sliced open the side of my gum, drilled through the root of my tooth, scraped out the end of the nerve, cemented it shut, and stitched my gum close. It's just as painful as it sounds!

Over the weekend I beat New Super Mario Bros.

  • Trump asserts without proof the FBI will meddle in the midterm election. Actually a possibility since, by saying they were re-opening the Clinton investigation, the FBI really did meddle in the last presidential election.
  • Not like it's shocking, but Trump use Memorial Day to congratulate himself for things he didn't do.
  • It's been over half a year now, and the US territory Puerto Rico still hasn't recovered from Hurricane Maria. The death toll is near 5,000, and Trump still can't be bothered to do anything about it.
  • The more scientists study the environment, the more they learn that climate change is worse than they initially thought, and still Trump can't be bothered to do anything about it.
  • Continuing to mock Trump's North Korea commemorative coin.
  • Republican Dana Rohrabacher is protecting bigots who discriminate against the LGBT. Thankfully, he's losing support because of it.
  • Christian Republicans are trying to inundate Congress with bills that violate the first amendment in the hopes that at least some of them will pass. It's unfortunate that Christian leaders have to resort to such dishonest tactics.
  • Samantha Bee on the anti-truth that is Kellyanne Conway.
  • Despite it's huge ratings, the re-boot of Roseanne has been canceled because Roseanne Barr claimed that George Soros was a Nazi who help kill Jews during the Holocaust. Once again, we hold actors to a much higher level than our president.

Egypt has become so fervently Muslim that the government banned all of YouTube for a full month in the hopes of preventing Egyptians from seeing a video that is critical of Mohammad.

Despite claiming to be 75% Catholic, Ireland has voted to allow same-sex marriage, and has now voted to repeal its anti-abortion amendment. Well done!

Faith believers in the Congo took two patients being treated for Ebola out of the hospital to a prayer meeting. Not only did this cause the death of the two Ebola victims die, but it also exposed everyone at the prayer meeting to Ebola.

Though Pope Francis might give sound bites implying he's okay with LGBT people, when it comes to policy decisions, he's just as bigoted as the rest of them.

Jordan Peterson makes a utterly terrible argument about ancient cultures knowing about DNA.

It rots from the head

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I added a mini review for my Western Digital Elements portable hard drive which has survived me dropping it yet again!

  • Trump may have bungled the North Korea peace talks, but that doesn't mean he's going to stop selling his commemorative coins!
  • You can always trust the NRA to do the right thing, like how they want to censor the free press so they can't report on mass shootings.
  • It's pretty sad that it had to come to this, but a federal judge just ruled that, because he uses it as a public governmental forum, Trump is not allowed to block people on Twitter.
  • If Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan has taught us anything, it's that poor injured foreigners will be denied help from the people who claim to love Jesus the most. Yes, according to Pew, Republicans and white Evangelicals are the least likely to claim that they have a responsibility to help refugees. Meanwhile, people who like helping people are calling for the elimination if ICE.
  • Democrats are looking good for the primaries, and they better be with Trump's latest bullshit.
  • Trump continues to bitch about being investigated by the FBI. Well, maybe you should stop being a criminal?
  • The US continues to help murder civilians in Yemen, despite never having been attacked by them.

Before you get a home AI system and purposely subject yourself to surveillance, be reminded that they sometimes record your conversations and email them to people, that Amazon is testing its facial recognition software on the public, and Facebook doesn't just spy on its users, it spies on people who are not even signed up on Facebook!

As a cultural system, monogamy has never worked very well.

Some things go bad just because

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I added a page for former Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett and a review for MS-DOS.

  • Trump asks a very important question, should people who protest be kicked out of the country?
  • The problem with Donald Trump claiming he had "everything" to do with North Korean peace talks before anything is concrete is that the only person to blame for its failure is Trump.
  • Maybe Trump could keep his aides longer if they weren't all criminals?
  • Under Trump, ICE has become a force for pure evil. The children they arrest are reporting deadly neglect, violent attacks, and sexual abuse.
  • This is that pay-to-play politics Trump keeps accusing others of doing.
  • It is the job of the FBI to monitor and stop activity by criminal organizations. It's not their fault if you keep having meetings with them at your place of business. And on the topic of Russia, it appears that Russia shot down the passenger plane of flight MA17 killing 300 civilians.

If you're ever stuck in a survival situation, make sure you don't make it worse by following these terrible ideas.

If you're going to honor the dead by placing Christian crosses at their death site, you should probably check to see if they were actually Christian.

No, Alfie Evans wasn't killed by socialized medicine.

The Catholic church can't meet their demand for priests and nuns because nobody wants to get ordained anymore!

The story of Mary and how she left the Mormon Church.

The police tactic of randomly stop and frisk people has never been very random.

Funny how the pages turn and hold us in between

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I added a page for the Queen song Some Day One Day.

  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, isn't too happy now that his business partner Evgeny Freidman has, for a lighter sentence, plead guilty to a felony of tax theft, must pay a $5,000,000 fine, and is willing to cooperate with the Feds to further their investigation. Whether Friedman's ties to Russia have anything to do with it remain unknown.
  • More talk about how Don Jr keeps getting caught in lies about Russian collusion.
  • While under Republican control, Michigan has decided that oil and gas companies should be able to decide which regulations of oil and gas are safe for the environment.
  • Under Republican lead, both health care and safety regulations have been eliminated, so, it's not much of a shock that preventable diseases for the working class are on the rise.
  • Republican John Shimkus really thinks there is a rising sea-level because rocks keep falling into the ocean. This is what happens when you're not taught about subduction.
  • This White House continues to be the leakiest White House in the history of leaky White Houses.

The NFL is making it part of their rules that players must adhere to their views on Nationalism. Thus, even if the players do not want to show deference to a symbol of authoritarianism, they will be punished if they do not. The irony, of course, is that they are being forced to do something they disagree with during a song promoting their freedom.

Baptists are so touchy. Tell a woman that getting a divorce is worse than routinely being raped by your husband, and suddenly they call for your resignation! It's nice that religious people are finally accepting secular values.

No gods, no kings, but damn, did they certainly shape our past!

Bill Yester, the principal who forced students to read from his bible and threatened them with hell in order to cure their gayness has finally been fired.

How to actually admit when you're wrong in the skeptic community.

With the guilty verdict of Archbishop Philip Wilson, the Vatican is now seeing even its senior members finally being punished for covering up child sex abuse.

I wanna see that fire burnin' in you little child

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I started a page on the New Testament.

  • Shockingly, the Republican tax increase for the poor and decrease for the rich isn't helping the economy. Instead, it's causing American companies to continue closing American plants and outsource the jobs. This is a huge benefit to the stock holders, but a life ruiner for American workers. Just ask the 800 workers that Harley-Davidson just dumped to the curb shortly after being lauded by the Trump administration.
  • The Conservative judges of the Supreme Court have just struck down the rights of the working class making it legal for corporations to force their employees to give up the right to create class-action lawsuits when their rights are being violated. This ruling will only help already rich and unfair companies at the expense of the American worker.
  • Even if Republican Scott Pruitt wasn't using the EPA's budget as his own personal checking account, even if he wasn't accepting gifts from companies he's supposed to be regulating, even if he wasn't banning the media from his meetings, he would still be destroying the environment.
  • For decades, car dealerships and the banks they worked with were charging more money to black car buyers, even when they had superior credit. Democrats made the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to keep these institutions honest to help stamp out racism, but Trump just did away with it. Back to racism we go.
  • Trump continues to use insecure cell phones because security is "too inconvenient."
  • Bill Gates describes Donald Trump.
  • The Trump administration needs to hurry up and go to prison already!

The science behind people bullshitting on the Internet.

It's nice that we have substance abuse rehabilitation centers in America, but it would be nicer if they actually worked.

It's nice when, in TV shows, characters learn why it's bad to be racist, but why do they only stop being racist after someone of a different race is nice to them?

These are a few of my favorite Mormon Sins.

Open up late bloomer

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I added a page for Jenny Lewis.

  • It wasn't just the Russians, Donald Trump Jr. also met with the United Arab Emirates to help his father get elected. Too bad he's now suffering from amnesia. And things keep getting worse for Trump's former lawyer.
  • We're learning that one of the students the Texas school shooter murdered was a girl who wouldn't date him after months of badgering. But the Texas government says the problem is video games, the teachers, the parents, the fact that schools that aren't built and operated like prisons, non-Christians, and abortion. Also, Newsweek points out a very disturbing fact. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks 6,929 US soldiers have been killed. However, since the Sandy Hook murders in 2012, about 7,000 children have been murdered in the US. The real war isn't overseas, it's here in our backyard. And, while gun nuts love to look to Israel as a country with lots of guns, but few shootings, Israel actually has far fewer citizens with guns, and very strict gun control laws.
  • For-profit schools have been preying on students for decades, leaving them with useless degrees and massive student loan debts, and Republican Betsy DeVos is ending the investigations into them.
  • A Border Patrol agent detains two American citizens for over a half hour because they were bi-lingual.
  • Trump's new CDC director, believes that AIDS is his god's punishment for the LGBT.

What Christian apologists claim are atheist governments are nothing of the sort.

More than saying a video is fake, it helps to be able to say why it's fake.

Why the golden ratio shows up in so many plants.

Why do whales get so big?

Deep time

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I created the beginnings of a page for Freddie Mercury.

  • Despite Trump claiming he was in favor of abortion, then switching to being against it when he wanted the Republican nomination, the White House is still trying to eliminate abortion access. Now, they're punishing clinics, not just for allowing the procedure, but for even directing women to another clinic to get the procedure.
  • True to form, Trump is bungling the Korean peace talks.
  • Trump is fine with disrupting the Middle East by siding with Israel, but we shouldn't be so friendly with a nation with terrible human rights violations, like forced birth control. Regardless, it's important to know just why the conflict exists in the first place.
  • Because the Trump administration has given them carte blanche, ICE has been arresting immigrants essentially at random, hoping that they'll find a crime afterward. And, if they can't, they make one up.
  • Bill Gates recounted his meeting with Donald Trump. Trump made inappropriate comments about the appearance of Gates's 22-year-old daughter, and failed to understand the difference between HPV and HIV!
  • I'm happy to hear that even the mostly Republican Senate was able to pass a bill to restore Net neutrality (here's a list of the ones who voted against it). It will probably die in the House, but it's still a black eye for the Republican FCC!
  • Equifax had the largest breach of US citizen's private financial data in US history. It was so bad that millions of Americans have become about 1000 times more likely to have their identity stolen, and the problem will persist for the rest of their lives. They have yet to receive any punishment for their stupidity, and now, it looks like the never will. Republicans have placed Andrew Smith, the very same lawyer who has been defending them, in charge of investigating them!
  • The Trump investigation continues unabated.
  • Banned ozone depleting chemicals are still being made and used, but with incompetent corrupt people like Republican Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, they'll never be found.
  • Republicans are pushing out copyright law even further, now for 144 years! Long after the creator is dead, now even after their children are dead. This law will not help people, it will only help corporations, but then, isn't that the motto of the Republican party?

Another 8 students were killed by a gunman. Can we talk about gun violence now?

This is really a daily occurrence. Another Christian preacher was arrested for an inappropriate sexual relationship with several girls, some as young as 12.

What's really going on in the heads of people who have an interracial blind date.

Alex Dainis has published her first scientific paper.

The strange stellar object that is the brown dwarf.

Probably not the best idea

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You bet your ass I'll be watching Bohemian Rhapsody! And Freddie totally wins this Epic Rap Battle.

I added a page for the Atari 5200 and a dozen more video game advertisements.

  • Trump uses the same language as Hitler, saying that immigrants aren't people, they're animals.
  • Republican's keep calling the Trump investigation a "witch hunt," but so far it has led to four guilty pleas in the Trump administration with several more expected, multiple nomination withdrawals, a decrease of Kushner's security clearance, a secret meeting with Russia, an presidential affair, a judicial recusal, the discovery of corrupt pay-to-play politics with payments from Russia, and much more is expected.
  • Trump's warmonger, John Bolton, is eliminating the White House's cyber-security advisor, because clearly we have too much protection from hackers.
  • Fox "News" has the ear of the president... to the point of telling him bedtime stories. And I do mean stories!
  • Republicans don't apologize for mocking the brain cancer of US military P.O.W..
  • A former employee of Cambridge Analytica explained how the company was specifically targeting racist Americans to try and trigger them into voting for Trump. Speaking of racists, I wonder who Aaron Schlossberg voted for?
  • Why are so many White House employees leaking to the press? Often because they hate their bosses.

Another cross removed from public land. The Christians are mad that they had to move their so-called "historic" cross which was put up in 1992. How historic.

IBM's ridiculous EBCDIC.

How is it that there are still teachers who don't know it's illegal to force their students to mindlessly recite a political prayer?

Which takes more faith to believe? The hypothesis of a possible multiverse, or an all-powerful supernatural entity that created the universe ex nihilo and really cares if you masturbate? Part one and two.

I write these stupid words, and I love every one!

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I added a page for the Weezer song In the Garage and added a recording of the audio drama to the Loom page.

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee released documents pertaining to their investigation of the Trump administration's collusion with Russia. Most of it had already been discovered by investigative reporters: that Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort worked with Russians to help Trump win, and later lied about it. The only real new information is there is new reason to believe that Donald Trump was personally aware of the conspiracy at the time despite all his claims that he wasn't.
  • Donald Trump spent much of his time accusing Hillary Clinton of pay-to-play politics, when that's exactly what he was doing all along.
  • Trump is helping China at the expense of America.
  • Republican Ajit Pai is reviled because he destroyed Net neutrality, as he should be.
  • Not that it should be a shock, but Trump refuses to be interviewed by journalists.

Christian pastor Kenneth Butler and two other church members are going to prison for sexually molesting girls from their church.

Just a reminder that simply not believing in a god is still a crime in many parts of the world.

Do Tic-Tacs defy gravity?

Every few years, plants produce several times their normal amount of seeds, but why?

Ah, the old melting spoon gag.

In the garage, I feel safe, no one cares about my ways

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I added a page for Weezer's Blue Album. I also added manuals and maps to the Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra page.

  • At least 60 Palestinians are now dead because Trump moved the US embassy into to contested city of Jerusalem, something no other world leader was stupid enough to do, but as the Israeli military shoots protesters to death in the streets, the Trump administration says their deaths are nothing more than propaganda, and just down the road, they're all smiles. Also, as the Trump administration is demanding North Korea and Iran eliminate their nuclear programs, they're increasing ours.
  • Trump's psychopathic war-monger, Mike Bolton, says if our European allies don't follow the US in breaking peace treaties with Iran, the US will create economic sanctions against the EU.
  • Trump's rampant corruption is certainly comparable to Nixon, but Nixon didn't have Fax "News" to issue non-stop lies to his base.
  • Mike Pence gave a speech at a private Christian college and claimed that, ever since Trump was elected, religious faith has been increasing in the USA. But, for those of us who live in reality, the truth is, the USA continues to grow more secular.
  • Trump's choice for the new head of the CDC is Robert Redfield. Redfield not only has no experience for such a position (par for the course for Trump appointees), but also has a history of falsifying research data, and preferring elimination of sex education and condoms to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
  • While Trump may continue to be at the mercy of Russia, the digital world is pulling away from the Russian anti-virus software Kaspersky for fear it has been compromised by the Russian government.
  • The country is bankrupt, all our allies are mad at us, and we're beginning a nuclear war with Iran, but don't worry, Republicans are focusing on what matters, getting pictures of Trump displayed in post offices.
  • Christians rarely understand why secular Americans demand a separation of church and state. They find comfort in their beliefs, and they don't see a problem with gently pushing those beliefs onto other people. It's only until somebody begins pushing back with different beliefs that they begin finally understand where the problem lies. For example, Republican hopeful Brent Jones has a well-documented history of forcing his employees to practice Scientology.
  • Maxine Waters is pretty bad ass!
  • Oliver North is really racist.

US cops just need to shoot things.

Biologists Ken Miller and PZ Myers discuss debates with Creationists.

As we get older, we all become the old man yelling at the cloud.

Things aren't so great in Venezuela.

How solar energy is a problem for fossil fuel based power grids.

The needle in the vein of the establishment

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The wedding went really well, and nobody even noticed that I missed a line from the introductory poem!

I added a page for the Green Day song St. Jimmy and a bunch of arcade cabinet marquees and other cabinet art.

  • 37 more protesters are dead, and 1,000 more are wounded because Trump was so near-sighted as to place an embassy in the disputed city of Jerusalem. And lets not kid ourselves, Evangelical Christians do not care about Jews, they only want to conquer Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy of their death cult.
  • Trump works hard to ensure the safety of jobs... in China.
  • Breaking a non-nuclear treaty with several nations, many of whom are our allies, is what Trump does best.
  • Trump's lawyer has been caught selling access to Trump to Russian and American companies for millions of dollars using the same fake company he setup to pay off Trump's extra-marital affairs. It probably didn't help that he put his real name on it. Luckily, Trump's new lawyer is really on the ball.
  • Non-profit colleges generally exist to promote education. For-profit colleges generally exist to make money for investors. While either may become guilty of preying on students to make money, it's far more likely to occur in for-profit colleges. In fact, law makers have had to create detailed laws to prevent for-profit colleges from swindling to their students. Enter Republican Betsy DeVos who is eliminating those laws, but then, what can you expect from a woman whose family became rich from a pyramid scheme.
  • Republicans continue to be the anti-science party. We've known for centuries that torture is not a reliable means for obtaining information, not to mention a despicable violation of human rights, but Republicans continue to demand it. We've also known for decades that climate change is a serious threat, but Trump has just eliminated the research that would help decrease it.
  • Republican Don Blankenship lost his bid for state congress somehow.
  • Republican Mike Ritze spent only a few months in the military, and then, only as part of the National Guard, has been caught wearing multiple military medals he didn't earn.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt's job might be on the chopping block because he's so corrupt he's out-shining Trump.

Police officer James Legg dragged a 65-year-old black woman out of her car to the pavement while screaming swear words at her for swerving. He has resigned, not because he thinks he did anything wrong, he's confident that he acted in accordance with the department's rules, but because he doesn't think he will get a fair trial. Well, dude, if people are going find you guilty of a crime for what you did, maybe there's something wrong with your police department's rules?

Sarah Braasch, the Yale student who called the police because a fellow black student was sleeping in a commons room, has a history of calling the police to remove black students.

The Me Too movement is still keeping abusive men out of the public eye, despite their efforts to return.

Christian Pastor Jackie Douglas Woodburn has been arrested for over 70,000 Skype messages of a sexual nature with under-aged girls.

In an effort to stop child sex trafficking, Delaware has banned marriage for children under 18. Hopefully, other states will follow because 23 of them have no age limits at all on marriage! Expect a huge cry of hatred from Christians who have long prevented states from creating laws preventing child brides.

Google still has a long way to go to clean up the malware in their online store, and Facebook has found 200 more applications that have misused your personal data.

You say I choose sadness, that it never once has chosen me

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Heading to Indianapolis tomorrow morning to perform a wedding ceremony for some friends!

I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song, The Good That Won't Come Out. I also grouped the media of every page in the Video Game category.

  • Trump made it official to end the nuclear treaty with Iran, which not only makes the world a much more dangerous place, but also has US allies asking if they should remain allies with the US while Trump is in office.
  • Rudolph Giuliani has resigned from his law firm, he claims he's doing so in order to better protect Trump from the FBI. Good luck with that!
  • Trump continues to wage war on the free press suggesting that news coverage that is critical of him must be fake.
  • In order to buy more war machines and justify his tax cuts for the wealthy, Trump is cutting $143,500,000,000 from the retirement pensions of government employees.
  • Republicans love welfare for corporations, but when it's for people, they despise it. They have no problem giving massive tax breaks to companies regardless of how bad they are for a community, but at the same time, they demand any individual who gets Medicaid must prove that they're working... unless they live in a city that is traditionally white.
  • Republicans in Illinois nominated for their state Congress an actual Nazi.

Can we just give smallpox to all the antivaxers?

A man claiming to be Jesus tries to murder a Muslim woman, but she stabbed him in the face with her keys until he finally gave up.

The perception of the passage of time seems to vary depending on the animal.

Incels deserve the mockery they receive.

Playing Zork on an actual PDP-11.

Save the world from an evil spirit!

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I added maps, boxes, screenshots, and manuals to the Bionic Commando page.

  • Giuliani is such a bad lawyer, even when he tries to do damage control, he incriminates his clients.
  • Yesterday, although some of their more horrifying candidates lost their primaries, Republicans didn't have what you would call an optimal election.
  • There is a strange irony in the White House as Trump tries to recklessly destroy everything Obama did, while Melania Trump continues to plagiarize him.
  • Conservative teachers and administrators are still creating lesson plans that make slavery out to be a summer job rather than an abomination.

As war machines become entirely automated, we need to start rethinking bans and war crimes.

A public school in Oregon finds itself in hot water after punishing LGBT students by forcing them to read from a bible!

With all the early competition in the computer industry, who decided that there should be 8 bits to a byte?

How to solve the problem of going to hell because of your atheism? Become a saved atheist!

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

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I finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Talk about heart-breaking! And how similar I see the US to be refusing to help Muslims refugees now just like the refused to help Jewish refugees then. I also added a page for the scripting language, JScript.

  • Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron that he will pull out of the Iran nuclear treaty that everyone agreed was a good idea for all involved parties. This means Iran can, and probably will, return to enriching uranium and become a nuclear power.
  • This isn't anything new, Rudolph Giuliani has always been bat shit crazy.
  • What caused the Republican Party to swing so far to the right? It mostly began with the incompetent Ronald Reagan, but strangely it was the bipartisan successes of George H. W. Bush that probably made it worse.
  • Republican Jim Jordan has gone on record saying that he has never heard Donald Trump lie.

A plain clothes off-duty cop in Orange County California pulled out a gun and cocked it demanding that Jose Arreola return the mints that he had just purchased to the shelf. Let's assume that the cop wasn't racially motivated, why would he pull out a gun for a case of petty shoplifting? Was he actually going to shoot a man to death for stealing breath mints? Oh yes, and make sure, if you're black, that you wave to white people, or you might be surrounded by police! And it's best that you just stay out of Nordstrom's entirely.

Evangelicals are just terrifying.

Tick season is in full swing, and Lyme disease is a growing problem infecting around 25,000 Americans each year. Why isn't there a vaccine for Lyme disease? There was, in fact, it successfully passed all FDA tests and was used on thousands of people before antivaxer panic caused it to be pulled from the shelves. Interestingly, animals can still get the vaccine, just not people.

Our love of cars in the US has pretty much made our cities wastelands.

Forty-six years ago, Officer Denis Ryan was forced to resign from the police department because he wouldn't stop investigating Monsignor John Day, a child-raping priest who had strong connections in the police department, but today, Ryan finally received compensation for his good work.

The news outlet Vox celebrates its growth by giving an inside look to their operations.

A case against falsifiability in science.

May the seventh be with you?

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I added a page for the arcade game Contra and split out the fairly different NES port.

  • Trump keeps hiring incompetent people. Sometimes this merely makes the White House a laughing stock, like by hiring a quack like Dr. Oz to be his health advisor, sometimes this is extremely dangerous, like hiring someone extremely corrupt to run the EPA, like Scott Pruitt. But sometimes Trump's incompetent employees give us hope that they'll help bring him down, like his new lawyer Rudolph Giuliani who made several statements in the past few days that implicated Trump in a whole bunch of possible crimes that he had previously been denying.
  • Trump has claimed that he is the sole reason North Korea and South Korea are signing a peace treaty, but, as expected, North Korea says that Trumps had absolutely nothing to do with it.
  • Republican Mo Brooks explains how only bad people get chronic illness.

Christian home-schooler parents were putting together a conference where they hoped to find spouses for their thirteen-year-old children. Thankfully, it was canceled.

Trying to understand the nature of privilege using a video game metaphor.

I don't care about sports, but I am interested in acoustics.

May the fourth be with you

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I finished reading The Happy Heretic. I also added a page for the arcade game Bionic Commando and the Rilo Kiley song Plane Crash In C.

  • Donald Trump is the most dishonest president in US history. One of his lies was that he would take on the NRA, but now he's advertising for them.
  • Say goodbye to Trump's creepy lawyer. And, despite all the hatred Trump has for the Clintons, he sure jumped on their lawyer.
  • The Republican anti-sex trafficking law will not only probably increase sex trafficking, but it will end a lot of the freedoms we have on the Internet. In related news, 1,500 migrant children in the charge of Americans have been "lost."
  • The guy who falsified his health records and paid off a mistress leads the National Day of Prayer!
  • Republicans continue to create false outrage in hopes of giving Trump a legitimate reason to fire Mueller.
  • Mike Pence has nothing but good things to say about human-rights violating racist convicted felon Joe Arpaio.
  • Republicans are one step closer to banning the LGBT from adopting orphans. They do this either because they fear same-sex parents will somehow turn children gay, or because they think gay parents are also child-molesters. Either way, they're pathetic.
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders really is the liar described by Michelle Wolf.
  • Want to get the EPA off your back about all the toxic chemicals you're dumping? Just hand a check over to Republican Scott Pruitt.
  • Many people are on Medicaid because they can't work. But, when Republican's kick them off of Medicaid because they aren't working, it results in people dying.
  • Paul Ryan suddenly realized that pissing off Catholics while the Republican party is hemorrhaging voters probably isn't a good idea and reneged yet again. But, just a reminder, there are still a whole lot of racist bigots willing to vote Republican.

A brief history of the Byzantine Empire.

It's very sad when an extremely rich man is completely ignorant to history.

Facebook can't stop apologizing, because they won't stop screwing people over.

Sic semper tyrannis!

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I added a page for the Queen song Lily of the Valley.

  • Trump, the man-child who cuts loose even his closest friends at the slightest inkling of liability, has declared a "National Loyalty Day." Like any "loyalty" document, the proclamation is full of jingoist language and doublespeak.
  • Trump, who enjoys watching Muslims refugees die and has done everything in his power to keep them out of the country, gave an award to a teacher who specializes in teaching English to refugees and immigrants, who also wore LGBT supportive buttons on her dress.
  • Trump continues to hemorrhage lawyers.
  • The irony is, Trump's removal of sex-ed will only cause more abortions while Planned Parenthood prevents more abortion than any other organization.
  • Suddenly Trump's story changes from, "I have no knowledge of Stormy Daniels," to, "Paying her to keep quiet wasn't illegal!"
  • When it comes to Russia, Trump won't even answer a list of prepared questions.
  • So many Conservative snowflakes crying over Michelle Wolf.
  • Trump's now ex-doctor points out the legal issue of stealing your own medical records.
  • More corruption has surfaced from Scott Pruitt. I don't know which is worse, how corrupt Republicans are, or the fact that they're so open about it because they know they can get away with it.
  • Republican Brian Kemp pointed a gun at a teenager in a campaign advertisement hopes that it would get him votes.

Portal 2 has some pretty creepy Easter eggs.

Hobby Lobby doesn't just prevent people from birth control, they also smuggle priceless artifacts out of the Middle East.

Rather than seek money, the two black men who were arrested for waiting in a Starbucks each received a symbolic $1 for damages, and a promise that Starbucks will contribute $200,000 for a young entrepreneurs program.

It took awhile, but one of the white supremacists who ganged up to beat a black man during a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year is going to prison.

King David is not a very good biblical role model, but then, are any of them?

Ten days until the wedding!

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I wrote a mini essay answering the question, Is atheism a religion? I also added a page for the MIDI editor, Anvil Studio.

  • Trump is so lazy and watches so much TV, that world leaders have to go on Fox and Friends to get face time with him.
  • Trump's doctor doesn't appear to be staying quiet about Trump's lies, but so far it's just mundane lies.
  • John Kelly isn't a very big fan of Trump either.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt has ruined the EPA in hopes of ruining the environment, but thankfully he's facing lawsuits in 17 different states to stop him.
  • Iowa Republicans continue to exert control over women by trying to pass a law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is measured, as if a heartbeat is an indication of personhood.
  • Why do Nazis, Klansmen, and White Supremacists always try to enter politics on the GOP ticket?
  • Trump's Michigan rally was just as pathetic as you'd expect.

Apologists use the term "Darwinism" to attach evolution to a single person, because a person is much easier to attack than an entire field of study.

The paradigm shift that occurred when scientists discovered the neutron.

The Panama Canal has a pretty dark history behind it.

Pokémon names don't translate well to private investigator titles.

It's kind of a bad thing that businesses are testing on their clients without their informed consent.

Okay, I believe you!

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I added a page for the game, The Stanley Parable, and the bitmap font editor, Fony.

  • Looks like Trump is preemptively trying to hide his personal information from the Feds!
  • Trump would never associate with people who plead the fifth amendment, right? Because only criminals do that, right?
  • "Even if you don't like Trump, you have to admit that he follows through on his promises," is something people say when they aren't paying attention.
  • Republicans told a woman they would stop sending her her $170 a month welfare check unless she could prove that she was actively looking for employment. It didn't matter that she was suffering side effects from being 8-months-pregnant.
  • A lot of people who are complaining that Michelle Wolf went too far in her roast are the same people who complain about liberals being snowflakes.

Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz, the two cops who beat and electrocuted an unarmed man to death while he was nude in his own shower will not be punished. They didn't even get the paid vacation that is typical to officers who murder civilians.

Does having money somehow make you more knowledgeable about the food you eat?

Did you know you can adopt hurricane animals from Puerto Rico?

If biological organisms were designed, they weren't done so intelligently.

Philip Smith, DJ for Christian radio station WJTL-FM, is a child rapist, and so are four of the priests in Angola, New York.

An extra long Angry Video Game Nerd episode for Earthbound.

Simone Giertz legit has a brain tumor!


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I added a page for computer programming and the Queen song Procession.

  • The proper way to talk about the Trump Administration.
  • Not only has Ronny Jackson abandoned his nomination for heading the VA office, he's also resigning as the President's official doctor. Too many skeletons from his closets have been revealed and he's shrinking from the spotlight.
  • The NRA is banning guns during their event because Mike Pence is speaking. But, if the place is going to be swarming with "good guys with guns" how could he possibly be in harm's way?
  • Yet another Republican resigns amid a sexual harassment scandal. Good riddance Patrick Meehan.
  • Republican Paul Ryan is only a friend of Christians if they're a friend of the rich.
  • Even Fox and Friends has to tell Trump to stop babbling.
  • Trump's administration takes pride in their constant lies about immigration, but at least in the UK, racist lies will still get you fired.
  • That moment when the South Korean president suggests Donald Trump should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. You mean the guy who sends attacks to Yemen, but refuses to stop Russia? You mean the guy whose only interaction with North Korea so far is to insult the leader's height? That Trump? Are you a fucking idiot?
  • In the USA, Republican Scott Pruitt has declared war on the environment. In the EU, they're actually taking steps to fixing their ecological disasters.

Going behind the scenes in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Just a kindly reminder that your tax dollars are going to Christian organizations who lie to women about birth control.

A naturopath who pretends to be a doctor gives a child rabies because he might be a werewolf.

The rise and fall of the world's first empire.

Understanding the three different types of paradoxes.

In the closet, skeletons are lined up and ready to talk

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I added a list of required reading, books that I feel are so important, everyone should read them and a page for arcade games.

North and South Korea are currently engaged in peace talks!

If you enjoy idioms with animals, you should watch this video.

An interesting study about how a generic racist can go full-on Nazi in only six months when they insulate themselves.

Questions about life in space described by an actual astronaut.

A not-safe-for-work mini-documentary about the first nude videos.

You got cobwebs on your halo

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I added a page about a problem with translating the books of the New Testament and a page for a 1980s children's trivia board game, Trivia Adventure.

  • As usual, Trump's team thinks that if we can only get the poor to pay more, we will solve all the country's problem. Never mind that major corporations and the filthy rich pay almost no taxes, never mind that our military budget is over ten time what it needs to be.
  • Trump sure knows how to pick 'em, and, by that, I mean, he picks people who are woefully unqualified and so afraid of being investigated they drop out.
  • Trump is bankrupting the country.
  • Now there is a second Fox "News" to worry about, Sinclair Media.
  • Though I've never seen Capitol Hill questioning ever directly accomplish anything, it will be nice to see how Republican Scott Pruitt tries to justify his rampant corruption.

The six things the bible encourages, but are completely illegal today.

Most Americans would be livid if they found out a group of Muslims forced their child to go through a Islamic ritual, but can't understand why anyone would get mad when Christians do it.

A mathematical reason for why you can't divide by zero.

The 300 Spartans were actually the 7,000 Spartans.

Another rapey priest blames the boys he raped.

A video about the TRS-80 computer.

The annoying "just a theory" argument.

Just one life that is born, and is, and is gone

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I added a page for The Fratellis album Costello Music.

  • Donald Trump isn't saying much about James Shaw, the unarmed black man who wrestled the AR-15 assault rifle out of the hands of Travis Reinking after he murdered four people of color in Antioch, Tennessee. Not only is this an example of yet another white man with a history of mental illness who still legally possessed of several guns, but also of a black hero, neither of which fits Trump's twisted view of the world. But the worst part about it all, is Trump's very own Secret Service agents had just recently taken Reinking's four guns away from him because they viewed him as an dangerous man with mental health problems, and yet, they still returned his guns to his family who promptly returned the guns to their son!
  • Thank you federal judges who keep refusing to let Trump's racism be the rule of law.
  • Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump, but will he take fifteen years in jail for him?
  • Trump's empire is based on lies and bad fact-checking by Forbes.
  • As the environment falls apart around us, Republican head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, is not only claiming that burning wood is carbon neutral (it's not), but is making it harder for the scientists at the EPA to have access to scientific research. This move is at the request of the Heartland Institute, the conservative anti-science organization who is paid by tobacco companies to say smoking doesn't cause cancer, and paid by the fossil fuel's industry to say that climate change isn't real and fracking is good.
  • How Russian trolls have been successfully affecting elections all over the world. And though Trump may be beholden to Putin, other countries are actually doing something about it.
  • More bad news for Sean Hannity. After being outed as a client of Michael Cohen, a lawyer who specializes in covering up affairs, he's been under much more scrutiny than usual, and it just came out that his venture into real estate has got him tied up with a scam artist.

If you're the kind of person who can be easily duped, maybe you will want to buy raw water.

My favorite host on The Atheist Experience, Tracy Harris, describes her deconversion into atheism.

The common ancestor to all life, and why we may have evolved, not from bacteria, but from archaea.

Just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone

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I added a page for the Queen song One Year of Love. I also updated the Bonk's Adventure page and split apart the Game Boy port information. There is also a list of times on digital clocks that I like.

  • Everyone who was involved in the Iran nuclear deal has signed off on it, and Iranians do not like the raw deal they've forced to accept, but even they agree it's the best course of action. But now Donald Trump is going to ruin it just like he has ruined everything he's ever touched, and it's only going to hurt the USA and, with it, the entire world.
  • Just like in 2016, Republicans are afraid to endorse Trump, but, just like in 2016, if he's the only candidate, you know they're going to because they're pathetic.
  • In case you need another reason to fear Russia, their Supreme Court has outlawed the Jehovah's Witness religion because it demands pacifism (among other things), and the nation is currently arresting church members. While I don't agree with the religion, being able to believe what you want is a fundamental human right. However, Trump will continue to be best buddies with Putin no matter how vile he becomes.
  • How to fairly fix the rampant racism Republicans created with their gerrymandering.
  • The guy who can't stop cheating on his many wives is eliminating sexual education funding.
  • Why is it when Republicans create a bill about "freedom" it's always in favor of discrimination?
  • Republicans refuse to believe in climate change, but the evidence is all around us, like the fact that Atlantic fish are now taking over the warming Arctic ocean.

Simone Giertz builds an extremely life-like android.

A postmortem for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Milk isn't much other than filtered blood.

A remastered attempt at putting time into perspective.

Okay, maybe not all of them, that's a bit extreme

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I added a page for the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy audio drama, which I finished over the weekend, and then discovered there is a six season which I haven't yet heard!

IBM is trying to quietly wipe out their older employees by tricking them into signing away their rights then forcing them to relocate across the country or be fired. And since the conservative US Supreme Court keeps making it harder for people to win age discrimination lawsuits, they're probably going to keep doing it, and, if they're successful, other companies will follow suit. Not a good sign if you're older.

Starbucks is still receiving backlash because one of their store managers called 911 and had police forcibly remove two black men from their store.

Carnival games are specifically designed to make you lose, and, even when you win, you still lose.

A talk about the evolution of gods.

The CEO of WalMart makes 1,188 times more than the company's average worker, but do they really contribute 1,188 times more to the value of the company?

Maybe basing a person's credit score on how "good" of a person they are isn't such a good idea.

Kill 'em all!

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I read an reviewed the Book of Haggai.

When you're in a debate, and someone brings up an utterly ridiculous point, it's best to just make a joke about it.

That moment when you try to become a pundit for Christian television, but they won't hire you unless you lie about your religious beliefs.

Not every video game character is cut out to be in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Disillusion explains how the dancing phantoms CGI works by teaching you everything there is to know about computer imaging.

There's so much more than this

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I added a page for The Sounds' song Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

  • Sean Hannity is even seeing his guests call out his hypocrisy.
  • Trump, once again proves he's in bed with Russia, and refuses to add additional sanctions against them.
  • In addition to paying off porn stars, the Trump administration has given $50,000 to a church so that they're make African children take purity oaths. Abstinence hasn't worked anywhere they've tried it so far, so maybe it will work in Africa!
  • Three more white American male terrorists who aren't called terrorists.
  • No, you shouldn't be shocked, Trump is appointing to NASA an administrator with no science background.
  • It's nice to see that there are a few Republicans left who are scrupulous enough to push the Mueller protection bill in spite of the spineless Mitch McConnell.
  • Republicans in the US continue to hold their heads in the sand when it comes to climate change because they don't want to annoy their corporate sponsors, but Canada and France have announced that they're going to work even harder!

Trying to find life outside of our planet.

Some of the things hidden behind the scenes in Chrono Trigger.

The lengths you have to take in order to hold a private meeting in today's world of constant surveillance.

Simone Giertz makes a very useful personal revolving restaurant.

Ancient gladiators were actually more like professional boxers.


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I re-worked my page on the Epistle of James and added a JavaScript program encapsulated in an HTML page to remove niqqud from Hebrew text.

  • Trump is not just the only president in living memory to refuse to release his taxes to the public because he's so corrupt, but he can't even get them filed on time! Why is that? Aren't all of his businesses owned by his children now? If he only gets income from his job as the president, and has nothing else to hide, surely his taxes should be a breeze.
  • Remember the bill to protect Robert Muller from being fired by Trump? Republican Mitch McConnell refuses to allow it to see a vote. Those two are thick as thieves.
  • Sean Hannity from Fox "News" has been calling the seizing of Michael Cohen's files a "witch hunt." Sure Cohen has made a career out of paying off the mistresses of Republicans, but what Hannity forget to divulge is that he personally paid Cohen for some undisclosed legal help!
  • The US Supreme Court is currently quite conservative, and even they think that Trump's violating human rights.
  • Trump's pick for Interior Secretary, Republican Ryan Zinke, the guy who keeps selling off national monuments to oil companies, is now pretending to be a geologist.
  • Trump's limited strike on Syria probably won't help the country, but it sure cost the US millions of dollars.

Another unarmed black man has been shot to death by police.

Taxing pop could help keep people's diet in check, but not when the tax is setup so stupidly.

Some of the odd things that go on beyond the camera in Super Mario 64.

Conway's game of life can be used to create some amazing things.


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I added a page for the Alanis Morissette song, I Was Hoping and the Book of Obadiah.

  • More news of Republican Scott Pruitt's corrupt has been released. Turns out, the $43,000 sound proof phone booth he had installed in his office was illegal.
  • Trump has no problem bombing Syria, but he refuses to actually help Syrian refugees.
  • Just a reminder, the real reason your city has turned to shit isn't because of people one welfare, it's because of companies on welfare.
  • Ajit Pai, the Republican who single-handedly eliminated Net neutrality in the USA, also recruited Elizabeth Pierce, a cable company CEO who was just arrested for $250,000,000 in fraud.
  • Republican Matt Bevin said that children were being sexually assaulted because Kentucky teachers were striking for a livable wage. Now, he's sorry, not that he said it, because he still believes it, but because it generated negative press.
  • The Trump administration continues to fail to stop the FBI investigation against them despite doing a piss poor job at trying.

Some rather interesting things scientists discovered by accident.

It's 2018 and even after a woman said no to a man 90 times, her jury still refused to render a guilty verdict to her rapist because the woman was also drunk.

It should be a crime to psychologically abuse someone in hopes of altering who they're physically attracted to, and, in many places, it already is.

Alexandre Bissonnette, a watcher of Fox News and big fan of Donald Trump, murdered six people while they were in church because they were Muslims.

Another daughter from a TLC Christian family show has come forward about the sexual abuse of Toby Willis.

Some strange things are hidden among the race tracks in the Mario Kart franchise.


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Despite the sleet scaring away a few people, my birthday party was still a enjoyable success. There was trivia, sing-a-longs, and good conversation. Thank you all who braved the weather!

I added a review for the game Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

  • Trump is learning that part of being so terrible and making everyone hate him means nobody feels bad about exposing all the terrible things he's done. And now we're learning from Comey that the Russian pee tapes are probably real, not only because a lot of the Steele dossier has since been prove true, but also because Trump personally asked Comey to check for a pee tape, so he said, just to prove it didn't exist.
  • Yet another news organization points out the obvious, that giving massive tax cuts to the filthy rich doesn't help the working class.
  • The environment's worst nightmare, Republican Scott Pruitt, wants to add bible verses to the EPA emblem.
  • Another Russian journalist has died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Long barriers like Trump's would-be border wall don't just stop human traffic, they also stop wildlife traffic.
  • Just a reminder, our president was once involved with professional wrestling.

The only person who can shoot an unarmed black teen with a gun is a white man with a gun.

Some of the more interesting things found behind the scenes in the Punch-Out!! series.

Chemist Andrew Szydlo wows the crowd with flames, explosions, and various other chemical reactions.

Conservative Christian pastor Ken Adkins was overjoyed that so many gay people were murdered at the Pulse nightclub shooting. Naturally, we later found out he's a child molester.

The extra pressure of being a racial minority, especially a poor one, means lack of sleep, which comes with its own host of health problems.

Party tomorrow!

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I added a reviews for the Hello Saferide song Anna and reviews for the NES and SNES controllers.

  • There has been a massive exodus of prominent Republicans retiring from Congress before the midterm elections, but I'm not convinced they're doing this solely because they might lose reelection, I think they have a behind-the-scenes insight to just how bad the White House is going to fall, and, like rats abandoning a sinking ship, they're trying to get out before the scandal really breaks.
  • To give you an idea of just how morally bankrupt American Evangelical Christians are, not only did they overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, but after they learned that he may have cheated on his wife with a porn star, they started loving him even more!
  • So, after increasing the national deficit to an estimate $1,000,000,000,000 by giving massive tax breaks to the filthy rich and increasing the already bloated military budget, Trump has decided that the real financial problem the US has is that a single company isn't paying enough to the US Post Office.
  • Trump may have finally realized how stupid he was for pulling the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • A troubling video has surfaced of ICE agents considering dumping a man in Mexico without processing him according to the law, because he "looks Mexican."

For decades, the Catholic Church had censorship control over the film industry.

Scientists still don't know how lightning works, but they're getting closer to understanding it.

Christian pastor Acton Bowen has been arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy, under the age of 16.

There are some interesting behind-the-scenes things to find in Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

The element promethium has a pretty interesting history.

One month until show time

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I added a page for the Queen single, Long Away. I also added reviews for the Logitech F710 and F310 gamepads.

  • Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, has been raided by the FBI after they got approval not just from judges, but from Trump's own Republican appointees, and Trump is his usual eloquent self. What a disgrace. Even Republican Senators are now trying to pass a bill that will make it much harder for Trump to fire Robert Mueller.
  • After creating one of the largest deficits this country has ever seen with unprecedented tax breaks for the extremely rich and completely unnecessary military spending, Trump has decided the real way to fix our debt is to make sure poor people don't get welfare.
  • How corrupt is Republican Scott Pruitt? Very corrupt.
  • Republican Governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, is having a bad day, but not nearly as bad as the woman he sexually assaulted.
  • While he was in office, Republican John Boehner voted against the legalization of medical marijuana. Now that it affects his paycheck, he's fighting to legalize it. Typical hypocrisy.
  • Paul Nehlen is the Republican white supremacist that would take over Paul Ryan's position.

Some boundary breaking in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Pope Francis is finally acknowledging that he made serious mistakes in how he helped protect child raping priests when we was still working in Chile.

It's important to keep your dogma out of discourse.

If you hate Facebook, why are you still using it? Well, since everyone else is, you basically have to.

Happy belated birthday to me!

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I added quite a bit more to the theatre portal.

  • With the impeding blue tsunami wiping out this most recent generation of horrible Republicans, many of them have been jumping ship and, in order to save face at a probably defeat, are claiming they won't seek reelection. In particular is Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. After doing serious damage to the the most vulnerable American people, he's now cashing out his millions and retiring. Fuck him.
  • Donald Trump isn't just one of the most corrupt presidents in our nation's history, he is also one of the most corrupt businessmen in our nation's history.
  • I'm no fan of Amazon, and I think their business model is damaging to the country, but, as usual, Trump has it all wrong.
  • Yet another Trump employee is threatening to quit, because it sure beats being raided by the FBI!

Computerphile reviews the Atari 2600.

The FTC has -finally- made it clear that companies aren't allowed to void a warranty because someone opened their own product.

Breaking beyond the boundaries in Doom.

Republican Rick Ray Redalen lost his medical license in three states due to malpractice and committed perjury so he could marry his 15-year-old step-daughter, but that didn't stop Texas Republicans from giving him authority over the state's medical laws.

Happy birthday to me!

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song, Pictures of Success.

  • It's usually not a good sign for you when the FBI raids your lawyer's office.
  • Economists are predicting that Trump's "leadership" including eliminating taxes on the rich and wasteful spending will bring the US deficit to $1,000,000,000,000.
  • The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has ceased distributing bottled water to the Flint citizens who were poisoned by Republicans claiming the city's water is once again safe, even though 4% of the samples tested still had elevated levels of lead and the EPA has warned that more lead will be introduced into the water each time there is underground construction in the city. The fact that this decision was made right after the very same group gave Nestlé the right to drain even more water from the Great Lakes is surely just a coincidence.
  • As Republicans keep defending the wasteful spending of Scott Pruitt, the Office of Government Ethics has officially pointed out their concerns with his ethical violations.
  • Yulia Skripal, the daughter of Sergei Skripal, has been released from the hospital after the Russian government failed to assassinate them.

Not only do Christian crisis pregnancy centers lie to women about pretty much everything, but you're probably paying them to do so.

The Catholic Church is dying, and it has been for decades.

Taking the camera outside of the normal areas in Portal 2.

As the arctic continues to shrink, it means big changes for the everything in that area, and possibly for the entire planet.

Leona Stucky talks about her deconversion from living as a Conservative Mennonite.

No more snow!

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I added a page for the game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Another day, another child-molesting priest.

Some early work on making plastics that are more effective at self-degradation.

What goes on behind in the scenes in Half-Life 2.

Attorney General Bill Higgins, a Conservative Christian, has been charged with using his authority to coerce women into having sex with him.

The decline of the shopping mall isn't just a problem for businesses, it's a problem for society at large.

A nice lecture about the importance of teaching physics, by Helen Czerski.

Flying fistulas, Batman!

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I added a page for the Queen song Father to Son.

  • Trump is sending a military presence to the border of Mexico. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Republican Scott Pruitt's EPA keeps digging its corruption hole deeper by finding his employees who have questioned his unethical behavior and punishing them.
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney, "My department is so wasteful it costs businesses money," also Mick Mulvaney, " I'm giving $230,000 raises to my friends in the department."
  • Trump dumped taxpayer money into a commission to desperately search for evidence of voter fraud, but after a year of failure, Trump finally disbanded the commission, having never found any evidence of the widespread fraud he kept claiming existed. And even after his failure, Trump continues to falsely claim that there are millions of cases of voter fraud.
  • A public service announcement from Sinclair Broadcasting.
  • South Korea's former president, Park Geun-hye has been sentenced to jail for 24 years for massive corruption. Imagine if our country would grow a spine and do the same thing with our crooked politicians!
  • Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by Russian operatives, but, thankfully, their health is improving.
  • The NRA keeps has been blocking research into gun violence for years.
  • The white supremacist web site Stormfront is having some financial woes because there just aren't enough people willing to give them money.
  • Republican Bob Nonini wants to execute all women who have had abortions and former Republican candidate Justin Jones has ended his political campaign after his, "fags are disgusting," quote went public.
  • The USA keeps closing its borders, but China is expanding at an accelerated rate.

Facebook may spend a lot of money trying to make people believe their private data is secure, but, they keep getting caught violating their own rules.

A great panel of Atari 2600 programmers.

Why free will is an illusion.

What comes next?

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I love when I get an email from someone who claims they're from the Department of Homeland Security, but their email address uses an Italian country code.

I added a page for the game designer David Crane.

  • Most people in Trump's cabinet have been caught doing some seriously shading things, but Scott Pruitt might get the trophy for the most corrupt.
  • Republican Mick Mulvaney is urging Congress to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that he leads. The CFPB protects Americans from the predatory practices of banks and payday loan centers. Now, there could be legitimate argument to deceasing the authority of the CFPB by showing that lending organizations have learned from their past mistakes (like collapsing the entire nation's economy in 2008) and have become ethical and effective, but, of course, the nation is getting right back on track for another economic collapse, and payday lending companies often end up putting poor people in permanent debt. Clearly, the CFPB is needed now more than ever, but Mulvaney doesn't care about people, he only cares about companies. He argues that the CFPB has too much authority and is hurting businesses. Yes, the CFPB is hurting businesses, it's hurting unethical businesses that prey on the poor. That's the whole point. These are not businesses that we want around in the first place!
  • Trump claims that nobody has been harder on Russia than he, but I think he's confused that with getting a hard on for Russia.
  • This pretty much sums up the latest Republican pick, "Putting [Susan] Combs in charge of the Fish and Wildlife Service is like appointing an arsonist as the town fire marshal."
  • There isn't a "mainstream Liberal media." There are media outlets with a liberal agenda, but they're not mainstream. What Conservatives call the "Liberal" media, are media organizations practicing responsible journalism. However, there is a "mainstream Conservative media," which is outlets like Fox "News" and Sinclair Broadcasting.
  • Teachers are striking in Oklahoma because they're barely being paid a livable wage. The Republican governor Mary Fallin dismisses them saying they're, "like a teenager wanting a better car."
  • Christians, with the help of Trump, keep promoting religious authority while dismissing people with a secular world view. The US military continues to try and prevent secular chaplains from being allowed in the US military. But they're the ones getting filmed having sex in a bar.
  • New York police shot an unarmed black man to death because they thought he had a gun. He was mentally ill and pointing a shower head at people.
  • What if everyone answered questions as dishonestly as Sarah Hackabee Sanders?
  • Republican Dana Rohrabacher is outraged that homeless people will have a safe place to sleep after all the work he has done to try and push them out of polite society.

The real story behind Pocahontas was seriously horrible.

A ten-minute long video about the size of a fictional video game character's penis.

Why didn't Obi Wan just drop his light saber?

An interesting lecture about the history of the accomplishments of the Large Hadron Collider.

Sesame Street has had a pretty interesting history.

April snowstorms bring May...?

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I added a pages for examples of bad font choices.

  • The office of Veteran's Affairs has more money going through it than General Motors, but Trump just appointed his own doctor to run it, someone who has never run an organization of even a hundredth of that size.
  • Now that Trump has "fixed" health care, it will cover 8,900,000 fewer Americans and cost $33,000,000,000 more.
  • While trying to entertain children for an Easter egg hunt, Trump went on a long rambling rant of white nationalism. Shockingly, while Central Americans are being deported like crazy, ICE hasn't bothered to kick out an actual Nazi war criminal.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt was paying a surprisingly low cost for his condo. How was he able to get such a great deal? Political corruption! It just so happened the condo was owned by the same company whose oil pipeline he OKed.
  • Remember how Trump finally caved to pressure and ousted 60 Russian diplomats? They're most likely going to be replaced by new Russian diplomats.
  • Wisconsin elected a new judge to their state Supreme Court. Hopefully, she will be helpful in leading their state back to fair politics.
  • Another mass shooting, this time at YouTube's headquarters. Several people have been shot, and the shooter appears to have killed herself.

Nestle continues to rob the Great Lakes.

Nobody thought to tell Heineken this was a terrible ad?

Some of the glitches in Mega Man.

Learn about the IMSAI 8080, a computer that was featured in the movie War Games.

The search for a theory of everything may not be necessary.

Drinking turpentine will not cure your ills, but there is a racist reason in America's past for why people think it will.

Mostly healthy, but still have to cough up a pound of phlegm each morning

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I added a pages for the companies FCI and Atari, and one for the Macintosh computer.

  • Trump has taken serious steps to letting Fox "News" run the White House.
  • Republican Jeff Sessions is currently in charge of one of the worst insults to justice in America, immigration courts.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt has decided that American cars are far too efficient and burning fossil fuels and we need more smog. So, he's eliminating the rules that require manufacturers to build cars with clean emissions. And, after destroying the environment, what batter way to treat yourself than giving unauthorized raises to all your friends?
  • The religious arguments in favor of a moral monster like Trump are just pathetic. We get it, all your heroes are criminals, that's not something to be proud of!
  • Police officer Andrew Kisela shot a woman four times on her own front porch because she was holding a kitchen knife next to her room mate. She was not a criminal suspect and had not committed any crimes, and the other officers on the scene didn't shoot the woman, but the current majority Conservative US Supreme Court ruled that the officer Kisela did nothing wrong and he will not face punishment.

Weapons using artificial intelligence are vastly superior to human-controlled weapons, and they make for a very scary future.

Catholic priest Jonathan Wehrle has been caught stealing over $5,000,000 from his church and buying himself a nice mansion.

The Christians fighting to keep their tacky hydraulic cross on public land in Grand Haven, Michigan have lost its final appeal. Thank you first amendment.

Bart Ehrman is plugging his latest book, The Triumph of Christianity, though, not necessarily the truth of it.

Did you ever wonder what was the deal with the leaves at the top of Corinthian columns?

Learning about the age of the Earth by discovering its oldest rocks.

Still approaching "normal," very slowly...

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I added a page for the board game Fireball Island and the DOS application The New Print Shop.

  • You should have known this when you voted for them: Republicans are now openly admitting that they're trying to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, and various other welfare programs that protect the poor.
  • Trump's lawsuits around the women he sexually assaulted and tried to hush up aren't just scandalous, they're also important to the future of our country.
  • With all the evidence showing that the Trump administration worked with Russians to help win the election, at what point can we just agree that it was collusion? Also, in addition to Trump congratulating Putin for winning a rigged election, he also invited him to the White House.
  • With Trump, it's always about discrimination and hate.
  • Not exactly a big shock, but after Trump raised tariffs on Chinese imports, China raised tariffs on US imports. Thus, Trump's decision hurts consumers and manufacturers, but gives each government more money.
  • US voting machines are surprisingly easy to hack, and that's not good for democracy. Especially when the current president doesn't care about democracy.

Derren Brown makes some really interesting shows about skepticism, but that doesn't mean he's immune to bullshit.

Discovering interesting thoughts by using the old Russian reversal joke.

Christian pastor Matthew Dennis Patterson of Nolensville Road Baptist Church has made a career out of hating homosexuals. Turns out, he's also made a career out of sexually assaulting little boys. Also, Christian pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, spiritual advisor to US President George W. Bush, has just been arrested for several counts of money laundering and fraud.

Some interesting moments in the history of science.

Weird facts about the Doom Series.

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I've added a page for the Alanis Morissette song Would Not Come and did a bit of restructuring in the games portal.

  • Samantha Bee did a wonderful show about the horrible mess Trump has left in Puerto Rico. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
  • Trump now wants the US military to pay for his useless Mexican border wall, but maybe he should just setup a GoFundMe page?
  • Another Fox "News" flapping jaw is losing her advertisers because she couldn't help but reveal herself as someone who makes fun of children who survived a mass-shooting.
  • Despite seeing his own fair share of discrimination in his life, Republican Ben Carson is following orders and eliminating the anti-discrimination measures in the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

An interesting breakdown of all the glitches exploited to get a world record speed run in Super Mario Bros.

Trying to map out the particles of particle physics.

Strange toothy fossils, and why they're double-plus important.

Barrier methods of birth control for women are shockingly hard to find.

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I've added a page for the Green Day single Jesus of Suburbia.

  • Trump's new National Security Advisor is John Bolton, a guy Trump saw on TV who is a complete psychopath.
  • All the best law firms keep turning down Trump, not only because he keeps doing what they tell him not to do, and incriminating himself further, but also because he's so hated right now, the firms feel he'll have a negative effect on their image.
  • Trump may be firing all of his employees, it was just announced that David Shulkin is being replaced because he spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on personal vacations, but that doesn't mean Trump won't give them all presidential pardons in the hope that they'll stay quite about what went on in the White House.
  • The White House's official position on all the unarmed black people being murdered by police officers? It's a "local matter."
  • Republican Scott Walker is doing everything in his power to eliminate free elections, but thankfully the judicial branch is over powering him.
  • The web site Tumblr has banned over 80 accounts all tied to the Russian propaganda group "Internet Research Agency" which helped get Trump elected. Turns out they were especially targeting black Americans, probably because they would be the most effective at voting against Trump.
  • Trump has hurt another set of immigrants, this he's ended the temporary immigrant status of thousands of Liberians.
  • Another one of those "good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun" fairy tales has been proven wrong.
  • Trump has a new nickname around Washington.

It's a bit shocking how quickly the Earth would run out of food if we stopped farming.

How well do you know Super Mario Bros. 3?

If you're lucky enough to survive a nuclear attack, take a shower, but don't use conditioner.

Gwyneth Paltrow has yet to rescind her promotion for bee "therapy," which has recently killed a woman.

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So my dentist explained that the blister on my gum is actually a fistula draining through from a tooth's root, and if the antibiotics don't clear it up, I might lose the tooth entirely. Fun!

I've added a table called What the Christian God Wants which shows what major churches believe the Christian god wants.

  • A quick recap of everything that's been going on in politics. Spoiler alert, everything is still awful.
  • The March For Our Lives has been extremely effective, and I look forward to the upcoming changes in the country.
  • In the past, the US government has offered grants to people going to school to become public school teachers, but with the Department of Education now under Republican control, those grants are being taken away from teachers while they're in the middle of their college courses, often without even telling them! Many of these would-be teachers will switch majors to something they can afford, but they'll still be expected to pay back a huge debt for classes that are now useless. Those few that stick to it will find that Republicans have closed so many schools, and canceled so many benefits for teachers, that the occupation is less attractive than ever before.
  • US health care is the most expensive in the world, and the worst among all developed nations, so why are CEOs getting massive pay increases?
  • Welcome to America, where we're more interested in a president's affair than the president's policies.
  • By eliminating protections on public lands, Trump might turn California's famed giant sequoias into lumber.
  • Most of the conservative people I know are very nice and compassionate, they're just very wary of anything that doesn't meet their norm, which is, unfortunately, a pretty small area. However, then there are the conservative people who believe they are under constant persecution and have no moral problem with lying to or about teens to maintain their ignorance.
  • The Simpson's Trump is more lovable than the real Trump.

Some of the more interesting glitches in Mega Man II.

The bad news, for decades now, the Mormon Church has been telling women that it's better to remain in an abusive relationship than to get a divorce. The good news is, they claim they're going to stop.

Why is healthy eating so expensive in America?

Should brown dwarfs really be a stellar classification?

Some of the more powerful plants in the history of our planet.

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I've added several games for download in a category called Game Downloads. I've also added several more descriptions of screen savers in After Dark.

  • While campaigning, Trump claimed on his first day in office he would put an amazing health care system in place that would take care of everybody. The US currently has the worst health care of any developed nation, and the most expensive health care in the world. Thanks Trump.
  • Under Trump, the American family continues to lose money. Also under Trump, the American CEO makes millions more.
  • Facebook admits that it makes a copy of all the metadata regarding your calls and texts for Android users. And now the US government has acknowledge that it uses Facebook to track immigrants.
  • The NRA should never be invited on a program talking about gun violence because they are a lobbying group for gun manufacturers. It's like bringing in a spokesperson for tobacco companies to talk about lung cancer. Fox "News" uses their typical strawman approach on the March For Our Lives.
  • Trump is now expecting the US military to pay for the useless Mexican border wall he assured us Mexico would pay for.
  • It's sad that we still have to talk about taking down statues of Confederates.

Breeding special organisms to clean up after us.

Another Texas deputy shot an unarmed black man to death in the street.

Finally, a sportsball player has the guts to blame the loss of the game on the Christian god.

An American Muslim family sold their 16-year-old daughter for $20,000, but when she refused to marry the man who bought her, they tortured her, almost to death.

Future technologies will both improve and ruin all our lives.

Slowly becoming more healthy...

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  • So amazingly proud of all the kids who are demanding their legislators take gun control seriously, and stop kowtowing to the gun lobby. But Republican Rick Santorum wants to keep guns in school and tells students they should instead learn CPR to try and resuscitate their friends who have been shot. And here's a quick call and response of the most popular anti-gun control arguments.
  • When you hire a team of people who have never worked in the field you've put them into, they will continue embarrassing you with their ignorance, even when they're being interviewed by hacks who are on your side, just ask Republican Steve Mnuchin.
  • Republicans are willing to let immigrants fight and die for this country, but not stay here after retiring from service.
  • People hate Trump so much, they keep refusing to work with him.
  • Don Jr. really takes after his dad, even in the cheating department.
  • Most of Europe has kicked Russian diplomats out of the continent for their assassinations, and Trump, after a lot of stalling and congratulating Putin, has finally followed suit. Though, he still won't lift a finger to try and get them out of our elections.
  • Ohio Republicans are trying to pass a law so they can execute doctors.
  • American political discourse is two men in their 70s issuing idle threats at each other.

There is a giant floating trash heap in the Pacific Ocean twice as large as the state of Texas.

Christian pastor Aracely Meza starved a little boy to death because she claimed he was possessed by demons. She was given a 99-year prison sentence, but Christian pastor Richard Mark, who was convicted of four counts of child rape, is getting a retrial.

Dealing with the religious critique of something from nothing.

The interesting things that happen when you go off-camera in Final Fantasy VI.

Who will win in this epic battle of Evangelical preachers?

How to get yourself removed from social media sites that may be mining your private data.

Need more time off...

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I've added a page for the old Windows screen saver, After Dark.

  • Trump's primary lawyer has dropped him as a client because he Trump can't keep his big mouth shut regarding the Russia Inquiry! Or when he was specifically told -not- to congratulate Putin, but he did anyway even with the knowledge that Russia has successfully hacked the US power grid.
  • We're getting a clearer understanding of why FBI agent McCabe was fired. It turns out he was investigating Jeff Sessions for possible perjury charges about his denials of Russian involvement.
  • The Republicans have utterly failed US territory Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria, Republican Ryan Zinke used his status as Interior Secretary to give $300,000,000 to a tiny company from his home town. The blatant corruption was refused, but at great cost to the people of Puerto Rico, many of whom still don't have utilities months later. Next, Trump-appointee Steve Mnuchin refused to allocate disaster relief funds unless the territory agreed to paying back the loans at a higher priority of even the island's essential services.
  • The average US household brings in $59,000 a year, so why are Republicans claiming that those households that make $450,000 a year are middle class. I don't think they're that stupid, I think they're purposely elevating that number to make it easier to justify their tax breaks which only help the wealthy.
  • Being entirely clueless about global trade, Trump has instituted $50,000,000,000 in tariffs to China, which immediately caused the US stock market to tank.
  • The Austin bomber was a white male home-schooled Christian who opposed abortion and same-sex marriage, so, naturally, Republicans refused to call him a terrorist.
  • Trump is so bad at his job that many people are saying they miss the previously worst US president, George W. Bush. But just a reminder, George W. Bush was and is a horrible monster.
  • The Facebook data scandal which helped Trump get elected is pretty scary, but Facebook doesn't seem to worried about it, despite their stock dropping by $36,000,000,000.
  • Police killed another unarmed innocent black man and father of two. They claimed they thought his white cell phone was a gun. You can see from the video, they kept shooting him long after he'd fallen to the ground. Twenty times total.
  • Fox "News" talking head, Tucker Carlson, is racist.
  • Samantha Bee points out the problem women face when their medical problems are treated with birth control even when they have nothing to do with controlling pregnancy.
  • Now that he's fixed US health care, finishing his Mexican border wall, and improving foreign relations, Trump is finally ready to solve the opioid crisis. Get it? Because he's failed at all of them!
  • It's nice to know that the book about Mike Pence's bunny has been outsold by John Oliver's book about a gay bunny.

Gwyenth Paltrow is really stupid, and her stupidity has led to someone's death because they took her advice of purposely stinging yourself with bees.

The Me Too movement is pretty solid, despite what its detractors claim.

The Cambrian Explosion wasn't Earth's first explosion of life.

For real now, is that Toad's head, or just a mushroom hat?

What's with the hatred for science popularizers?

Yup, definitely sick

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I added a pages for the Windows 3 games, Jewel Thief and Microsoft's Hearts.

  • Trump is still too much of a coward to fire Robert Mueller.
  • Trump's boss won the Russian "election."
  • Part of the reason why I have a hard time believing conspiracy theories is because they rely on lots of people keeping secrets, but people have a very hard time keeping their mouth's shut. Just look at the people from Cambridge Analytica: several executives have been caught on hidden cameras admitting to using various tactics that were probably illegal to help Trump get elected.
  • The supposed Texas bomber, after being cornered by police, killed himself with one of his own bombs. Police have identified him as a 23-year-old white American man.
  • The Christian Republican president is being sued by a second adult model.
  • Fox "News" has lost another employee, this time analyst Ralph Peters quit after calling the place a "propaganda machine," and saying he couldn't work there and "wittingly [harm] our system of government for profit." Sounds about right. Still waiting for Tucker Carlson to be fired for being too stupid to know that kids too young to vote also can't make gun laws.
  • After a Democrat said he was proud of being denounced by the NRA, Republican Carl Nett joked that he would like to shoot the man. He has since apologized for the joke.

Ammonia fountains are pretty cool.

The craziness of the English language.

Christian pastor Andy Savage, the man who got a standing ovation from his church after he finally admitted to coercing a 17-year-old girl into giving him oral sex, has resigned.

The horror of Mario destroying a castle.

Where do you go when you need an old computer for a film?

It's the first day of spring, and I'm getting sick

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I added a page for the Hercules Graphics Card and computer color palettes. I'm currently focusing on generated palettes, but will delve into hand-picked palettes in the future.

  • Once again, Trump congratulates Putin, and remains silent regarding American terrorism.
  • Trump's new CIA director pick, Gina Haspel, has a history of torturing people.
  • Mike Pence really, REALLY, hates gay people.
  • It sickens me that it's taken so long and gotten so far, but the good news is, the US Supreme Court has ruled that two lawsuits against the Michigan Republicans responsible for poisoning thousands and killing several people in Flint, Michigan can proceed.
  • The Republicans in Pennsylvania who have redrawn the district lines to give their party an edge in the election are not happy that they lost their final appeal!
  • Mississippi Republicans, who have decreased their state's abortion clinics down to one, have passed a new law outlawing abortion after 15 weeks. It's a completely arbitrary length of time considering that brain development which allows thinking doesn't even begin until around 21 weeks. The unjust law is already being legally challenged, but it's a serious waste of time and money.
  • If members of Congress are caught up in a sexual harassment case, they currently can use taxpayer money to pay their legal fees. Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand drafted a bill to make handsy politicians pay their own damn lawsuits, but Republicans scrapped it at the last minute.
  • A 9-year-old boy shot his older sister to death because they were fighting over a video game. While I feel for the parents, their negligence should also be a crime. Also, there was another school shooting, this time in Maryland. A 17-year-old shot two of his classmates before being shot to death by a police officer.
  • Trump's record-breaking number of golf outings are not unexpected.

Captain Disillusion channels other YouTube celebrities.

The Northern white rhinoceros is officially extinct.

Some rather unusual allergies.

Yet another woman in the skeptic community comes out against Lawrence Krauss.

Why the planets in our solar system, and, in fact, all solar systems, essentially orbit on a single plane.

Girls will be girls

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I added a page for the NES Zapper.

  • Even as Trump refuses to even say anything bad about Putin, who just won another "fair" election, American security companies have reported that Russian hackers have successfully infiltrated the US power grid.
  • Students who are being murdered continue to be the voice of reason when it comes to stopping the NRAs stranglehold over the Republican party. And Trump continues to waste time and money blaming movies and video games.
  • Donald Trump Jr.'s wife is divorcing him, no doubt because he's a shady asshole, but after 13 years, and with Don Jr. now in control of his father's business the couple is splitting in an uncontested marriage, and, rather than have a divorce lawyer, his wife has hired a criminal lawyer. This has led many people to wonder, is Vanessa trying to hurriedly back out of the marriage before the FBI investigates the Trumps?
  • Trump, the lying liar, lies.
  • The Kushner Companies have been accused of filing false paperwork with the city numerous times in order to violate the rent-control protection of their tenants.
  • Rather than meet with the Secretary of State, South Koreans will now be subjected to Ivanka Trump.
  • Larry Kudlow is a terrible person.

It was only a few decades ago when black motorists needed to buy a special book just to keep them safe when they traveled.

Two mothers bring their kids with them to vandalize and burglarize a mosque, and they film themselves doing it! Naturally, they've been arrested.

What it was like to get a beer with Stephen Hawking.

What's the deal with mitochondria and chloroplasts?


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I saw an owl this morning.

I added a page for the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt multicart.

  • Trump is so proud of his "idea" for a military group in space, he doesn't realize how terrible he's doing.
  • Donald Trump Jr. wife is divorcing him, and Melania Trump will likely follow suit after the details are released of Trump's affair with a porn star.
  • After MSU's president resigned when it came out that a member of her staff sexually assaulted over 100 women, the college put in charge Republican John Engler. And while Engler has no experience running a university, he does have experience preventing women who have been sexually assaulted from seeing justice.
  • At this point, FEMA is basically synonymous with hurricanes because the US keeps getting hit with bigger and bigger hurricanes, and FEMA keeps bungling the relief efforts. Climate scientists have been predicting bigger and more frequent hurricanes for years as a result of humans increasing the planet's average temperature with all of our pollution, so FEMA has finally decided to take action by removing any mention of global warming from their literature. Problem solved!
  • Trump gets another yes-man in his inner circle.

Lying to innocent people, putting them in jail, and coercing them into taking a bad plea bargain is a perfectly legal thing for a prosecutor to do.

If you drink water from plastic containers, you're also drinking particles of the plastic container, and that's not very healthy for you or the environment.

If someone with no medical knowledge is trying to convince you to stop taking medicine prescribed to you by a doctor, you probably shouldn't listen to them.

There are entire groups dedicated to atheists in the military, so why are Christians still trying to claim that there are no atheists in fox holes? If anything, there shouldn't be any Christians in fox holes because they should have faith that their god will protect them, and, even if he doesn't, they'll just go to heaven if they're killed die.

Sorry Judge Vance Day, but you took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not your holy book. If you can't do your job, then you won't be allowed to do your job.

Beware the ides of Smarch

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I've added a page about vegetarianism and a page for the Story of Yars' Revenge audio drama book.

  • Republicans have shown themselves to support party over country time and time again, so it's no surprise that, even in the wake of Russian assassins murdering Russian critics, Republicans shut down their investigation and absolved Russia of interfering with the US election to aide Trump. To be clear, -every- federal law enforcement agency agrees that Russia interfered with US elections, so why did Republicans canceled their investigation before hearing from key witnesses or even looking at their evidence? Because Republicans care more about protecting their party's image, even if it means putting the nation's safety and free elections at risk. However, even after firing Rex Tillerson for speaking out against Russia, Trump finally caved and instituted some of the Russian sanctions Congress demanded months ago.
  • In a closed-door speech that was recorded and later leaked to the press, Trump explained how he told Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, that Canada had a trade deficit with the USA, Trudeau reminded Trump that they do not, but Trump said he was wrong and insisted that they did. Then, Trump admitted that he had no idea if there was a deficit, he just blindly assumes that every country has a trade deficit with the US..
  • Thankfully, people are beginning to see the Republican party for the cesspool it is, like in Pennsylvania's traditionally Republican 18th Congressional District. The existing Congressman, Republican Tim Murphy, resigned in disgrace after it came out that, despite claiming to be fiercely pro-family and anti-abortion, he was cheating on his wife, then pressured his mistress into getting an abortion after he found out she was pregnant! This created a special election and Democrat Conor Lamb appears to have won despite the district having been gerrymandered to give Republicans a massive edge over Democrats!
  • Because Trump was too stupid to sign his own non-disclosure agreement after having an affair with a porn star, we're probably going to get the details.
  • As is typical of Republican tact, Leslie Gibson calls the survivors of the Parkland, Florida massacre "skin head lesbians" and "bald-faced liars." In my home town, the public school administration created a massive safety violation when they locked all of the students inside their classrooms, not for their protection, but rather to prevent them from protesting in the #Enough walkout. Principal Michael Fray explained that he did this to to maintain school safety, but if a fire started, the students and teachers would have all died. The students, undaunted, still formed a sit-in in front of the main office.
  • I'm hoping to see a lot more fallout from Rex Tillerson's firing.

An interesting video about Nintendo designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

Why do we imagine aliens looking the way they do? Because we're not very creative.

The lead in Flint water is on the rise again.

Why are women meaner to other women in the workplace?

The evolution of turtles.

Happy pi day

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Stephen Hawking has died. It's a loss for humanity because he was such an important scientist.

Religion likes to control who is allowed to love and be loved.

Sheriff Todd Entrekin bought $1,700,000 in properties from the money he had been stealing from his department.

Various reasons why various animals fall out of various skies.

The quantum properties of an extremely pure diamond.

No chaos in the White House!

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I updated the Pac-Man page with color palette information, credits, and more videos.

  • Another day, another series of lost jobs. Trump used Twitter to fire his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, while Rex was overseas! Trump said he wanted a new Secretary of State before going into diplomatic talks with North Korea, which is funny because, just a few months ago, Trump said Tillerson's attempts at diplomacy with North Korea were a waste of time! Tillerson may be gone, but he did a lot of damage to US foreign policy. James Schwab, spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also resigned. When asked the reason for his resignation, he explained that he couldn't bear having to deal with the lies of the Trump administration. And, NASA's acting chief has retired without a clear successor. Aaaand, John McEntee, Trump's closest aide has been fired, with no obvious reason given.
  • The Russians are murdering people again. No response from Trump again.
  • The Trump administration has set a record for the most government documents censored.
  • US health care is ranked number one among developed nations in two categories, the most expensive, and the least effective. It's a shame Trump didn't make good on his promise that fixing it on day one was going to be so easy.
  • Defying the bigotry of the President, Illinois passes a law allowing it to be a sanctuary state for immigrants. And to understand why this is a good thing, see the definition of sanctuary cities.
  • 600,000 Americans have been shot since the last time Congress voted against research into gun violence.
  • While I'd love to see Trump ousted from office, let us not forget that Mike Pence is evil too.

A crash course on cryptocurrencies.

New York cops take turns running over a raccoon with their car, eventually killing it. When the outraged people called for the officers' resignation, the police department issued a statement saying they thought the raccoon was rabid. The people are unimpressed.

The basic AI behind the ghosts in Pac-Man.

Strange spiraling ground formations appear to be the work of extinct beavers.

Kurds in Syria are carving out a new democratic country for themselves in the wake of the wars.

Some objections to anti-theism, and why they don't hold water.

Three months down

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The girls became 3-months-old yesterday. It feels like sooo much longer!

I finally mastered the game Yars' Revenge! I also added a page for the Eve 6 song Open Road Song.

A wonderful kid's lecture on the chemical elements.

This is why Southern states need to eliminate their child marriage laws, but it's also a big part why Christians prevent them from doing so, because their bible demands they marry their rapists.

Epigenetics from an actual geneticist.

Martin Shkreli has been sentenced to 7 years in prison, not because he jacked up the price of medicine so much many people couldn't afford it and died, that's perfectly legal, but because he defrauded already wealthy people, which is the real crime.

It seems like most of the people demanding immigrant learn to speak English can't do so themselves.

There was a time when the dominate life form was fungus.

Why Jesus was not a hero.

When do we get three-day weekends?

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I added a page for the Nightwish song Swanheart and the Lawrence Alma-Tadema painting A Coign of Vantage.

Which celebrity will lose their career next because they can't keep their hands to themselves?

Women in Iran will still go to prison for showing their hair in public.

Why black people don't care much for country music.

Conservative Christians once again prevent from getting passed as law a bill to stop child-brides.

Some Amiga love from an 81-year-old artist.

Christian pastor Ronnie Gorton has been arrested for raping several boys.

The ancestors of whales who had legs.

Understanding Jehovah's Witnesses in five minutes.

I got, like, six hours of sleep last night!

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I've added a guide for how to determine the file type of an unknown file and more documents, info, and links to the Super Mario Bros. page.

  • The only nice thing about having a completely incompetent president is that he's so stupid he's so bad at his job won't do any lasting damage to the country. He can't even keep a person on his payroll for more than a couple months, and when they do leave, they have only terrible things to say about the administration.
  • Trump's incompetence in global trade is not only injuring the US in the world market, but now, even our allies are forming new trade groups that exclude the US.
  • Republican Ryan Zinke is a Trump goon. Like most of Trump's goons, he was place in charge of the very organization he hopes to destroy. In Zinke's case, he has worked for years to eliminate environmental protections, stop protecting endangered species, eliminate national monuments and protected lands, return the use of toxic lead bullets, and has lobbied for greater reliance on fossil fuels. Naturally, Trump put Zinke in charge of the Department of the Interior, whose job it is to protect the nation's natural resources, and, naturally, Zinke is destroying them as fast as possible. His most recent push is to get the Department of the Interior partnered with oil companies.
  • Republican Ted Cruz's real name is "Rafael," but Republicans don't vote for people with non-Uhmerican sounding names, so he goes by "Ted." Fair enough. So why is he now accusing his Democratic opponent, Robert "Beto" O'Rourke, of using his Hispanic nickname to win voters?
  • Under Republican control, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is no longer including anti-discrimination as part of their mission statement.
  • Republican Valerie Huber is now in charge of doling out federal funds for sexual education, but she is the former president of the National Abstinence Education Association, so you can pretty much predict that funding for sex ed will be eliminated.
  • Trump's response to Kim Jong-Un's possible nuclear disarmament talks leave much to be desired.

There was a time in our planet's history when, if you viewed it from space, it probably would have looked purple.

Most supplements are complete garbage and are slowly poisoning you, but some actually have evidence of medicinal value.

Christians remade The Wizard of Oz.

Babies are only waking up twice a night now!

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I've added a page describing extreme longevity in the Book of Genesis.

  • Whelp, Trump just lost another one of his senior advisors, economic adviser Gary Cohn has left citing Trump's idiotic trade war with the rest of the world as a partial reason. Maybe he's annoyed that someone who doesn't know anything about trade is claiming that trade wars are good? I wonder who's next?
  • Trump administration employee Sam Nunberg probably isn't going to win any points with the FBI.
  • Teachers don't care much for Trump and DeVos's destruction of public education.
  • If you're a terrible person, it's not wise to respond to professional comedians.
  • The Trump administration is encouraging companies to destroy the environment.
  • Because Trump's kids like to kill endangered species, he felt the need to change the laws so they could bring elephant body parts back home with them as a reminder of how they killed an animal from a distance.
  • So jealous of the state of Washington state's Internet!
  • White supremacist Richard Spencer gave a talk at MSU. It didn't go very well for him.
  • All the major mental health groups chime in, if you want to decrease school shootings, you don't put more guns in schools, you improve mental and emotional health care.

Why religion is so powerful in people's lives.

When a computer technician finds illegal content on a computer they're fixing, they have a duty to report that content to the authorities just like anyone else witnessing a crime. However, when the authorities put a bounty on illegal content, they create an incentive for technicians to actively search through your computer in hopes of finding something illegal. Now, they are not just technicians, but a paid arm of law enforcement. How can you avoid inadvertently giving your computer to law enforcement pretending to be a technician? Step one, never take you computer to Best Buy or Geek Squad. Apparently, the FBI pays their technicians $500 for each customer they turn in.

Biology used to be a nice wet science, but, with the advent of quantum mechanics, it's moving to the subatomic level.

The NSA doesn't help security, in fact, they have a long history of learning about security flaws and then exploiting them, even against fellow Americans. So, when the NSA has a leak, it's a boon for hackers who use all their secrets to exploit people all over the world until actual security firms can fix all of the security flaws. It's now been almost a year since the NSA's EternalBlue secret was leaked to the public, and hackers, including those in North Korea, are still using it to exploit computers around the world.

Ever want your skull crushed by a giant bird? You'll have to get a time machine.


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  • The US State Department was given $120,000,000 to fight Russian election meddling, but they haven't done a single thing about it because Trump's ego is too big to admit he didn't win fairly.
  • The NRA, in addition to having the worst TV show ever, has also successfully lobbied my home state's House of Representatives to get them to pass a bill allowing concealed carrying of pistols without a permit. This will increase the state's already high level of gun violence and accidental shootings.
  • You didn't want clean water did you?
  • Nazis continue to murder people in America, but the Justice Department still refuses to monitor the actions of white terrorist groups.

How scientists figured out how to measure gravitational waves.

How and why sex evolved.

All the problems with the New York Times article about weight loss.

Why does inbreeding produce genetic defects? Because they were always there to begin with.

The Academy sure loves itself some method actors.

The train wreck continues

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I added a page for the Half-Life universe and made updates to each of the sub-pages.

  • If Trump had his way, he really would be a fascist dictator who isn't interested in law or due process.
  • After 17 children were shot to death with an assault rifle, Florida Republicans voted, not to eliminate assault rifles, but to flood their schools with more guns.
  • Trump's cabinet is an endless failure of resignations and firings, and Trump can't even keep his son-in-law from being placed on par with the wait staff.
  • Corruption in the Trump administration continues unabated. Just before Trump announced a huge 25% tariff on foreign steel, his former adviser, Carl Icahn, sold off $31,300,000 in foreign steel stocks.
  • Many gun lovers have a fantasy where they'll be the hero and stop an mad shooter before any innocent people are injured, but, the reality is, gun situations are extremely messy and unpredictable, and, even if you successfully stop a shooter, you may end up getting shot by the police for your troubles.
  • Trump's pick for head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt, has always been anti-science, but he's also always been homophobic.
  • In an effort to stop child trafficking and child molestation, Kentucky politicians are trying to finally change their law which allows 16-year-olds to marry. But, as expected, Christians are once again trying to stop them.
  • How Pennsylvania Republicans were able to rig their state's election through gerrymandering.

YouTube has a serious problem of promoting conspiracy theories while at the same time, eliminating the videos of people who debunk conspiracy theories.

Learning how to cope with being offended is one of the most important things you can do.

Trying to understand the earth in geologic time periods.

You get a gun, you get a gun, everyone gets a gun!

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I added a page about the Christian story, the exorcism of Legion.

  • Give the teachers guns, Trump said, what could possibly go wrong, Trump said. And while Trump might be putting on a gun control show for the cameras, why would anyone trust a compulsive liar?
  • Remember when North Korea talked about their nuclear missiles and Trump went on a tear with childish name-calling and threats of war? Now Russia is doing it, but Trump is strangely silent. Why? You don't speak ill about your bros.
  • Republicans gave massive tax cuts to companies, and with all that extra money, surely they're increasing the wages of their employees, right? Nope.
  • The Trump administration just lost it's third communications director.
  • After Delta said they were going to cut NRA discounts, Georgia Republicans cut their tax breaks.
  • It's not just that Ben Carson spent nearly $200,000 refurnishing his office, it's that he did so knowing that it was illegal, and not expecting it to be a big deal.
  • Kimberly Daniels, a Democrat in Florida, thanks her god for the American slave trade because, without it, Africans wouldn't be Christians.

Only with religion do you have to justify someone in their 50s, having sex with a nine-year-old.

What a crazy time in history was the Paleozoic Era.

Luke W. Reese, a Catholic Priest, has been charged with rape.

Some people menstruate, and some people don't like it when people say people menstruate, and demand you clarify that women menstruate, and anyone who menstruates, but doesn't currently identify as a woman, should be excluded.

Yet another case of Christians losing tax payer money in their effort to keep giant symbols of their religion on public land despite trying to argue that a cross has nothing to do with Christianity.

Lousy Smarch Weather!

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I added a collection of the funnier Honest Titles alterations.

  • Even the Conservative magazine Forbes is saying that the Trump budget plan is nothing but lies.
  • While Trump continues to heap adoration on Putin and refuses to enforce sanctions against Russia, even though the whole of Congress demands them and every defense organization says we need them, or even properly investigate them, Putin unveils a new Russian nuclear missile that he claims can hit any target in the world and can't be stopped by US or European defenses.
  • For decades now, Republicans have done nothing to stop or event decrease the number of children being massacred in this country, and Trump is only making things worse.
  • For over a year, Trump had his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of most of the executive branch of US government, and he accomplished absolutely nothing. Now, finally, Kushner is losing his top secret clearance that he never should have had.
  • Some of the names and faces in the upcoming elections. And, if Republicans don't want to be associated with Nazis, why is it Nazis keep running on the Republican platform?
  • Equifax has just acknowledged the loss of the personal identity of 2,400,000 people in addition to the 143,000,000 people from last year's hack. The company continues to go unpunished by the Republican-majority US government.

Michigan is looking to pass a bill that will increase the length of the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. Naturally, the Catholic Church is terrified and fighting against it!

Sadly, we missed out on the time when the earth was covered with giant insects.

The sexual harassment history of Lawrence Krauss is not only a black mark against him, but it's a black mark against organizations that supported him after they knew about his disgusting past, like Center For Inquiry.

AIs designed to play video games often discover and exploit game bugs.

Ready for bed

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Hello father, it's 1 AM, and I feel like throwing up all over myself...

Emily and I watched the Darren Brown program The Push, where he attempts to coerce an unsuspecting person to apparently murder someone. It was really intense. I also added boxes, manuals, maps, and fan art to The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap page and created a page regarding the virgin birth of Jesus.

  • Everyone is mocking Trump for his ridiculous claim he would have run, unarmed, into a school with an active shooter, but nobody does it better than Trevor Noah, who plays back all of the video footage of Trump being a coward.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if the US Government actually researched the causes of gun violence? Until then, it's nice to hear that a major seller of assault rifles has ceased, and the NRA isn't happy that their members will have to start paying full price for goods and services.
  • The University of Michigan released a report and the conclusions weren't anything new, Republican Rick Snyder bears a significant legal responsibility for poisoning the majority of people living in Flint. He won't, of course, because of Michigan's highly corrupt state government, but he certainly should.
  • Trump appointee, Republican Ben Carson, spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on his office dining set.

The undetectable poisons assassins have used over the years, and how scientists have learned to detect them.

Our lovable ancestor, dimetrodon!

What if I told you that it doesn't make you a bigot to criticize people who purposely torture and disfigure children?

During World War I, militaries experimented with dazzling anti-camouflage.

Still going

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It's almost been three months, but I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night, trying to gently cradle my girls in my arms and rock them back to sleep, only to realize I'm holding my pillow.

I added a page for the artist John William Waterhouse and added a page for the story of Jesus Cursing the Fig Tree.

  • Of all the terrible people and companies that are thrilled that Net neutrality has been eliminated, I wasn't expecting happiness from the NRA who just gifted a gun to Republican Ajit Pai. And Republican Casey Cagle is ready to kill tax breaks for Delta airlines if they don't give cheaper tickets to NRA members!
  • Republicans claims to want merit-based immigration rules, but they keep trying to deport everyone who isn't white, even if they're employed and paying taxes, and even if they haven't broken a law in the past two decades. Speaking of which, according to a recent Supreme Court ruling, if an immigrant is arrested, even if they're living here legally, it is now legal to imprison them until they die without ever giving them a court hearing.
  • The Great Lakes combined is the world's largest fresh water reserve, and Trump is trying to eliminate every law that sustains them.
  • The US isn't the only country with a problem with a fascist dictator, Italy's election also isn't looking so hot.

Trying to gauge the size of the moon in Super Mario Odyssey.

Why pregnancy really is like having an alien growing inside of you.

Christian youth pastor Brad Tebbutt sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl numerous times, including at his church, and when the church officials found out, they told the girl to forgive Tebbutt and forget about the whole thing, and never called the police or even told the girl's mother!

The dinosaurs were huge, sure, but how does a land animal get that big?

Babies are getting bigger

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I finished reading the book Way Station. I've also added a sortable rank column to the list of works by most of the people in my Wiki.

  • Marco Rubio, after a mass shooting that left a bunch of children dead, stupidly assumed the crowd wouldn't want to ban assault rifles, and Trump thinks it's a great idea to give a gun to your near-sighted 65-year-old math teacher. And while many gun nuts don't understand that Chicago's gun problem comes from the neighboring cities that sell to Chicago residents, some people are actually making a real difference, unlike Republican Rick Santorum who believes children go on shooting sprees because of single mothers.
  • With the Conservative lead on the Supreme Court, we may be looking at the death of work unions, which will be another step back into the stone age of employment. We may see the elimination of weekends, vacations, sick leave, and all the other worker benefits that only exist because of unions. At least they made the right call on DACA.

Everyone knows about white noise, but what about red noise, blue noise, brown noise, and all the others?

Measuring things is complicated and only get more complicated as we try to make better measurements.

God isn't banned from schools, and anyone who says so is either ignorant or a liar.

Obstructing anything sensible

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I added a page for the video game designer Takashi Tezuka.

  • Another one of Trump's political consultants, Rick Gates, is going to plead guilty to Russian collusion!
  • Conservative conspiracy nuts who believe in "crisis actors" care more about their guns than reality, and if you're that easily swayed by an obvious lie, you probably shouldn't have access to guns at all.
  • As usual, Conservatives attack the survivors of a mass shooting. After refusing to do anything to try and stop children from being shot to death, Florida Republicans spent their time talking about the imaginary dangers of pornography, and voting to violate religious freedom.
  • Trump knows how to stop people from shooting school students, arm the teachers, specifically those who will shoot themselves in the leg.
  • While Republicans ignore the cries of dying children, they continue to expend all their energy stopping the real problem in America, no, not Russian spies, environmentalists.
  • Trump's head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt isn't just a science denier, he also believes his god expects him to pollute the Earth by burning coal.
  • Republican Eric Greitens, governor of Missouri, has been indicted on felony charges for sharing nude pictures of a woman without her consent.

There was once an ape that was three meters tall!

The untold dangers of certain types of plea bargains.

The various types of time travel as they appear in fiction.

Because the NSA has a long history of lying to people about safe forms of cryptography, it's very difficult to trust them when they suggest constants.

Killing us not so softly

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So far I've seen robins, blue birds, Canada geese, swans, squirrels, and chipmunks. Don't these fools know it's not spring yet?

I added a page for the Green Day album American Idiot.

  • After the Florida school shooting, the surviving students begged Republican Marco Rubio to pass sensible gun control laws, but he refused. He's a lawmaker who doesn't believe laws do any good. He followed up his stupidity with a town hall meeting, where explained why he will continue to accept money from the NRA. And it's lack of action like Rubio's that has caused an increase in threats to other schools. Sadly, adults have to rely on the surviving children to be the sensible ones.
  • Trump is still ignoring Russian espionage.
  • When Clinton cheated on his wife, he was impeached. When Trump is caught cheating on his wife multiple times and paying huge amounts of hush money Christians call him a man of God.
  • Trump continues to dismiss scientific facts, but we have a pretty good idea about how much the earth changed the last time there was global warming, and it's going to be a lot worse this time around.

A wonderful lecture about all the non-visible light flying through the universe.

Want to run an emulator of one of the first computers ever made?

Dreaming of ones and zeros

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I've added a page for The Official Nintendo Player's Guide.

  • Every couple days there is a mass shooting in the US, and it brings up the same tired arguments. Here are the most common, and why they're wrong.
  • As students from Parkland, Florida traveled to protest in Washington D.C., Republicans in their home state rejected a proposed ban on assault rifles.
  • Republican Shawn Harrison had to fire his aide, Benjamin Kelly, because Kelly claimed, in an official capacity, that the students in the Parkland, Florida massacre weren't real students, but paid actors. But it's not just some random jerk who parrots these ridiculous conspiracy theories, Trump's kid likes these obvious lies.
  • Republicans may be ignoring all the children being murdered, but they aren't doing nothing. Why, just yesterday all their hard work paid off and they were able to keep the woefully incompetent Jared Kushner in his senior White House advisor role, despite losing his access to secret federal information.
  • In addition to ending Net neutrality tomorrow, Republican Ajit Pai will also take Internet access away from poor people.
  • Georgia Republicans have passed a bill that will allow Christian adoption agencies to refuse to place orphan children in same-sex families, not because they feel same-sex couples will be incapable parents, but because they're bigots.
  • But it's not all bad news, the Republican clusterfuck is causing people to vote against them in record numbers.
  • Why Trump's wall won't work and what we need to do about those damn dog statues.
  • John Oliver discusses the importance of getting the news right, and why Trump and Brexit are both results of systemic lies.
  • Al Franken wasn't expected to resign because of bots or Internet trolls, he was expected to resign because Liberals expect their politicians to behave ethically.

Iceland is doing something that every nation should do, they're banning the mutilation of infants for non-medical reasons. Naturally, religious people are freaking out because their religion requires the mutilation of infants for non-medical reasons.

Salt makes food taste better, not because it makes it taste more salty, but strangely, more sweet!

How and why religious apologists resort to the fallacy of false equivalence.

Can't I go back to when I didn't have to pay attention to politics?

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I added a page for Nintendo Power and maps to the Mario Kart 64 page.

If someone says they cured their own cancer, they're probably going to die from cancer.

Some of the more unsung black heroes.

Why the arguments of antivaxers are so flawed.

Using Nitrogen Triiodide to make things go boom.

Echidnas are just plain weird.

Still can't sleep a full night

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I added a page for OutRun.

  • The Trump administration just killed the bill that was going to waste $25,000,000,000 in tax payer money to pay for Trump's border wall just so they could deport DREAMers. This is the compromise that Democrats made with Republicans in order to not shut down the government. As expected, the Republicans didn't follow through, shame on the the Democrats for thinking they could be trusted.
  • Want to know how your legislators voted on gun control? NPR has a nice chart of them all. In my state of Michigan, they're right along party lines, as usual, Republicans voted in favor of making it easier for people to get guns regardless of inexperience or mental instability. Of course, Fox "News" knows the real cause of mass murder isn't giving assault rifles to crazy people, the real cause is gays. Speaking of guns, the AR-15 is the official firearm of Americans who murder children, and, in Florida, they're easier to buy than a pistol. And, yes, the Russians are also trying to affect the American gun control debate.
  • Even after thirteen Russians and three Russian entities are indicted for interfering with the US election, Trump continues to protect Putin and Russia.
  • Republican Scott Pruitt, Trump's pick the head the EPA so he can dismantle the EPA, is demanding that he has to ride in first class, because people in the ordinary section won't stop making fun of him.
  • Republican Newt Gingrich believes that people who don't believe in gods are an equal or greater threat to America than ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
  • This Trump supporter still loves him, even though he's going to lose his business because of Trump.

An American terrorist, Marckles Alcius, purposely crashed his car into a building trying to kill those people who had a different political belief.

You too can make a Shakeweight generator to power your house.

Why you shouldn't trust the US government to give you cryptography advice.

Why being really cold makes you want to pee.

Big baby belly buttons

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The girls had their 2-month checkup today. They're both healthy, growing steadily, and got their first round of vaccinations. Each has a fluid-filled umbilical hernia, but the doctor said it's common with premature babies, and, as long as the intestines don't escape the belly, they will heal themselves over time.

I finished reading My Father's Dragon and added a page for the painting Circe Invidiosa.

  • Remember a year ago when Trump eliminated a law which made it easier for people with mental problems to buy guns? Great idea since we all know mental health has nothing to do with mass shootings, it's all about whether people play video games.
  • 13 Russian people and three Russian entities have been indicted by the federal grand jury for criminal interference with the 2016 presidential election. Some of them were in communication with the Trump administration.
  • Like Goerge W. Bush before him, Trump is trying to eliminate as much green renewable energy as he can. His goal is to wipe out 72% of research across the board so we can go back to antiquated dirty fossil fuels.

A wonderful lecture about what the Large Hadron Collider is up to, now that the Higgs Boson has been found.

In honor of Black History Month, a collection of SNL's Black Jeopardy sketches.

Want another reason US health care is so expensive, because insurance companies are charged $17,850 for a $200 drug test.

The long, really long, history of super continents.

New Mexico Republicans just lost $700,000 of tax payer money in a legal fight to promote religion on public land.

Our modern computer design is the product of a man named John von Neumann.

Do you notice Google removed the "View Image" button in their image search? Blame Getty Images.

Lab-grown meat cannot get here soon enough!

Never gonna stop

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I added a page about Tootsie Pops ranked by flavor, the board game Monopoly, and I also reworked the review section for all of my Ancient Writing pages.

  • We're not even seven whole weeks into 2018, and there have already been at least eight school shootings in the USA. The Florida shooter was a while male who belonged to a white supremacist group. shooting has left 17 people dead, and 15 more wounded, making it the deadliest student shooting in US history. Once again, the US is the only developed nation where mass shootings are still commonplace. Other nations that have adopted strict gun laws have also eliminated mass shootings. As usual, Democrats call for stricter gun laws to protect people, but Republicans continue to protect nothing but the NRA.
  • You expect it from someone who has been accused of sexual assault by over 20 women, but Trump says you shouldn't trust women who make accusations against men, especially the ex-wives that were beaten by his former staff secretary Rob Porter.
  • Trump's personal laywer finally came clean and admitted that he paid $130,000 in hush money to the porn star Stormy Daniels so she wouldn't talk about her affair with Donald Trump.
  • Trump keeps complaining that immigrants are criminal, but, as usual, the real criminals are the people given power over other. Raphael Sanchez, a lawyer for ICE, has resigned after it came out that he was stealing the identities of immigrants and using their names to defraud financial institutions.
  • Trump's head of the EPA, Republican Scott Pruitt, doesn't believe in the science of global warming, but he says, even if it's true, maybe it's a good thing!

An interesting overview of the R.101 airship, how it was built, operated, and crashed.

Changing the mind of a faith believer is very difficult.

Superpermutations are pretty cool.

What you can buy with a billion dollars, and what you can't.

ACE is the place for valentimes!

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Hold the wood for me Justin.

  • If you wanted to create a plan for guaranteeing that the poor will never be able to pull themselves out of debt, you couldn't do better than Trump's budget plan. And rather than help poor people, Trump wants to give $1,000,000,000 of tax payer money to private religious school.
  • Trump's protection of a wife-beater isn't going well for the White House.
  • Republican Jay Lawrence doesn't think incarcerated women should have access to sanitary napkins, and doesn't even think people should be allowed to talk about menstruation.
  • Peter Coffin discusses the latest Conservative darling, Jordan Peterson.

Thunder, during a blizzard? What won't they think of next?

A Christian pastor is upset that he will no longer be getting paid as much to hold public school meetings in his church, and he is no longer allowed to proselytize during the meetings.

Yet another video describing the god of the gaps.

Christian pastor George Nelson Gregory was caught nude and tied up with another man in a car on a public street. After on-lookers called the police, the pastor explained that he wasn't doing anything sexual, he was just "counseling a young man with a drug problem."

It's been the worst day since yesterday.

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I wrote about a theological problem called the God At the End of the Rainbow, added hint books, screenshots, and manuals to the Pac-Man page, and push my previous posts to the Old News page.

  • We currently live in a country where the ridiculous morning TV show "Fox and Friends" has more control over the president than anyone else.
  • Of course Republicans aren't doing anything to stop Russians from interfering in US elections, a major reason why they won was because of Russian interference. But, when even George W. Bush is telling you that Russian are interfering with the election, you know it's serious.
  • The new Republican budget proposal is not only increasing the deficit to over $7,000,000,000,000, but now they're eliminating all help for student loan repayments which is going to keep current students in debt and scare potential students away from entering universities. It also eliminates 22 programs meant to help the poor, sick, and hungry, cuts Medicare even further and gives billions more to our already obscenely wasteful military.
  • Trump's infrastructure blueprint is basically just the government selling public lands to private owners and an increase of tolls and fees for services that were once free.
  • Trump is also trying to eliminate funding for public television and radio like PBS and NPR.
  • Low-income families who qualify for the SNAP program receive a EBT card which they can use to purchase food for their family. Republicans want to change this, and instead send the families a package of "food" heavily processed for longer-shelf life. So, instead of parents being able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, they will receive canned vegetables. Instead of whole grains, they will get boxed cereal. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, the president who eats cheeseburgers in bed is now telling people what they should be eating.
  • We're living in a time when even a city police department spends $1,400,000 to closely monitor the social media of its citizens.

Part of rapid evolution means coming up with some really amazing superpowers.

Remember police officer Stephan Mader who used de-escalation tactics on a gun-wielding man who was begging the police to to kill him? While Mader was trying to talk the man into putting down his gun, a fellow officer showed up and shot the man to death, only to find Mader was right, the man's gun was unloaded. But the Weirton, West Virginia police fired Mader for not immediately killing the man like his trigger-happy fellow officer. Well, Mader won his lawsuit, and the city has wasted $175,000 in taxes to pay Mader for damages in addition to all the rest of the money they wasted in the lawsuit.

Using dice to generate a random password.

What life would be like if we let religious people publicly discriminate.

Some pretty awesome video game themed Japanese wood block art.

Babies are officially two months old as of yesterday.

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I finished reading Flowers For Algernon, added more maps and boxes to the Kirby's Dream Land page, and added more maps, manuals, ads, and art to the Guerrilla War page.

  • The Trump administration isn't even trying to to stop Russians from hacking US elections.
  • For months, the White House knowingly protected Bob Porter, a man who beat his wives.
  • As expected, Trump blocked the release of the Democrat memo which refutes all the lies in the Nunes memo. Trump claims the Republican memo proves his innocence and incriminates the FBI, it does neither.
  • According to court documents, some of the police hired to protect protesting Nazis and white supremacists were actively rounding up and arresting counter-protesters because the cops were sympathetic to the Nazis.
  • Jeff Sessions is so anti-drug that he doesn't think people suffering from chronic pain should be allowed to take anything stronger than aspirin.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government organization meant to protect consumers from companies that try to take advantage of them. Well, it used to be. Trump appointee, Republican Mick Mulvaney, is doing everything he can to prevent the bureau from actually protecting Americans.

The science behind fire and gunpowder.

During the second world war, the US government tested mustard gas on US soldiers, didn't give them proper medical care, and forbade them to tell doctors what had been done to them. They tested especially on black and Asian soldiers.

How to return from a jump in machine code, even when you don't have a line return register or a stack.

Students at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada were probably re-thinking their tuitions after it came out that their school was preparing to offer a 3-year program in homeopathy. The school has wisely scrapped the program, but the fact that they were even considering it is disheartening. It would be like if they had a program in unicornology.

What's the deal with old people smell?

Donald Trump is a shitlord.

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I added more maps, manuals, graphic sheets, and cover art to the Wolfenstein 3-D page.

  • Trump had his rich daddy help him dodge the draft with a fake diagnosis of "bone spurs," but that won't stop him from wasting millions pretending the US military are his toy soldiers. Like most pathetic dictators, Trump wants a military parade in his honor to show the world just how unstable the US has become. And his embarrassing military posturing is only going to increase tensions with North Korea, so let's just remind ourselves just how many people would die if we went to war.
  • More Republicans come out to disavow the Republican memo as bullshit.
  • Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, and hero of Donald Trump because he enjoys personally murdering people who take recreational drugs, is finally going to be investigate by an international criminal court.
  • Republicans have been pretty successful at exorcising from this history books, every mistake our government has ever made, but it's important to remember that a large part of our nation's history, even the stuff that survives to this day, is extremely racist.

The awesomeness of cobalt.

Can dogs smell fear? Not exactly, but they can smell a chemical change in your scent that occurs when you're afraid.

An important figure in black history is John Robinson.

Why are tax payers so eager to dump billions on sports arenas? Because the owners tell them it will be great for their local economy. Spoiler alert, they never are.

Electroshock therapy never really went away, and is becoming more effective and safer than ever.

Dictators gonna dick

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  • One of the main points in the memo written by Devin Nunes was that the FBI used a Democratic-funded dossier to begin the investigation, but that argument is invalidated by the very same evidence Nunes cited!
  • I cast a lot of hate against Republicans because they pretty much always screw things up, like the $1,500,000,000,000 deficit they created in the national budget by cutting taxes on the wealthy and eliminating programs to help the poor. But this time, the hate goes to both Republicans and Democrats for increasing our deficit further. The new bipartisan bill adds another $165,000,000,000 to our already over-funded military while only $131,000,000,000 will be added to help the poor.
  • When Trump said Democrats are guilty of treason, a crime for which execution is a possible punishment, he was only kidding, never mind that he also said he never kids.
  • Another one of Trump's White House staffers resigns in disgrace. Rob Porter who was in charge of censoring information that Trump can't handle has resigned after two of his ex-wives accused him of beating them.
  • Trump's aides are trying to convince him not to talk with Robert Mueller because they believe he will almost certainly incriminate himself.

Vitamin C can't cure a cold or any other disease, but why do so many people believe it can? Blame Linus Pauling.

New York police officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, both in their 30s, raped an 18-year-old girl in their police car, but they might not get a typical rape sentence because they claim that the girl consented to sex, and, in New York and 35 other states, there is no law which prevents a cop from having sex with someone they've arrested if they consent.

Why BMI is not a good indicator of health.

In the 1980s, Fernando Karadima, a Catholic priest, sexually abused Juan Carlos Cruz and several other children, but these crimes were covered up by fellow clergy member Juan Barros. When Cruz learned that Barros had been promoted to a Bishop, Cruz couldn't stay silent any longer, and sent a letter to Pope Francis detailing the whole mess. Rather than turn Juan Barros over to the authorities, Pope Francis claimed he never received the letter and publicly defended Bishop Juan Barros.

Do you find mosquitoes are more attracted to you than your friends? Blame your genes!

The amazing medicines that can be found in urine.

I should not be allowed on the Internet

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I started a new series of parody graphics called Not Meant For Children's Books.

  • Even several Republicans agree that the Nunes Memo doesn't vindicate Trump, but Fox News claims it proves all the deep state conspiracies they made up.
  • Trump is ignoring the Congressional sanctions against Russia because he's buddies with Vladamir Putin. This should frighten everyone because Putin is using the Russian military to invade neighboring nations.
  • Trump is really wearing on his sleeve his desire to be a military dictator.
  • Staffers at the White House explain that Trump isn't interested in reading things that are as long as 10 pages.
  • The Trump Administration is trying to put a cap on Medicaid use so that poor people who get sick with really expensive diseases will have their insurance cutoff mid-treatment.
  • Trump promised he would shrink the trade deficit with China, and to be sure of success, he put in charge his son-in-law who has no training in such matters. But, due to his incompetence, the trade deficit with China has reached an all time high.
  • Trump bragged about how wonderful the economy was doing, at the same time the stock market had the largest drop in history.
  • Don Trump Jr. says Democrats are like Joe McCarthy all the while practicing McCarthyism.

Natalie Portman is still bad ass.

Where to birds go during hurricanes?

Good Christian Larry Alex Taunton, who fabricated a death-bed conversion story for Christopher Hitchens and believes that anyone who doesn't believe in his god is evil, has just resigned after it came out that he was having sex with two of his ministry's younger staffers.

How scientists are able to accurately measure the age of the universe.

Zebes isn't the nice place it used to be

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I added a page for Microsoft and downloads for the translated Metroid (Magazine Z) graphic novels.

  • Four Republicans finally grew a pair and publicly stated that the Nunes memo in no way vindicates Trump. Too bad Jeff Sessions has abandoned the Justice Department to the wolves rather than show backbone.
  • Trump is pulling money out of the Basic Health Program, and, with no other programs available to them, he's going to kill a lot of people.
  • The point of the US census is to get an accurate picture of the number and ethnicity of everyone living in America, regardless of their immigration status, because you can't make good decisions if you don't have all the facts, and you certainly can't make good decisions if you have distorted facts. Unfortunately, Republicans keep making an accurate census an unlikely prospect by defunding it and adding questions to scare immigrants out of participating.
  • Yes, under the direction of unelected Republican emergency managers, the Flint Water Plant infected 87 people with Legionnaires' disease, killing 12 people. Residents noticed the change immediately after they switched water supplies, but the Republicans ignored their complaints and continued to poison them.
  • The Defense Logistics Agency, a company that the US government uses for military contracts has "lost" $800,000,000. And, by lost, you should probably read stole.
  • Wyoming has more wind power generation than any other state thanks to taking advantage of tax credits to replace fossil fuel energy production, but now their Republican Governor, Mary Fallin, not only wants to eliminate the tax credit, but start charging the wind farms a fee!

A lot of American soil owes a great debt to African dust.

Captain Disillusion explains how to step over an invisible box.

Putting yet another satellite into already crowded low-earth orbit for no reason other than to remind people that we can put satellites into space is not an effective use of time or money.

It's probably for the best that video games don't become realistic.

A biologist responds to claims regarding intelligent design.

Nin! Ten! Do!

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I added a page for Nintendo.

  • The anti-FBI memo concocted by admitted liar Republican Devin Nunes is not receiving a very friendly welcome from the intelligence community, or anyone who cares about reality.
  • Remember when Equifax lost the private identification of 145,500,000 Americans to hackers so that they will, for the rest of their lives, be vastly more likely to experience identity theft? Well, Trump appointee, Republican Mick Mulvaney, has just canceled the investigation against them.
  • Lou Anna Simon, president of MSU, resigned after it came out that Larry Nassar had been sexually assaulting hundreds of students under her watch. So, who replaced Simon as president of MSU? Former Michigan Governor, Republican John Engler, a man with no aptitude for running a university, but who does have a history of refusing to let women who claimed they've been sexually assaulted have their claims investigated.
  • Trump's pick to lead the Council on Environmental Quality, Republican Kathleen Hartnett White, a woman who thinks carbon dioxide is the "gas of life," that slavery was ended in part because of the burning of fossil fuels, and that renewable green energy is parasitic, has (thankfully) had her nomination revoked.
  • During the election campaign, the Trump administration was trying to cover the tracks of their Russian collusion, now they're doing it right out in the open.
  • Illinois Republicans are set to elect a Holocaust denying white supremacist to their congress.
  • The School of Choice program promoted by Mike Pence and Betsy DeVose not only churns out less-educated children, but it costs tax payers more, and most of their money goes to religious schools.
  • Trump saw a National Health Service protest occurring in the UK, and claimed the people were angry about NHS and wanting it scrapped. In reality, the NHS is the best-rated health care system in the world, and the people were protesting because they wanted even more funding put into it.
  • People with conservative political views are more likely to believe lies, but why?
  • Grady Judd, a sheriff in Florida wants immigrants to know, he isn't going to seek them out for deportation unless they're not religious.

Teachers are still assaulting children for refusing to show deference to a jingoist prayer.

The drinking bird is not a perpetual motion machine, but it is a marvel of engineering and physics.

Teaching the evolution of the eye, by building a digital camera.

So-called "bad girls" are more likely to say no to sex compared to "good girls."

You are the perfect slug!

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I made a graphic of variations on Trent Reznor's song, Perfect Drug and added pages for GW-BASIC and QuickBASIC.

Forced arbitration is great if you're a company, but terrible if you're a person, especially if you're a minority.

Rather than provide evidence that they took the Holocaust seriously or apologize for not taking it seriously enough, Poland has passed a law where claiming the country didn't do enough to prevent the Holocaust is now a criminal offense.

Benjamin Lawrence Petty is a good Christian man who worked at a Falls Creek Christian camp that claims to only hire good moral Christians. While there, he violently raped a 13-year-old girl and even plead guilty to the crime, but he will not be going to prison.

Why do domesticated animals often have floppy ears?

The history of speed-running The Legend of Zelda.

If you defense of Islam hypocritical compared to your defense against other ideas?

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I added a page for TicTactics.

  • In addition to having the most corrupt presidency in history, and the most dishonest, Trump's administration adds another superlative by having the worst turn-over rate. The latest job lost is Brenda Fitzgerald's who resigned after Trump appointed her head of the CDC after it came out that, despite running an organization that's supposed to tackle problems of disease and addiction, Fitzgerald has been profiting from tobacco companies.
  • The State of the Union was just a long series of lies, stupidity, and tyranny. Even after it was over, Trump added another lie claiming it was the most watched State of the Union in history. It wasn't.
  • Pretty much everything Trump says about climate change is a lie.

If you missed the super blue blood moon, here are some photos.

San Francisco is doing something I hope will catch on, they're removing marijuana possession convictions from people's permanent records.

Poor sanitation in the White House is probably responsible for the death of at least two presidents.

Having church elders tell you not to masturbate is really creepy.

Some of the lies employed by the Christian proponents of intelligent design.

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